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Arrow Electronics collaborates with non-profit Close the Gap to help bridge the Digital Divide in Africa

Multispecialist Arrow Electronics and the non-profit organisations Close the Gap and Hoops of Hope collaborate to turn used cargo containers into fully equipped digital classrooms and health clinics that can be deployed to remote areas of Africa. The first "DigiTruck" in Africa was unveiled to the Tuleeni Orphanage in Tanzania in early August. The DigiTruck is now providing some 80 orphans at Tuleeni with a classroom full of high-quality, refurbished laptops, tablets and other IT equipment.

"Arrow Electronics is committed to finding innovative ways that technology can improve people's lives," said Michael J. Long, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Arrow. "From our semi-autonomous motorcar (SAM) project that enabled a quadriplegic former racing car driver to realise his dream of driving again, to this DigiTruck project that is providing orphans in sub-Saharan Africa with their first computers, Arrow is guiding innovation forward in incredible ways. Close the Gap, Hoops of Hope and Neema International's Tuleeni Orphanage are doing great work, and Arrow is fortunate to collaborate with such inspiring organisations."

According to UNESCO, more than 182 million adults in sub-Saharan Africa are unable to read or write, and 48 million young people are illiterate. Access to information and communication technology is critical to improving a country's educational and economic prospects. However, high equipment costs, poor infrastructure and limited proficiency all prevent this much-needed technology from reaching many parts of Africa.

"For more than 10 years, Close the Gap has been removing barriers to digital literacy in developing countries. More than 75 percent of the population in Africa live in rural communities where infrastructure presents a huge barrier—modern information and communication technologies coupled with solar-powered solutions like the DigiTruck are able to help bridge this digital divide and to bring quality training and education to remote communities. With the support of partners like Arrow Electronics, Close the Gap is honoured to be a part of the work of Tuleeni Orphanage and make a positive impact in the lives of these orphans," said Olivier Vanden Eynde, founder and managing director of Close the Gap.

The DigiTruck can accommodate up to 18 students at a time in a classroom setting. It is equipped with solar panels capable of fully powering it for several days at a time so it can reach remote rural villages with no electricity. The DigiTruck is also triple-insulated to protect against the heat and secured with double steel doors and bolted window shutters. Donated IT equipment refurbished by Arrow's Value Recovery business inside the DigiTruck includes laptops, tablets, printers, routers and a LED TV flat-screen monitor. Local workers in Arusha, Tanzania helped to build the truck.

"Arrow Electronics and Close the Gap have the power to turn lives around," said Mandy Stein, the founder and executive director of Neema International, the organisation supporting the Tuleeni Orphanage. "They are changing my kids' worlds - with the computers and DigiTruck, their dreams now are within reach."

The DigiTruck will spend the next several months at the Tuleeni Orphanage before moving onto its next location in 2016. Arrow will donate all of the laptops and IT equipment to the Tuleeni Orphanage when the DigiTruck moves on, providing a permanent learning environment for the orphans. Arrow will also outfit the DigiTruck with additional refurbished equipment for its next stops.

Working together, Arrow and Close the Gap plan to build and deploy a number of additional DigiTrucks throughout Africa. In fact, following Arrow's sponsorship of Close the Gap's first DigiTruck, four other companies pledged to sponsor similar units.

Arrow's Value Recovery business, which donated the refurbished electronic devices inside the DigiTruck, works with its customers to securely refurbish computers, tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices for additional use, or repurpose their still-valuable component parts for other uses. Whenever possible, Arrow emphasises extending the life of these devices by selling them, redeploying them within organisations or donating them.

The provision of the DigiTruck in Tanzania was featured on US television program “Courage in Sports” which highlights powerful stories of courage, resilience and excellence in the face of adversity. The program was broadcast on CBS. The Courage in Sports segment can be viewed here.

Trustwave replaces Arrow ECS with Wick Hill

Germany: on demand threat, vulnerability and compliance management service and software provider Trustwave has ended its distribution deal with VAD Arrow ECS Network and Security and replaced the distributor with its competitor Wick Hill.

Arrow's education services selected to Top 20 IT training companies list

American multispecialist Arrow has been selected to the Top 20 IT Training Companies List from, a media outlet that covers the training industry. The Arrow Education Services group is designed to focus on training programs aimed at cultivating skills in emerging technologies, such as cloud, security, business analytics and mobility categories. The selection to this year's Top 20 list was based on innovation in IT training, breadth of training and delivery methods, company size and growth potential and number of training clients, among others.

McAfee and Arrow ECS unveil SaaS pay monthly model to boost partner revenues

Security editor McAfee and infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS have launched McAfee SaaS Monthly delivered through the ArrowSphere platform. By enabling resellers to build a SaaS-based business, with monthly billing capabilities and no capital investment, McAfee is providing a low risk model for partners looking for a stepping stone towards becoming MSPs. The ne platform is aimed at resellers focused on the small business market and is available in Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom through local Network and Security divisions.

SAS to rely on the channel

Software editor SAS is moving from a direct-only to a mixed-channel model in a bid to compete in the big data world. The analytics giant has already lined up its first two UK partners – Computacenter and SCC – as it looks to lean on the channel's relationships with the CIOs who control big data purchasing decisions, while a global relationship with distributor Arrow has also been inked (no particular country being named although). A dedicated alliances team has been formed, while changes have been made to its legal and licensing process, pre-sales, sales compensation and marketing strategy. As well as VARs, SAS is looking to recruit vertical solution providers that embed their technology into a joint vertical proposition. Technology partnerships with the likes of SAP, Oracle and Hadoop providers are also in the works, while the firm is also looking to add more systems integrators to boost its delivery capability (source : Channelweb UK).


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