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Intronics multiplies keyboards with Guntermann & Drunck
Cable and network specialist Intronics has signed a distribution agreement with german KVM maker Guntermann & Drunck. It will distribute its products through its sales offices in Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden (source : Computer Reseller News Nederland).


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C&C Partners Telecom Sp. z o.o.

C&C Partners Telecom Sp. z o.o.
Ul. 17 Stycznia 119-121
PL-64-100 Leszno
Phone : +48 (0)65 525 5555
Fax : +48 (0)65 525 5666
Website :
E-mail :


Chairman of the Executive Board : Mr Marek Niemczyk
General manager : Mrs Małgorzata Dębska
General manager : Mr Artur Hejdysz
General manager : Mr Wojciech Stroiński
CFO : Mr Rafał Wojciechowski
Marketing director : Mr Marcin Zieliński


Creation year : 2004
REGON : 410024753
VAT number : PL 697-00-13-242
Indirect turnover : 15%
National/regional/export split : 100/0/0
Specialist : Industrial computing, networks, professional video
Main brands : Adder Technologies, Edge-Core, Eminent, KTI Networks, Titan
Clients : Associations, cabling companies, central purchasing companies, dealers, department stores, distributors, e-commerce, hypermarkets, industrials, installers, ISP, IT consulting and service providers, mail-order resellers, maintenance companies, multispecialists, OEM, outlets, semi-distributors, specialized resellers, specialized retailers, superstores, traders, VAR