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GTI goes retail in Africa

Initially focusing on the African value market, Spanish broadliner GTI has decided to enter the retail market through its young Moroccan office, GTI Afrique du Nord. The distributor, which is not planning to introduce the Neovalia name for its value business in the region, has hired Youssef Boudar, a former employee of Diffazur, Surcou and Disway, to develop retail sales. Currently, the company is pushing the brands for which it has distribution partnerships in Spain. According to Youssef, the name and size of GTI ought to reassure the local resellers. The distributor was present on Distree to meet distributors and retailers all over Africa.

Dacomex expands its European coverage

Distree XXL 2010 : a regular cast of Distree XXL, French cabling and accessory brand Dacomex (which is owned by specialist CUC) has used the event two years ago to start an expansion to Southern Europe, Maghreb and French-speaking Africa. The company has built up a strong distributor network, with several local distributors like Conetica, Conexdata Solutions, Informatica Megasur or Suministro Inec in Spain, Distry, Diffazur, Dataco or Matel in Morocco, Smart and Matel in Tunisia or Compudist in Sénégal. The company was looking forward expanding to other European countries this year in Monaco : « our focus was this year on Italy, Greece and Portugal. But we had about 60 meetings with distributors from many more countries, including Saudi Arabia, Syria or many Eastern European countries. We should register several new partners in the coming weeks and months », explains Thierry Higuero, sales exécutive for Southern Europe.

CUC leverages on its 21-year expérience in cabling and accessory market. It has chosen to push its bulk best sellers in France by « blistering » 80 of them and placing them in a dedicated rack which can be optimized according to the reseller needs. CUC is also able to deliver orders in 48 hours anywhere in Eastern Europe, which is as good as a local vendor. « According to our experience of Distree XXL, we should be able to announce you new partnerships within 3 to 6 months », concludes Thierry Higuero.


Diffazur Group

Diffazur Group
Angle bd Chefchaouni et bd Kahrabaa
Ard Takrit - Quartier Sidi Bernoussi
MA-20600 Casablanca
Phone : +212 (0)5 22 66 06 65
Fax : +212 (0)5 22 35 99 23
Website :
E-mail :

Other offices
MA-10000 Rabat
Phone : +212 (0)8 02 00 05 00


President : Mr Fouad El Jamali (*** ****** ********* ** *)
CFO : Mr Mohamed Iraki
Sales director : Mr Karim El Jamali (*** ****** ********* ** *)
Marketing director : Mr Fouad El Jamali (*** ****** ********* ** *)
CTO : Mr Nabil Daissaoui
Sales manager : Mr Ahmed Ouakour
Division director or manager : Mrs Meryem Alhyane
Division director or manager : Mrs Amina Oubouya
Division director or manager : Mr Samir Kamar
Purchase director or manager : Mrs Siham Azbag
Communication director or manager : Mrs Sara Bouatou (*** ****** ********* *)


Creation year : 1990
Registre du commerce : 73535
Annual turnover
2012 : 33,22 M€
2011 : 21,13 M€
2010 : 24,66 M€
2009 : 20,97 M€
Active resellers : 955
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 85/0/15
Main brands : Acer, Canon, D-Link, HP Inc., Lenovo
Clients : Assemblers, associations, brokers, central purchasing companies, consultants, corporate resellers, dealers, department stores, e-commerce, hypermarkets, installers, ISP, ISV, IT consulting and service providers, maintenance companies, multispecialists, outlets, phone shops, semi-distributors, service providers, software developers, specialized resellers, specialized retailers, stationers, superstores, systems integrators, traders, VAR
Employees : 100 people