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Boston partners with Q-Leap Networks

British server vendor and distributor Boston has unveiled a new partnership with Q-Leap Networks, the creator of the cluster OS Qlustar, to offer scalable out-of-the-box HPC, storage and cloud cluster solutions to their customers that are easy to deploy and operate. Q-Leap products will also be integrated by Boston in Germany. Boston's hardware components combined with the management capabilities of Qlustar will deliver powerful ready-to-run cluster systems for datacentres of all size. Supporting any kind of HPC workload, various cluster file-systems (Lustre, BeeGFS, Ceph), private clouds based on OpenStack as well as big data's analytics capabilities, these solutions will be able to cover all requirements of modern compute centres in industry and research. Boston has been designing and deploying HPC solutions for the past two decades, using leading technologies and components from the world's foremost high performance computing specialists. The Boston HPC range spans the latest compute, interconnect and storage technologies and offers leading density, performance and costs.

Boston partners with Calxeda and Inktank to deliver transformative Ceph-based storage on the ARM-based Viridis platform

United Kingdom: server vendor and distributor Boston has inked a partnership with Calxeda and Inktank at IP Expo 2013 that will see them deliver a transformative Ceph-based storage platform based on the Viridis ARM platform. Calxeda, a manufacturer of ARM-based SoC (System on Chip) technology, and Inktank, the organisation delivering Ceph: the massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system, are working with Boston to provide the market with a transformative storage platform by optimising Ceph’s performance and stability on the ARM-based server architecture. The system integrates the highly scalable Ceph storage system with Boston's ultra-efficient Viridis, a self-contained, highly extensible, 48 node cluster based on Calxeda's ARM-based EnergyCore SoC.

Boston Limited announces new EMEA distribution partnership with Mellanox Technologies

British server distributor and vendor Boston has unveiled an official distribution partnership with Mellanox Technologies, that will see them distribute their range of end-to-end Infiniband and Ethernet interconnect solutions and integrating their products into Boston's own range of datacentre servers and storage solutions. The new agreement enables Boston to distribute Mellanox Technologies' end-to-end Ethernet and InfiniBand interconnect solutions, including adapters, switches, cables and software for a wide range of markets in the EMEA region, most notably in Germany and the United Kingdom local subsidiary (where it, until now, had only a reseller partnership).

Boston names IT journalist veteran technical marketing manager

United Kingdom : serveur distributor and vendor Boston has appointed former Custom PC and Bit-tech Editor, James Gorbold, as technical product marketing manager. James has worked as an IT journalist for 15 years, working as a senior part of the team at Dennis Publishing for over 12 years.

Boston announces partnership with Solarflare

United Kingdom : HPC vendor and distributor Boston has unveiled an integration and distribution partnership with Solarflare, a provider of application-intelligent networking I/O products, to deliver fully-integrated solutions that will address enterprises' growing workloads and network demands.


Boston Ltd

Boston Ltd
Unit 5
Curo Park - Frogmore
AL2 2DD St Albans
United Kingdom
Phone : +44 (0)870 751 5950
Fax : +44 (0)870 751 5951
Website :
E-mail :


General manager : Mr Manoj Nayee (*** ****** *******)
Marketing director : Mr James Gorbold (*** ****** ********)


Creation year : 1992
Company registration number : 02771869
Annual turnover
2013 : 67,82 M€
2012 : 51,41 M€
2011 : 36,85 M€
2010 : 38,66 M€
2009 : 23,70 M€
National/regional/export split : 100/0/0
Specialist : Computers, storage
Main brands : AMD, Areca, Microchip (Adaptec), Supermicro, Thecus
Clients : Assemblers, associations, corporate resellers, dealers, industrials, IT consulting and service providers, mail-order resellers, outlets, semi-distributors, service providers, specialized resellers, superstores, systems integrators, telecom operators, VAR
Employees : 90 people


19" accessories, bays and racks
Silentium, Supermicro

Cabling and connectivity
Specific cables and connectivity
Thunderbolt cables and connectivity
VGA, DVI and HDMI cables and connectivity

Computer components
Bulk controllers
Areca, Broadcom (Avago)
Bulk hard disks
Seagate, Western Digital
Fans and cooling kits
Graphic cards
AMD, Matrox, NVidia
AMD, Intel
PC cases
Silentium, Supermicro, Zalman
Power supplies

Barebone PCs
Other servers
Calxeda, Supermicro
X86 servers (32 and 64 bits)
X86 workstations (32 and 64 bits)
BOXX Technologies, Supermicro

Industrial computing
Industrial PCs and servers

Acceleration hardware and software
Mellanox Technologies
Management and supervision software and hardware
Mellanox Technologies
Network adapters
Mellanox Technologies, SolarFlare, Supermicro
Mellanox Technologies
Transceivers and repeaters

Home video editing hardware

After-sale service

Clustering software
Q-Leap Networks

Data management software
Broadcom (Avago), Inktank, Nexenta, Open-E
Fibre Channel controllers
Broadcom (Avago)
IDE controllers
Broadcom (Avago)
Other storage hardware
Fusion-io a Sandisk company
Raid controllers
Areca, Broadcom (Avago)
Raid servers
S-ATA controllers
Areca, Broadcom (Avago)
SAN controllers
Broadcom (Avago)
SCSI and SAS controllers
Areca, Broadcom (Avago)
SCSI and SAS harddisks
Seagate, Western Digital
Fusion-io a Sandisk company, HGST (STEC), Intel