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Additional vendors and employees for ABC Data, Action, DNS, Nelro Data, Softprom and Tech Data

Central and Eastern Europe: in Czechia, network and security VAD DNS has strengthened its Servodata's Microsoft team with four new employees: Lucia Kulichová (MS Education account manager), Alena Rendón and Miroslav Roguľa (both MS License specialists) and Jiří Mates (Communication SW&S account manager).

In Poland, broadliner ABC Data has added Legrand UPS to its catalog1. Its competitor Action has expanded its consumer electronics offer with Hoya lenses for digital cameras2. Storage and consumer electronics specialist Nelro Data has opened a new service aiming to repair network devices3. Broadliner Tech Data has promoted Marcin Ruciński to sales and product marketing director, for its broadline activity4.

In Slovakia, broadliner Tech Data has announced that Martin Zlocha continues to lead the business as local country manager, following the successful completion of the acquisition of Avnet Technology Solutions. Zlocha was country manager of Avnet Technology Solutions, Slovakia prior to the acquisition, and will report to Judith Ecker, regional vice-president, East, who was previously responsible for the East Region at Avnet Technology Solutions. Zlocha remains leader of an unchanged team, that will continue to look after all existing and new customers.

Finally, Ukrainian software specialist Softprom has been chosen by network monitoring vendor Gigamon as official distributor for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kirghizstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan (source: Reseller Magazine Online Česko, CRN Polska 1, 2, 3 and 4, Komputernoye Obozrenye Ukraina).

Appointments and acquisition for ABC Data and DNS

Broadliner ABC Data has promoted Ondřej Radovnický to CEO for its Czech and Slovak businesses1. Ondřej, who was commercial director for the Czech office, replaces incumbant Pavel Kocián. His job as commercial director in the region has been taken over by Milan Krajči, formerly commercial director for the Slovak office. Network and security VAD DNS, which has acquired the Microsoft business of its competitor Servodata2, has appointed Dušan Kolínek as business development and partner channel manager3. Dušan, who comes from Comparex where he was sales and marketing manager, will try to find synergies with DNS sister company, eD'system (source: ChannelWorld Česko 1, 2 and 3).

A new owner for Servodata and another vendor for ASBIS

Czech Republic: five years after having acquired a stake in storage VAD Servodata, Genesis Private Equity Fund has sold it to the local investment fund BDO Advisory. BDO Advisory ought to help Servodata continue to expand in Czech Republic and Slovakia. On its side, broadliner ASBIS has started the distribution of ConnectIT accessories and small peripherals through its reseller network (source: Reseller Magazine Online ČR and ChannelWorld ČR).

Veracomp invests in Red Hat

As an extension of an existing partnership in Poland, multispecialist Veracomp has been appointed official distributor for Red Hat open-source solutions in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and acquired the Red Hat business of its competitor Servodata, to be more rapidly operational on this new market (source: ChannelWorld ČR).

A new CEO for Servodata

Czech Republic: Petr Mýtina becomes the new CEO of storage VAD Servodata. The former CEO, Rostislav Jirkal, becomes CEO of Servodata Group, which is also present in Poland and Slovakia.


Servodata a.s.

Servodata a.s.
Dolnoměcholupská 12
CZ-102 00 Praha 10
Phone : +420 296 813 111
Fax : +420 296 813 310
Website :
E-mail :

Other offices
CZ-779 00 Olomouc
Phone : +420 585 311 341


CEO : Mr Jiří Vytlačil (*** ****** ********* *)
Chairman of the Executive Board : Mr Jiří Vytlačil (*** ****** ********* *)
Vice-president : Eng Martin Malý (*** ****** *******)
CFO : Mr Petr Cenek (*** ****** ********)
Sales director : Mr Martin Malý (*** ****** ******)
Division director or manager : Mr Petr Linek (*** ****** *******)
Division director or manager : Mrs Iveta Babulenková (*** ****** ********* ** )
Division director or manager : Mr TomᚠŠilar (*** ****** *******)
Human resources manager : Mrs Eva Pešková (*** ****** *********)
Distribution manager : Mr David Vidlička (*** ****** ********* *)


Creation year : 1991
IČO : 25112775
VAT number : CZ 25 112 775
Annual turnover
2012 : 40,25 M€
2011 : 42,59 M€
2010 : 39,94 M€
2009 : 47,98 M€
2008 : 50,43 M€
Active resellers : 330
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 65/13/22
VAD : Storage
Main brands : Dell EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Quantum, Seagate
Clients : Assemblers (20%), dealers (20%), semi-distributors (20%), specialized resellers (20%), systems integrators (10%), VAR (10%)
Employees : 35 people