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Avnet eyes return to European M&A scene
After taking a break to "digest" its latest acquisitions, American multispecialist Avnet could be set to get back on the M&A trail in Europe next year, with converged systems, security, and licensing renewals earmarked as key target areas. The firm has not made any buyouts in Europe for a year, since the acquisition of German embedded electronics specialist MSC. A voluntary hiatus as the distributor seemingly needed time to digest Magirus, the last major acquisition in the past seven or eight years. Now that is its ready to enter the M&A arena, Avnet may look to turn its focus towards different areas. The future deals are geared towards new competencies and higher-value market areas, such as onverged systems, security (on a pan-European basis, especially around Cisco and RSA), license renewals and services (source : Channelnomics EU).

MSC displays on AUO
Embedded computing specialist MSC Technologies has expanded its product portfolio of public information displays from AUO with a further stretched version. The stretched panel with a half Full HD resolution of 1920 x 540 pixels has a 96.5 cm diagonal and is comparable with the half of a 106.7 cm display. Until now, stretched displays were used primarily in gaming applications. In the meantime, they are being used more and more in many areas of daily life where it must be possible to frequently modify the information displayed. Examples of this are trains, trams, buses and stations providing passengers with information. The displays are also suited as direction signs or information signs, for example, for visitors of an event. The small information panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally. They are available through MSC offices in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

MSC Technologies establishes new company structure
Semiconductor and embedded computing specialist MSC Technologies has concluded its new company structure. MSC Vertriebs GmbH and Gleichmann & Co. Electronics GmbH are merged to MSC Technologies GmbH (HQ: Stutensee). MSC Freiburg GmbH, Display Elektronik & Design GmbH and DSM Computer GmbH trade under MSC Technologies Systems GmbH (HQ: Freiburg). According to Manfred Schwarztrauber, president of MSC Technologies, "with this step, all companies in the MSC Gleichmann Group have now been successfully merged into the two new companies MSC Technologies GmbH and MSC Technologies Systems GmbH. As a result, we have accomplished that the different business units with varied areas of expertise are now more closely interlinked and our teams work together even more intensively. Our OEM customers benefit from this concentration of technical expertise and are able to secure a competitive advantage in their respective market segments with MSC Technologies' leading technological solutions." As part of the restructuring, MSC Technologies has restructured its web presence and puts intelligent embedded systems and display solutions at the center. A special display navigator allows a fast comparison of all available TFT, Touch, passive displays and monitors in a tabular form. In addition, the website shows mainboards, robust box PCs and high-performance 19-inch industrial systems, characterizing the complete variety of MSC Technologies' extended offering. The website is completed by wireless memory/storage, power and lighting distribution products. MSC is present in Europe in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

Avnet unveils its strategy for MSC
Following the acquisition of MSC, American semiconductor specialist Avnet has finally officialized its strategy for its new subsidiary. The German distributor will manage the distribution of embedded electronics in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey, while its own Avnet Embedded will focus on the remaining European countries (namely Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom).

Avnet acquires remaining interest in MSC Investoren GmbH
American distribution behemoth Avnet has acquired the remaining interest in semiconductor an embedded computing specialist MSC Group. This completes a two part transaction in which the majority interest was acquired on October 1, 2013.


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