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Bluestar Europe adds MTI Wireless Edge solutions to expand product offering
BlueStar Europe has unveiled a pan-European partnership offering RFID antenna solutions from MTI Wireless Edge. Previously, MTI was only a part of BlueStar portfolio in the Nordic region, through its offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Now, both companies are expanding the prosperous partnership to an EMEA level, through an expansion to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Bluestar promotes Laurent Berger to VP Sales for Southern Region
ADC, POS, RFID and digital signage specialist BlueStar has promoted Laurent Berger to the position of VP of Sales for the BlueStar Southern Europe region which includes France, Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean countries. Based in Spain, Laurent Berger will be responsible for the sales strategies and organization in this region that has seen tremendous recent growth for BlueStar. He most recently served as BlueStar's General Manager for Spain and he has a strong management background with more of 20 years of experience in the ADC, POS and mobility industries.

Bluestar Technology Summits reach a new height in education and business development
Dropping for some time its pan-European events, POS and AIDC specialist Bluestar has decided to get nearer to its partners through local Technology Summits, where more resellers are able to come. Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, London and Copenhagen have already inaugurated the new concept in the past months, Lisbon to close the first set in September. Like in Vartech pan-European event, resellers are able to discover the latest products and technologies carried by Bluestar, and do some networking with their peers. But, more importantly, Bluestar has particularly cared about the educational presentations, which are much less "sponsor-oriented" and much more interesting than on Vartech, thanks to excellent speakers and interesting subjects according to everybody who visited the events anywhere in Europe. In Paris for example, a presentation about the digital signage market in France unveiled all local trends, with clear and relevant examples and data and no promotional part from any vendor. This is only an example among others, which shows how any educational presentation should be on any channel event. This weak point, raised by most visitors in the past editions of Vartech, has thus definitely been corrected by the marketing teams of Bluestar. With its Technology Summits, Bluestar definitely holds the key to catch and keep the interest of AIDC and POS resellers on the EMEA market.

BlueStar names Albert Baranera as President and Managing Director of EMEA Operations
ADC, Mobility, POS, RFID and digital signage specialist BlueStar has appointed Albert Baranera as President and Managing Director of BlueStar EMEA. Mr Baranera most recently served as BlueStar's Vice President of Distribution for Latin America and Southern Europe. He will oversee all operations and development across BlueStar's EMEA facilities, including locations in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Bluestar launches global technology summits as part of Vartech educational series
DC, mobility, POS and digital signage specialist BlueStar has unveiled a new addition to its Vartech Educational Series, its 2012 series of Pan-European and Latin American technology summits. These one-day symposiums are designed to unite local VARs, hardware vendors, software providers and industry experts in the spirit of innovation and shared learning experiences. "These new events across Europe and Latin America are a great opportunity for vendors and independent software vendors to showcase their latest solutions and for VARs to gain insight on the most advanced channel developments," said Dean Reverman, BlueStar's Global Marketing Manager. "And with Tomorrow's Solutions rooms, vendors will be able to provide individualized product information and gain actionable business intelligence in a private setting." Brand new to the VARTECH Educational Series, the Tomorrow's Solutions Rooms at each Technology Summit allow Vendor sponsors to showcase their newest product lines and concepts before they hit the market, giving local VARs powerful insight into future technology trends. The Technology Summits will start with Caracas, Venezuela on February 16, followed by Caribbean, France and Germany events in March and April, Denmark in May (also for its resellers in Finland, Norway and Sweden), Spain in June, and Portugal in September. Additional summits will take place in Panama City, Panama, and Bogota, Columbia in the summer.


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