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ALSO and Sysob find new vendors, while Siewert & Kau opens another office

DACH: German broadliner Siewert & Kau has opened an office in Halle. The office will be specialized in servers, storage and network, and will more particularly focus on Dell, a vendor whose German subsidiary is situated not far from there. In Germany still, network and security VAD Sysob has expanded its wireless offer with the Linkyfi Wi-Fi management and marketing tool from AVSystem. Finally, in Switzerland, broadliner ALSO has started the distribution of SSD storage systems from Austrian vendor Angelbird (source: Channel Observer Deutschland, CRN Deutschland and IT Reseller Schweiz).

News from API, Infinigate and Sysob

DACH: broadliner API has officially launched its value business. The first brands distributes are 3CX (VoIP), Rangee (thing computing) - both announced some weeks ago - and Watchguard (UTM). Presenting its 2015 results (with a 24% growth of its sales and a 40 % growth of its benefits), Swiss network and security VAD Infinigate has unveiled plans for acquisitions, both in Europe and in the rest of the world1. Network and security VAD Sysob has launched its Sysob Academy, its training offer2. Sessions will take place in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich/Alling, Schondorf/Scham, Stuttgart, Wien and Zurich (source: CRN Deutschland 1 and 2, Dealers Only Deutschland, IT Business Deutschland).

Three new vendors for Sysob

Germany: network and security VAD Sysob has added no less than three new brands to its catalog, Cloud4Wi (cloud-based wifi hospot management solutions), ReddFort and TightGate (both German vendors, specialized in data protection systems).

Kern & Stelly, Brodos, Michael Telecom, Tarox, Acmeo, Sysob: new products and employees for German distributors

Germany: secure storage and re-charging cart vendor Leba Innovation has expanded its distributor stable with AV specialist Medium. Mobile phone specialists Brodos and Michael Telecom have both been appointed as official distributors by Coolpad for its smartphones and tablets. Physical security Lupus Electronics has chosen broadliner and PC vendor Tarox as a distributor, in a bid to cover more completely the market and address its customers wherever they want to buy its products. Cloud VAD Acmeo has started the distribution of e-Signlive digital signature solution from the Canadian editor Silanis through its system integrator and VAD network. Finally, network and security VAD Sysob has strengthened its team with three new employees, Helmut Freytag, Pedro da Fonte and Walter Berg as, respectively channel manager, key account manager and presales expert.

Sysob in partnership with Op5

Germany: network and security VAD Sysob has inked a deal with Swedish editor Op5, to distribute its unified monitoring solution in the country.


Sysob IT-Distribution GmbH & Co.KG

Sysob IT-Distribution GmbH & Co.KG
Kirchplatz 1
D-93489 Schorndorf
Phone : +49 (0)9467 7406 0
Fax : +49 (0)9467 7406 290
Website :
E-mail :


General manager : Mr Thomas Hruby (*** ****** *****)
Sales director : Mr Klaus Meckel (*** ****** ******)
Marketing director : Mrs Sabine Stuttner (*** ****** ********)
Distribution manager : Mr Helmut Freytag (*** ****** *******)
Market manager : Mr Aurel Takacs (*** ****** ******)
Market manager : Mr Johannes Haseneder (*** ****** *********)
Product manager : Mr David Simon (*** ****** *****)
Corporate account manager : Mr Pedro da Fonte (*** ****** *******)


Creation year : 1999
Handelsregisternummer : Regensburg HRA 6985
VAT number : DE 235 567 899
Annual turnover
2010 : 14,50 M€
2009 : 8,40 M€
2008 : 8,50 M€
2007 : 7,30 M€
2006 : 6,20 M€
Active resellers : 1200
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 90/0/10
VAD : Networks, security, thin clients
Main brands : Aerohive Networks, Alloy Software, Barracuda Networks, Clavister, Ruckus Wireless
Clients : Associations, consultants, corporate resellers, dealers, installers, IT consulting and service providers, service providers, specialized resellers, systems integrators, VAR
Employees : 40 people


Cabling and connectivity
Antennas and cables
Cisco (Meraki), Proxim, Ruckus Wireless
Network cables and connectivity
Cisco (Meraki), Microsemi (PowerDSine)
Power cables and connectivity
Cisco (Meraki)

Other servers
X86 servers (32 and 64 bits)
Saytec Solutions
X86 workstations (32 and 64 bits)
Saytec Solutions

Mobility software

Acceleration hardware and software
Radware, Silver Peak
Bandwidth management
Radware, Ruckus Wireless, Stormshield
Bridges, gateways and routers
Clavister, Proxim, Ruckus Wireless
High availability
Radware, Ruckus Wireless, Stormshield
Load balancing
Barracuda Networks, Radware
Management and supervision software and hardware
Aerohive Networks, Alloy Software, AVsystem, Barracuda Networks, Cisco (Meraki), Ekahau, ForeScout, Fortinet (Meru Networks), IQsol, Kentix, Op5, Paessler, Radware, Ruckus Wireless, Silver Peak, Stormshield, Tenable Network Security, Ucopia
Aerohive Networks, Radware, Ruckus Wireless, Silver Peak
Aerohive Networks, Cisco (Meraki), Fortinet (Meru Networks), Ruckus Wireless
Test products
Ekahau, MetaGeek, Paessler
Transceivers and repeaters
Ruckus Wireless
Wireless access points
Aerohive Networks, AirTight Networks, Cisco (Meraki), Cloud4Wi, Fortinet (Meru Networks), Nomadix, Proxim, Ruckus Wireless, TELLnet, Ucopia
Wireless network adapters
Aerohive Networks, Proxim, Ruckus Wireless

RFID hardware and software

Barracuda Networks, Comodo, PC-Sheriff, Reddoxx, Stormshield, Trustwave (M86 Security)
Barracuda Networks, Clavister, Comodo, PC-Sheriff, Stormshield, Trustwave (M86 Security)
Barracuda Networks, Clavister, Comodo, PC-Sheriff, Stormshield, Trustwave (M86 Security)
Aerohive Networks, AVsystem, Comodo, PC-Sheriff, Saytec Solutions, Stormshield, Swivel, Trustwave, Ucopia
Content filtering
Barracuda Networks, Clavister, Radware, Stormshield, TightGate, Trustwave (M86 Security)
Aerohive Networks, Barracuda Networks, Comodo, PC-Sheriff, Radware, Stormshield, WinMagic
Aerohive Networks, Clavister, Comodo, PC-Sheriff, Saytec Solutions, Stormshield
Intrusion protection
AirTight Networks, Clavister, ForeScout, Radware, Stormshield
Log analysis
Ruckus Wireless, Stormshield, Tenable Network Security, Ucopia
Secure mail
Barracuda Networks, Clavister, Comodo, Reddoxx, Stormshield
Security appliances (UTM)
Artec IT Solutions, Barracuda Networks, Clavister, ForeScout, Radware, Reddoxx, Rohde & Schwarz Security (gateProtect), Stormshield, Trustwave (M86 Security), Ucopia
Traffic management
Aerohive Networks, ReddFort, Ruckus Wireless, Stormshield
Traffic monitoring
Aerohive Networks, Radware, Ruckus Wireless, Stormshield, Trustwave (M86 Security)
Virtual Private Networks
Aerohive Networks, Clavister, Saytec Solutions, Stormshield
Vulnerability management
AlienVault, Comodo, Stormshield, Tenable Network Security

Added value
After-sale service
ASP and xAAS
Aerohive Networks, FTAPI Software
Offsite and online backup
BarracudaWare (Yosemite Technologies), Comodo
Security as a Service
ForeScout, Radware, Trustwave
Aerohive Networks, Artec IT Solutions, Clavister, ForeScout, Fortinet (Meru Networks), NComputing, Radware, Reddoxx, Rohde & Schwarz Security (gateProtect), Ruckus Wireless, Stormshield, Swivel, Trustwave (M86 Security), Ucopia, WinMagic
Warranty extensions
Aerohive Networks

Access infrastructure solutions
Communication software
Comodo, FTAPI Software
Management software
Alloy Software

Backup software
NAS servers
Saytec Solutions
Other storage hardware
Artec IT Solutions, Saytec Solutions

Telecommunications (IP)
Phone and voice-over-IP
Fortinet (Meru Networks), Starface

Thin clients
Thin client accessories
NComputing, Rangee, Stratodesk Software
Thin client software
NComputing, Stratodesk Software, Thinstuff
Thin clients
NComputing, Rangee, Stratodesk Software


Value added services
Fax mailing, hardware installation, hot-line, newsletters, on-site quote, on-site training, online ordering, pre-sale consulting, product search, sales help, telemarketing, training centre, trial products
Financial services
30-day payment, advance payment, automatic transfer, transfer
Minimum delivery time
National : 24 hour(s)
International : 24 hour(s)