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Imago Group acquires Vitec
Germany: British IP video VAD Imago Group has expanded its European network of subsidiaries by signing an agreement to acquire bankrupt German competitor Vitec Distribution, the local distributor of Polycom video conferencing solutions. With offices already in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain, the acquisition of Vitec, which will be renamed to Vitec Imago, will enable Imago to launch its fifth European subsidiary

Tely Labs signs with Imago Group for distribution
Video-over-IP VAD Imago Group has inked a new distribution agreement with Tely Labs, the US-based vendor of video conferencing and collaboration solutions. The new signing will complement Imago's existing portfolio, providing entry-level products ideal for small meeting and break-out rooms and for those working remotely from home. The agreement covers Belux, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom. There are two core solutions in the Tely Labs range: the telyHD Pro and the tely HD Base Edition, both of which will be available through Imago. The telyHD Pro delivers a high quality video conferencing experience at unbeatable value and has been certified as "Polycom-Ready" by Polycom, having satisfied extensive interoperability requirements. The telyHD Base Edition has been designed to deliver affordable point-to-point HD Skype video calling and it can be upgraded to telyHD Pro.

Imago Group offers first ever trade-in programme on ViewCast products
AV VAD Imago Group has launched an aggressive trade-in programme aimed at providing ViewCast solutions users with the latest updates for HD video capture and streaming. This is the first time there has been a trade-in programme specifically aimed at ViewCast capture card and encoder users and closely follows the release of a new breed of ViewCast capture and encoder products. The updates to ViewCast’s range have been designed to run on the new PCi Express data buses, enabling them to deliver greater processing power and enhanced disc storage. The promotional programme provides users with 20% "trade-in discount" off the list price of the new ViewCast Osprey capture cards and Niagara encoder appliances. Any capture or encoder card or encoder system can be traded in, including competitor solutions. A customer wanting to trade-in an older encoder appliance, for example, could expect to bring the price of the new encoder down by 20%. The same arrangement can be made for capture cards. Imago will be encouraging end-user demand for the promotion, and the trade-in program is available through all of its United Kingdom and international channel partners through its offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, South Africa and Spain. This provides resellers with an opportunity to encourage their customers to upgrade from standard to HD encoding and streaming, bringing the installed base of ViewCast and other products up to a level where they are more easily supported on new hardware platforms and operating systems.

Avaya keeps Imago
Following the acquisition of videoconferencing vendor Radvision, Avaya has decided to keep video VAD Imago as an official distributor for the Scopia video products in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Vidyo and Imago deliver cloud-based videoconferencing service
Videoconferencing vendor Vidyo has appointed video VAD Imago group as its first European "hosted distributor" of videoconferencing solutions. Imago has built a hosted service, VaaS-t (Video as a Service-trade only), using Vidyo technology, which Imago's reseller network will be able to sell to end-customers in a subscription model, removing the sales and deployment complexity of infrastructure deployment out of the equation. The absence of any capital outlay will permit users to enjoy cost-effective, risk-free adoption of video conferencing, while enabling resellers to convert the current high levels of interest in video-conferencing into a revenue stream far more quickly. The hosted service is immediately available in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, alongside traditional Vidyo solutions, that Imago distributes since for two years.

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