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More business for Strax, Videor and Wortmann

Germany: mobile accessory specialist Strax has become an official provider for local operator Mobilcom-Debitel. Physical security specialist Videor has added Promise Technology storage solutions to its catalog. Finally, broadliner Wortmann has partnered with telephony specialist Epsilon Telecom to distribute Deutsche Telekom products through business resellers (source: ChannelPartner Deutschland and CRN Deutschland).

Busy times for API, Ebertlang, Infinigate, Komsa, Omega, Rotronic, Telion and Wortmann

DACH: in Austria, broadliner Omega has acquired rights over the Maxdata and ProWORX PC brands from S&T. These brands will complete its own Integris offer. In Germany, broadliner API has started a new cooperation with security editor Bullgard. Software specialist Ebertlang has been chosen by Solarwinds as an official distributor for the whole DACH region, for its complete portfolio. Telephony specialist Komsa has inked a distribution deal with Lenovo, for its latest lines of Moto smartphones, Yoga tablets and Think notebooks. Robin Wittland, who has long worked for broadliner Wortmann, lately as marketing director, is leaving the distributor on 1/1/17 to join Microsoft as Windows and Device BU director in Germany. In Switzerland finally, network and security VAD Infinigate has inked a distribution deal with mobile asset management editor MobileIron1. Broadliner Rotronic-Secomp has started the distribution of Bragi headphones, including its latest, wireless "The Dash" model2. And AV specialist Telion has been chosen by digital signage vendor Absen as official distributor in the country (source: E&W Österreich, IT Business Deutschland, ChannelObserver Deutschland, Telecom Handel Deutschland, Inside Channels Schweiz 1 and 2, Invidis Deutschland).

Wortmann and Novastor in the cloud

Germany: broadliner Wortmann has expanded its cloud offer with Novastor backup solutions (source: Channel Observer Deutschland).

Wortmann invests in mobility and telephony

Germany: broadliner Wortmann has decided to open a structure dedicated to the distribution of mobile phones and tablets. Dubbed Wortmann Telecom, the structure is managed by Stefan Bollmann, and will offer, beside Terra tablets, all products from the main brands on these markets, including Apple or Samsung.

Wortmann goes east

Poland: German PC component, peripheral and PC distributor and vendor Wortmann has opened a new sales office in Bydgoszcz. Until now carried by ZPAS-Lab, the sales of Terra products as well as a selection of products in distribution will be carried on by Terra Computer Polska, managed by Wojciech Kosecki (source: CRN Polska).


Wortmann AG

Wortmann AG
Bredenhop 20
D-32609 Hüllhorst
Phone : +49 (0)5744 944 440
Fax : +49 (0)5744 944 444
Website :
E-mail :

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CEO : Mr Siebgert Wortmann (*** ****** ********* ** *****)
CFO : Mr Siebgert Wortmann (*** ****** ********* ** *****)
Sales director : Mr Andreas Bökemeyer (*** ****** ********* ** ***** )
Marketing director : Mr Jens Beining (*** ****** ********* ** )
Division director or manager : Martin Klein (*** ****** ********* ** )
Purchase director or manager : Mr Thomas Knicker (*** ****** ********* **)
Communication director or manager : Mr Meik Blase (*** ****** ********* *)
Distribution manager : Mr Olaf Biemelt (*** ****** ********* ** *)
Product manager : Mr Uwe Horstmann (*** ****** ********* ** *)


Creation year : 1986
Handelsregisternummer : Bad Oeynhausen HRB 7371
VAT number : DE 125 753 836
Annual turnover
2016 : 650,00 M€
2015 : 620,00 M€
2014 : 660,00 M€
2013 : 550,00 M€
2012 : 512,00 M€
Active resellers : 12000
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 85/0/15
Export : Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Specialist : Computer components, computers, peripherals
Main brands : ASUS, D-Link, Intel, Seagate, Terra
Clients : Assemblers, associations, central purchasing companies, corporate resellers, dealers, e-commerce, mail-order resellers, multispecialists, outlets, semi-distributors, specialized resellers, specialized retailers, superstores, VAR
Employees : 540 people


Minimum delivery time
National : 24 hour(s)
International : 24 hour(s)