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Interbel sends mail with Claranet

Spain: software VAD Interbel has inked a partnership with Claranet to distribute its hosted mail offer through its reseller network.

Spamina goes north

Spanish cloud-antispam editor Spamina has started its European crusade by attacking French market. The company has chosen network and security VAD ITway as local distributor. It will face as local competitors French MailInBlack (which work both directly and indirectly - a potential drawback for channel-based growth plans) as well as German vendor AntiSpamEurope, which has entered local market a few months ago and is, functionality-speaking, a direct competitor. It differenciates itself from these competitors thanks to its local nodes. These nodes work on local mails, thus enabling privacy-conscious major accounts to use Spamina services more easily, as their mails never leave local territory. In France, AntiSpamEurope has chosen security VAD GS2i as local distributor. Spamina is also present in Spain, through ITway, Ingram Micro and Interbel, in Portugal with ITway and in Italy since a few months thanks to a partnership with, again, ITway. The company has also entered the British market in December, but still lacks a distributor there. Its next planned steps are Germany, where it will face a fierce competition from AntiSpamEurope, and Scandinavia, through a sales office in Sweden. Through its distributors, Spamina mainly targets VARs and integrators which will address SMB and major accounts. The company also works directly with telecom operators, which may use its solutions as part of their antispam services.

Interbel fights spam with Spamina

Spain : software VAD Interbel has expanded its portfolio with Spamina Email Firewall and Spamina Email Service Firewall from Aegis Security (source : Dealer World España).

Some hardware for Interbel

Spain : previously a software-only distributor, VAD Interbel has expanded its reach by signing a distribution partnership with security vendor SonicWALL (source : Channel Insider España).

G-Data continues its offensive in Spain

Spain : a few days after signing with AS Europa, German antivirus editor G-Data continues to expand its distributor network in the country with another distributor : software VAD Interbel Software (source : Channel Insider España).


Interbel Software

Interbel Software
Passeig de Gracia, 120
3º 1ª
E-08002 Barcelona
Phone : +34 902 393 939
Fax : +34 93 276 88 28
Website :
E-mail :


Manager : Mr Román Martín Valldeperas (*** ****** ********* ** )
General manager : Mr Román Martín Valldeperas (*** ****** ********* ** )
CFO : Mr Román Martín Valldeperas (*** ****** ********* ** )
Marketing director : Mr Carles Del Collado (*** ****** ********* ** *****)


Creation year : 1997
Código de identificación fiscal : B61340030
VAT number : ES B61340030
Annual turnover
2012 : 2,20 M€
2011 : 2,00 M€
2008 : 1,00 M€
Active resellers : 1500
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 100/0/0
VAD : Software
Main brands : Alt-N Technologies, Dell Technologies SonicWALL, G-Data, GFI Software, Qbik New Zealand
Clients : Associations, corporate resellers, dealers, IT consulting and service providers, specialized resellers, systems integrators, VAR
Employees : 10 people


Fax servers
Alt-N Technologies, GFI Software
High availability
Dell Technologies SonicWALL
Management and supervision software and hardware
Dell Technologies SonicWALL, GFI Software, Qbik New Zealand
Remote access servers
Dell Technologies SonicWALL
Wireless access points
Dell Technologies SonicWALL

Alt-N Technologies, Dell Technologies SonicWALL, G-Data, ThreatTrack Security
Alt-N Technologies, Dell Technologies SonicWALL, G-Data
Dell Technologies SonicWALL, G-Data, ThreatTrack Security
Content filtering
Dell Technologies SonicWALL, ThreatTrack Security
Dell Technologies SonicWALL
Dell Technologies SonicWALL, G-Data, Spamina (Aegis Security)
Intrusion protection
Dell Technologies SonicWALL
Log analysis
ThreatTrack Security
Secure mail
Alt-N Technologies, Dell Technologies SonicWALL, GFI Software
Security appliances (UTM)
Dell Technologies SonicWALL
Traffic management
Dell Technologies SonicWALL
Traffic monitoring
Dell Technologies SonicWALL, ThreatTrack Security
Virtual Private Networks
Dell Technologies SonicWALL
Vulnerability management
GFI Software

Alt-N Technologies, Carbonite (MailStore Software), Dell Technologies SonicWALL

Access infrastructure solutions
Mail and groupware software
Alt-N Technologies

Backup software
Carbonite (MailStore Software), GFI Software
Other storage hardware
Dell Technologies Compellent


Minimum delivery time
National : 24 hour(s)
International : NC