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Polycom multiplies alliances and programs

While it did not want to comment the impact of the acquisition of the video-conference division of HP over its distributor network, Polycom has unveiled its new partner program and another technology alliance.

Dubbed Choice Program, the new partner program aims to push its resellers to invest more in its technologies (A/V, industry specialization, Microsoft unified communications, VoIP, etc.). As a reward, its certified channel gets higher earnings. The goal is to strengthen the skills and commitment of its partners, to face more efficiently Cisco-Tandberg competition. This new partner program leans obviously on its distributors (organized by major specialties, such as network infrastructure, telephony or VoIP - that is Arrow ECS Network and Security, Itancia and Imago in France for example), which may become training centers if they wish.

Beside its POCN (Polycom Open Collaboration Network) alliance, launched last year ago with 8 partners around the Lync unified communications from Microsoft, Polycom plans to further simplify the interoperability of videoconferencing infrastructures with OVCC (Open Visual Communication Consortium). Like POCN, OVCC purpose is to be able to use any videoconferencing solution without having to worry about the infrastructure of the other users. A bit like the traditional telephony, since the dawn of time…

Alliance adopts a Meru

France : WLAN vendor Meru Networks has chosen cabling and networking specialist Alliance Com as new distributor for its products and new certification center. Alliance Com is a group which gather together companies covering the whole French territory : ACR Centre (Auvergne), ACR Distribution (Alsace), Dream Tech (South-East), HBP Associés (Lyons), Immotique Distribution (North and Normandy), Indis Réseaux (Paris East), Primo (Paris West), Renest (West) and Sodecpa (South-West).

Alliance Com expands its partnership with Ucopia

France : Alliance Com group, which regroups cabling, networking and telecoms specialists ACR Centre, ACR Distribution, Dream Tech, HBP Associés, Immotique Distribution, Indis Réseaux, Primo, Renest and Sodecpa, has decided to expand its partnership with wireless specialist Ucopia. It was already distributing its products through DSLAM EDA from Aastra, but will from now on distribute all its products.

D-Link grants Alliance Group VAD Status

France : Alliance Group, which is a distribution group specialized in networking and telecoms and comprising companies covering whole French territory (ACR Distribution, ACR Centre, Dream Tech, HBP Associés, Immotique Distribution, Indis Réseaux, Primo, Renest and Sodecpa) has been granted official VAD status by network vendor D-Link. Alliance Group was working with D-Link since some years, and this status is to show that D-Link wishes to help the distributor grow its networking business.


Indis Réseaux

Indis Réseaux
ZI Les-Richardets
24, rue du Ballon
F-93165 Noisy-le-Grand cedex
Teléfono : +33 (0)1 55 85 08 60
Fax : +33 (0)1 55 85 08 61
Sitio web : http://www.indis.fr
Mail : contact@indis.fr


Presidente : Sr. Sébastien Lee (*** ****** ***)
Director general : Sr. Olivier Chéret (*** ****** ******)


Año de creación : 1999
Siret : 422 006 361 00022
NIF : FR 24 422 006 361
Cifra anual
2015 : 11,37 M€
2014 : 13,09 M€
2013 : 12,50 M€
2012 : 11,38 M€
2011 : 11,85 M€
Revendedores activos : 400
Ventas indirectas : 99%
Reparto nacional/regional/exportación : 5/95/0
Especialista : Cables y conectica, redes, telefonía (analógica, RDSI, móvil)
Marcas principales : Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Mitel Networks, Nexans-NCS, R&M, Schneider Electric
Clientela : Distribuidores de valor añadido (60%), instaladores (15%), integradores de sistemas (15%), revendedores especializados (5%)
Plantilla : 14 persona(s)


Accesorios, bastidores y racks de 19"
Atos, Minkels
Auriculares y micrófonos
Jabra, JPL Communications, Plantronics
Transformadores y cargadores de baterías

Cables y conectica
Antenas y cables
Infinet Wireless
Cables y conectividad ópticos
Acome, Nexans-NCS, R&M, Schneider Electric, Silec
Cables y conectividad red
Acome, Infinet Wireless, Nexans-NCS, R&M, Schneider Electric, Silec
Cables y conectividad telefónicos
Acome, Nexans-NCS, Schneider Electric, Silec

Cartuchos de tinta
Panasonic, Sagemcom, Samsung
Cartuchos de tóner
Panasonic, Sagemcom, Samsung
Cartuchos para fotocopiadoras
Panasonic, Sagemcom, Samsung

Protección eléctrica
SAI off-line
SAI on-line
Eaton, S2S

Adaptadores RDSI
BeroNet, D-Link, Technicolor, ZyXEL
Calidad de servicio
Technicolor, ZyXEL
Cámaras IP
BeroNet, ComNet, D-Link, Fortinet (Meru Networks), ZyXEL
Mitel Networks, ZyXEL
Módems DSL
Technicolor, ZyXEL
Módems GPRS, Edge, 3G y 4G
Módems RTB
PowerLine Communications (PLC)
Puentes, pasarelas y routers
BeroNet, D-Link, Infinet Wireless, Technicolor, ZyXEL
Puntos de acceso
D-Link, Fortinet (Meru Networks), Infinet Wireless, Sagemcom, Technicolor, Ucopia, ZyXEL
Servidores de impresión
D-Link, ZyXEL
Software y hardware de administración y supervisión
BeroNet, Fortinet (Meru Networks), Telmat, Ucopia
Transceptores y repetidores
ComNet, D-Link, ZyXEL

Análisis de contenidos
Análisis de logs
Correo seguro
Telmat, ZyXEL
Gestión de contenidos
Protección contra intrusiones
Redes privadas virtuales
Telmat, ZyXEL
Soluciones integradas de seguridad (UTM)
Telmat, Ucopia

Fortinet (Meru Networks), Telmat

Telecomunicaciones (IP)
Atenciones telefónicas
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Mitel Networks, Panasonic
Avaya (Radvision), Mitel Networks (Polycom)
Centralitas de conmutación de llamadas
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, BeroNet, Mitel Networks, Panasonic
Esperas musicales
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Mitel Networks, Panasonic
Telefonía y voz sobre IP
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Fortinet (Meru Networks), Gigaset, Mitel Networks, Panasonic
Mitel Networks (Polycom)

Telefonía (analógica, RDSI, móvil)
Sagemcom, Samsung
Teléfonos fijos y inalámbricos
Doro, Gigaset, Technicolor
Teléfonos móviles y smartphones


Servicios de valor añadido
Alquiler, asistencia técnica telefónica, autoservicios, ayuda a la venta, ayuda para la configuración, ayuda para la creación de pliego de cargos, cambio de standard, catálogo de productos, catálogos temáticos, centro de formación autorizado, certificación del fabricante, contactos dedicados, demostraciones, deseño de arquitectura, entrega directa a clientes, equipo comercial por distribuidores, equipo comercial sobre el terreno, información por e-mail, préstamos de productos, presupuesto de co-marketing, productos de prueba, programa de fidelización, promociones regulares, salón de reuniones, seguimiento de envío, seguimiento de pedidos online, servicio postventa, show-room, soporte preventa, transmisión de competencias, web de comercio electrónico
Plazo mínimo de entrega
Nacional : 24 hora(s)
Internacional : NC