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A first foreign subsidiary for Exer
French security and storage VAD Exer has opened its first foreign subsidiary, in Switzerland. Based in Bienne (the main bilingual city in the country), Exer Suisse is managed by Shiretush Arifi, a former employee from security VAD Infomanage. The goal of this new office is to rapidly grow (up to 6 or 7 times over a few years) the turnover of Exer in this country, currently around €1m, thanks to the 12 vendors who followed the distributor in this new business. Shiretush has been chosen because he speaks fluently both French and Swiss-German, which is utterly important to succeed in the country.

Exer launches its managed services
France: network, storage and security VAD Groupe Exer launches its own offer of managed services through its subsidiary Avirnet, which was acquired a few months ago. Avirnet has used its own platform and its technical competency to build up a full offer of remote administration tools (WiFi, antivirus, antispam). The Groupe Exer managed services offer immediatly inclused 3 cloud-based modules:

  • SMArt AWM (for Avirnet Wireless Management), a complete multi-vendor WLAN management platform
  • PSB by Exer, a managed F-Secure antivirus and antispyware offer, including a monthly reporting, analysis and asset management service
  • PSE by Exer, a managed F-Secure email protection service, including configuration, operation and reporting

Avirnet will launch further hosted offers, the next being a cloud-based wifi hotspot management solution.

DenyAll chooses Groupe Exer
France: application security specialist DenyAll has appointed network and security VAD Groupe Exer as a new distributor, to accelerate its coverage of the French market.

Exer detects vulnerabilities with iTrust
France: network and security VAD Groupe Exer has inked a partnership with iTrust, to distribute its iKare vulnerability detection SaaS solution.

Exer enters wireless market with Avirnet
France: in a bid to get a hand on Wifi, BYOD and guest-access know-how, network and security VAD Exer Datacom (which, in the move, renames itself to Groupe Exer), has acquired the VAR Avirnet for an undisclosed amount. Based near from its storage subsidiary Additional Design (which thus may logically lead to a move to new offices), Avirnet will drop its direct business and become the wireless BU of Groupe Exer.


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Exer (Groupe Exer)

Exer (Groupe Exer)
EuraTechnologies - Bâtiment Cube
35, rue Winston-Churchill
F-59160 Lille-Lomme
Teléfono : +33 (0)3 20 61 96 76
Fax : +33 (0)3 20 47 25 10
Sitio web : http://www.groupe-exer.fr
Mail : contact@exer.fr


Presidente : Sr. Michel Grunspan (*** ****** ****)
Vicepresidente : Sr. Eric Van Heuversuyn (*** ****** **)
Director de ventas : Sr. Eric Van Heuversuyn (*** ****** **)
Director de marketing : Sr. Quentin Revet (*** ****** *****)
Director técnico : Sr. Laurent Asselin (*** ****** *****)


Año de creación : 1986
Siret : 389 841 883 00025
NIF : FR 56 389 841 883
Cifra anual
2013 : 19,00 M€
2012 : 18,50 M€
2011 : 13,91 M€
2010 : 11,70 M€
2009 : 10,18 M€
Revendedores activos : 750
Ventas indirectas : 100%
Reparto nacional/regional/exportación : 95/0/5
Exportación : Bélgica , Luxemburgo , Mónaco , Suiza
VAD : Almacenamiento, seguridad
Marcas principales : Aruba, F-Secure, ShoreTel, Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data, Stormshield
Clientela : Agrupación de distribuidores, ASP, centrales de compras, comerciantes, consultoras, distribuidores, distribuidores de valor añadido, empresas de cables, empresas de consultoría y de servicios de tecnologías de la información, empresas de mantenimiento, empresas de venta a distancia, industriales, instaladores, integradores de sistemas, ISV, mayoristas, proveedores de Internet, revendedores, revendedores especializados, submayoristas, suministradores de servicios, superstores
Plantilla : 40 persona(s)


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IronKey by Imation
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Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
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Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
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Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
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Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
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Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
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Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
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BarracudaWare - Yosemite Technologies
Software de gestión del almacenamiento
BarracudaWare - Yosemite Technologies
Unidades de cinta
Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data

Cables y conectica
Antenas y cables
Aruba, Lancom Systems
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Lancom Systems

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Accesorios para clientes ligeros (thin clients)
Clientes ligeros (thin clients)
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Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
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Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data

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Exer Technologies

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Aruba, Lancom Systems
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Lancom Systems
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Aruba, Lancom Systems
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Fluke Networks-AirMagnet
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Aruba, Barracuda Networks, Stormshield
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Lancom Systems
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Aruba, Lancom Systems, Ucopia Communications
Servidores de cache
Barracuda Networks
Software y hardware de administración y supervisión
Aruba, Fluke Networks-AirMagnet, Lumension Security, Ucopia Communications

Análisis de contenidos
F-Secure, Lumension Security
Análisis de logs
Barracuda Networks, F-Secure, Stormshield
Barracuda Networks, F-Secure
Aruba, Gemalto-CRYPTOCard
Aruba, Gemalto-CRYPTOCard, Stormshield
Correo seguro
Barracuda Networks, Stormshield
Aruba, Stormshield
Aruba, DenyAll, Lancom Systems, Stormshield
Gestión de contenidos
Aruba, Barracuda Networks, F-Secure, Lumension Security
Protección contra intrusiones
Aruba, F-Secure, Fluke Networks-AirMagnet, Lumension Security, Stormshield
Redes privadas virtuales
Aruba, Lancom Systems, Stormshield
Soluciones integradas de seguridad (UTM)
Aruba, DenyAll, Stormshield, Ucopia Communications
Tests de vulnerabilidad
Lumension Security

Extensiones de garantía
Sphere 3D-Tandberg Data
Aruba, F-Secure, Gemalto-CRYPTOCard, NComputing, ShoreTel, Ucopia Communications
Seguridad as a Service
Soluciones de financiación
Valor añadido

Telecomunicaciones (IP)
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Lancom Systems, ShoreTel


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Administración de red, asistencia personalizada, asistencia técnica telefónica, autoservicios, ayuda a la venta, ayuda para la configuración, ayuda para la creación de pliego de cargos, catálogo de productos, centro de formación, centro de formación autorizado, certificación del fabricante, contactos dedicados, demostraciones, deseño de arquitectura, equipo comercial en marca, equipo comercial por distribuidores, equipo comercial sobre el terreno, información por e-mail, información por newsletter, instalación de productos, integración de sistemas, mantenimiento, mantenimiento in situ, noticiarios, preparaciones específicas, presupuesto de co-marketing, productos de demostración, promociones regulares, salón de reuniones, seguimiento de envío, servicio postventa, show-room, soporte preventa, tests de hardware, tests de software, transmisión de competencias, vigilia tecnológica
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