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News from Allscan, Asbis, DVCom, Redington, Sariya IT, Spectrami and Starlink

Middle East: Kodak Alaris Information Management has signed a value-added distributor partnership with Allscan Middle East that will enable the distributor to promote and offer the entire portfolio of Kodak Alaris document scanners and information management software to enterprises across the region. Allscan will also offer Kodak Alaris backed local service and support for organisations that use the company’s award-winning document scanners. The agreement is an extension of the excellent partnership the two companies have shared in the South African market over the last several years.

High-end server and motherboard vendor Supermicro has appointed broadliner Asbis as its distributor in the region1. In terms of the agreement, Asbis will supply channel partners with Supermicro's entire product array. In addition, Asbis Middle East will help the vendor to onboard systems integrator for the vendor's advanced IT/hyper-converged infrastructure and building block solutions for data centre, cloud, enterprise, Hadoop/big data, HPC and embedded systems.

Network and telecom VAD DVCOM Technology has announced that it will help 2N, a subsidiary of the Axis Group and provider of IP intercoms systems, elevator systems, access control, IP audio systems, M2M and telecommunications solutions to grow its reseller footprint and channel business in the region2.

Redington Value, the value division of broadliner Redington, has inked two distribution deals, with Nexthink (endpoint security)3 and Gemini Data (security appliance for Splunk)4. Both vendors will be available in the region through Redington Value offices in Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

Network vendor TP-Link has signed a distribution agreement with network and security VAD Sariya IT Distribution for Saudi Arabia. In terms of the agreement, Sariya IT Distribution will supply channel partners in Saudi Arabia with TP-Link's entire SMB product range and services5. According to the vendor, the partnership with Sariya IT Distribution is aimed at helping it to strengthen its footprint in the SMB segment in the country.

UK-based cyber-security software provider Osirium Technologies has appointed its first distribution partner Spectrami for the MENA region to expand its partner base in the region through its offices in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. "Spectrami has built an excellent reputation working as a 'Vendor Extension Model' (VEM) which suits the Osirium business approach. Its goal is to reflect the same experience that a vendor would offer directly and, due to the level of intelligence behind our technology, we understand the value in this. We know this relationship will start some exciting engagements in the region and have every confidence that Spectrami will be a great distribution partner", said Duncan Fisken, Business Development Director for MENA at Osirium.

Finally, security VAD StarLink has signed up VMware as a new partner, adding the virtualisation giant into its already extensive portfolio of security vendor partners6. The new partnership is based on VMware NSX which ties into the virtualised solutions of some of StarLink vendor partners, explained Nidal Othman, managing director StarLink. "VMWare was a very strategic and great milestone in the history of StarLink. The partnership, which is around VMWare NSX, complements many of the technologies that we have in our portfolio", Othman said. The VMware, StarLink partnership is VMWare's first and only NSX specialised distribution partnership in the world, revealed Ossama Eldeeb, senior manager, MENA partner organisation (source: Intelligent Tech Channels Africa, ITP Middle East 1, 2, 5 and 6, Reseller Middle East 3 and 4, Channel Post MEA).

Copaco adds Veeam to its cloud offer

Netherlands: broadliner Copaco has expanded its 2tCloud offer with Veeam Cloud Connect, the cloud-based replicas and backup solution from Veeam.

Brodos and Starpoint sign new vendors
Germany: telephony specialist Brodos has started the distribution of the Wireless Charger II from Varta in the country. British multi-track recorder and player vendor JoeCo hopes to raise its profile in Germany and Austria after signing audio specialist Starpoint Distribution as its sales representative in these countries. Lutz Gehrke, the company's founder and owner, said: "we feel that products such as the [JoeCo] BlackBox recorder and BlueBox Workstation Interface Recorders not only fit perfectly into our existing portfolio, but actually complete it. We are already working on a number of initiatives for bringing these industry standard products the recognition they deserve" (source: Telecom Handel Deutschland and inAVate United Kingdom).
Cambium Networks in partnership with Winncomm Technologies

Cambium Networks, a global provider of wireless broadband solutions, has unveiled a Master Distribution partnership with Winncom to provide reliable, cost-effective wireless narrowband SCADA, broadband backhaul, last mile access and WiFi solutions to connect industrial, enterprise, and rural locations in the Iberian region (Portugal and Spain) as well as the Mediterranean countries, served through its office for Western Europe, Winncom Technologies EU Ltd, based in Ireland. "Connectivity is in demand, and our customers need proven solutions that are reliable and affordable", says Igor Kurochkin, Vice President, Global Vendor Management & Marketing at Winncom. "Cambium Networks consistent history of technical innovation gives our partners and customers industry leading solutions at competitive prices." Specifically, Winncom focuses on providing solutions to the following markets:

  • WiFi – cloud and controller-managed WiFi for enterprise and hospitality
  • cnPilot E400 enterprise indoor 802.11ac connectivity
  • cnPilot E500 enterprise outdoor 802.11ac coverage
  • Service provider – enabling wide area wireless connectivity with Cambium Networks Fixed Wireless Access solutions
  • PMP 450 with unique cnMedusa Massive MU-MIMO technology
  • ePMP 2000 coupled with Cambium Networks' Elevate technology breathes new life into legacy alternative 802.11 based networks enabling higher capacity and denser network buildouts
  • Industrial – licensed narrowband radio solutions for SCADA and wide-band point-to-point and point-to-multipoint for CCTV and remote access solutions
  • cnReach licensed narrowband wireless networking
  • PTP 650 for demanding point-to-point Ethernet bridges

Cambium Networks point-to-multipoint solutions, PMP 450 and ePMP, are field proven connectivity solutions enabling service providers to align with Digital Agenda for Europe objectives, identified as 30 Mbps for all European citizens and at least 50% of households subscribing to +100 Mbps internet connections.

"Cambium's high capacity, low latency, high reliability and powerful security solutions are at work in thousands of networks around the world", says Martin de la Serna, Vice President of Sales Europe for Cambium Networks. "Winncom's strength in reaching new partners and customers will increase connectivity and business efficiency in Iberia and the Mediterranean, so will reinforce the presence and services in the region."

New partners for MTI and Secnet

Ukraine: broadliner MTI has started the distribution of the Molyboard interactive whiteboards from Chinese vendor Moly Tech1. Network and security VAD Secure Networking Distribution has become an official distributor for Wallix AdminBastion PAM (Privileged Access Management) suite2 (source: Komputernoye Obozrenye Ukraina 1 and 2).

Resin based 3D Printers gain traction in Professional/Industrial markets in 2016

The worldwide Industrial/Professional* segment of the 3D Printing market again struggled in 2016, seeing -10% fewer printers ship for the year compared to 2015 mostly due to the difficulties on the polymers side in making headway into production and away from just prototyping. Polymer technologies making the most headway into the manufacturing sector for 2016 included resin-based, Vat Photopolymerization printers (most commonly known as SLA or stereolithography but also including many other sub-technologies) and polymer Powder Bed Fusion printers (which include not only SLS - Selective Laser Sintering - technologies but also newer technologies like HP's MultiJet Fusion). Resin based printers saw global shipments increase +8% in 2016, putting this category ahead of Material Extrusion as the top technology on this side of the market for the first time since 2000. Material Extrusion still dominates the total market (Industrial/Professional plus Desktop/Personal) however with the bulk of the Desktop/Personal printers being of this type.

"While 3D printing in metals has already begun crossing this chasm into production, plastics are still largely stuck in prototyping, This is especially true in Material Extrusion", noted Chris Connery, VP of Global Analysis for CONTEXT. When considering Desktop/Personal 3D Printers, a category which again saw growth in 2016, with +33% more printers shipped in this sub $5K category than a year ago, Material Extrusion still rules the market. This Desktop/Personal category of 3D Printers was once thought to be able to penetrate more deeply into mainstream consumer usage, but still largely caters to non-consumer markets such as education and even more and more into the professional realm, while still remaining popular with hobbyists. A notable trend has been the acceptance of Desktop/Personal 3D Printers for professional use over the last two years as this sub-$5K Desktop category remains the gateway to 3D Printing for many and an important part of the ecosystem. While the sale of Polymer based Industrial/Professional 3D Printers struggled again in 2016, metal-based systems again showed growth with both Powder Bed Fusion solutions and Directed Energy Deposition solutions seeing share gains. Powder Bed Fusion metal 3D Printers were up +17% while Directed Energy Deposition System sales were up +28% Y/Y.

Market leaders Stratasys and 3D Systems both saw fewer Industrial/Professional 3D Printers ship globally in 2016 than in 2015 with notable Y/Y increases coming from EnvisionTEC, privately held EOS, Concept Laser (with heavy new investment from GE) and SLM Solutions with all but EnvisionTEC having metal as part of their portfolio. EnvisionTEC showed some of the greatest growth Y/Y with a heavy emphasis on mass customization as opposed to mass production, evidenced by their focus on the Dental and Jewelry industries. Powder Bed Fusion solutions in Polymers saw a slight decrease in unit shipments for the year, with -3% fewer printers shipped in this category than in a year ago. New solutions on the powder polymer side which allow for faster or better throughput by the way of the use of multiple lasers (as for EOS) or new technologies for sintering powder (as for HP), show machine trends to be skewed a bit for the period however with overall growth still seen in this technology as evidenced by growing material sales. As the Polymers side of 3D Printing shifts some of its attention toward production, the industry still needs to prove itself in terms of part repeatability, production of isotropic parts and materials cost.

Exertis Unlimited and Informatica Megasur sign new partners

Spain: consumer electronics specialist Exertis Unlimited has added Stacked battery cases for iPhone to its catalog. Broadliner Informatica Megasur has been chosen by Cherry as an official distributor for its keyboards and mice.

EgoSecure drops distribution

DACH: German security vendor EgoSecure has decided to step back from a 2-tier distribution strategy to a 1-tier distribution strategy, dropping all its distributors in the region. According to its CEO, Sergei Schlotthauer, the company is better efficient with dealing directly with its resellers, than using any of its distributors, all the more as its number of partners is quite limited (source: IT Markt Schweiz).

AT Computers distributes Carspa

Broadliner AT Computers has added Carspa UPS to its portfolio in both Czechia and Slovakia (source: Reseller Magazine OnLine Česko).

New vendors for 3Logic, ELKO, Marvel Distributsia and Netwell

Russia: PC component specialist 3Logic has inked a distribution deal with local server vendor Rikor.IT1. Broadliner ELKO has started the distribution of Huawei smartphones throught its reseller network2. Broadliner Marvel Distributsia has added Coriant optical devices and connectivity products to its catalog3. Finally, network and security VAD Netwell has been appointed official distributor for Russia by antimalware vendor Fireeye4 (source: CRN Rossiya 1, 2, 3 and 4).

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