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ComTrade Group signed with VMware

ComTrade Group Company has signed a contract with virtualization vendor VMware, by which CT Computers, the new name of NTCHS, distribution arm of ComTrade Group, becomes exclusive distributor of VMware software solutions for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Comtrade unifies the name of its distribution arms

Being a large international company with diversified geographical presence, ComTrade Group has decided to integrate a unique system of naming (labeling) its distribution companies. Hence, since September 7th 2008, all seven (7) Group members dealing with distribution (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) shall carry an identical name, namely CT Computers. The change will be reflected by a registration of legal individuals (entities) under new names, as well as through regular usage of such names throughout corporate communication.

Comtrade to go public

The main IT company in Balkans, Comtrade Group, has announced that it planned to go public in 2010 if market is favourable. The company is present on retail, distribution and software development. Its distribution activities cover Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia (source : Personal Magazin Srbja).


CT Computer ME d.o.o.

CT Computer ME d.o.o.
Vojislavljevića 70
MNE-81000 Podgorica
Tél. : +382 (0)20 212 335
Fax : +382 (0)20 264 077
Web : http://www.ct4partners.me
Courrier électronique : distribution.me@comtrade.com


DG : M. Sveto Batljan (*** ****** ********* ** *)
Directeur commercial : M. Darko Popović (*** ****** ********* ** *)


Année de création : 1999
Matični broj : 02297248
Part de l'indirect : 100%
Répartition national/régional/export : 100/0/0
Principales marques : D-Link, Epson, HP Inc., Philips, Seagate
Clientèle : Boutiques, centrales d'achat, commerce électronique, consultants, grandes surfaces alimentaires, grandes surfaces spécialisées, grands magasins, groupements, intégrateurs, mainteneurs, multispécialistes, négociants, prestataires de services, revendeurs généralistes, revendeurs grands comptes, revendeurs spécialisés, semi-grossistes, SSII/ESN, superstores, VAR, VPC
Effectif : 12 personne(s)