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Alliance-Com on the phone with snom

France: German VoIP vendor snom has inked a distribution deal with network and telephony network Alliance Com. As a major distributor of telephony solutions, Alliance-Com will be able to offer to its network of 3,500 customer integrators commercial support, pre-sales and regional technical training over snom solutions. "This new distribution partnership with Alliance reinforces our reputation and our presence in France. With Alliance-Com, we will offer a personalized and value added support to telecom integrators", says Myriam Lghadioui, snom Channel Account Manager for France.

The choice of Alliance-Com as a new distributor was made due to its position in the telecommunications market in France and its ability to offer technical and commercial aids to all its customers in regions, thanks to its members ACR Centre, ACR Distribution, Dream Tech, HBP Associés, Immotique Distribution, Indis Réseaux, Primo, Renest and Sodecpa. Snom will support French technical support for Snom customers working with Alliance-Com network. The common potential is therefore particularly important.

"Snom is a vendor recognized for the quality of its professional phones, which perfectly meet our expectations: quality, reliability and flexibility in addition to commercial and technical support", says Matthieu Chessari, marketing director for Alliance-Com.

beroNet chooses Alliance Com

France: beroNet, a German manufacturer of cloud-managed VoIP and RNIS cards, gateways and appliances, has strengthened its distribution network through a distribution deal with Alliance Com network (comprising of regional distributors ACR Centre, ACR Distribution, Dream Tech, HBP Associés, Immotique Distribution, Indis Réseaux, Primo, Renest and Sodecpa). They join incumbent distributors Edox and Integrasys. According to beroNet, with the approaching end of the PSTN in the country, time has come for telecom integrators to find VoIP gateways to connect existing phone systems to IP links. Through this deal, beroNet will be able to reach more efficiently the market in province through Alliance Com 3500 regional customers, while Alliance-Com will get a full VoIP and ISDN offer to answer the upcoming growing demand. "We are excited about this new distribution partnership", said Christian Richter, CEO of beroNet. "This partnership with Alliance-Com will allow us to offer even more value and support around our solutions to telecom integrators." BeroNet has chosen Alliance Com as a new distributor because of its leading position in the local telecommunications market and its ability to provide technical and commercial support to all its customers. "We wanted to add to our offer a full range of cards and VoIP gateways. With reliable, simple and flexible products, BeroNet meet the needs of our customers", says Matthieu Chessari, marketing director for Alliance Com.

Polycom multiplies alliances and programs

While it did not want to comment the impact of the acquisition of the video-conference division of HP over its distributor network, Polycom has unveiled its new partner program and another technology alliance.

Dubbed Choice Program, the new partner program aims to push its resellers to invest more in its technologies (A/V, industry specialization, Microsoft unified communications, VoIP, etc.). As a reward, its certified channel gets higher earnings. The goal is to strengthen the skills and commitment of its partners, to face more efficiently Cisco-Tandberg competition. This new partner program leans obviously on its distributors (organized by major specialties, such as network infrastructure, telephony or VoIP - that is Arrow ECS Network and Security, Itancia and Imago in France for example), which may become training centers if they wish.

Beside its POCN (Polycom Open Collaboration Network) alliance, launched last year ago with 8 partners around the Lync unified communications from Microsoft, Polycom plans to further simplify the interoperability of videoconferencing infrastructures with OVCC (Open Visual Communication Consortium). Like POCN, OVCC purpose is to be able to use any videoconferencing solution without having to worry about the infrastructure of the other users. A bit like the traditional telephony, since the dawn of time…

Alliance adopts a Meru

France : WLAN vendor Meru Networks has chosen cabling and networking specialist Alliance Com as new distributor for its products and new certification center. Alliance Com is a group which gather together companies covering the whole French territory : ACR Centre (Auvergne), ACR Distribution (Alsace), Dream Tech (South-East), HBP Associés (Lyons), Immotique Distribution (North and Normandy), Indis Réseaux (Paris East), Primo (Paris West), Renest (West) and Sodecpa (South-West).

Alliance Com expands its partnership with Ucopia

France : Alliance Com group, which regroups cabling, networking and telecoms specialists ACR Centre, ACR Distribution, Dream Tech, HBP Associés, Immotique Distribution, Indis Réseaux, Primo, Renest and Sodecpa, has decided to expand its partnership with wireless specialist Ucopia. It was already distributing its products through DSLAM EDA from Aastra, but will from now on distribute all its products.



4-8, quai de Seine
F-93400 St-Ouen
Tél. : +33 (0)1 49 18 92 92
Fax : +33 (0)1 40 12 62 45
Web : http://www.primo.fr
Courrier électronique : contact@primo.fr


P-DG : M. Alain Bertrand (*** ****** ********* ** *****)


Année de création : 1991
Siret : 380 444 182 00022
Numéro de TVA : FR 03 380 444 182
Chiffre d'affaires annuel
2015 : 27,40 M€
2014 : 26,71 M€
2013 : 28,97 M€
2012 : 28,22 M€
2011 : 30,32 M€
Revendeurs actifs : 800
Part de l'indirect : 100%
Répartition national/régional/export : 100/0/0
Spécialiste : Câblage et connectique, réseaux, téléphonie (analogique, RNIS, mobile)
Principales marques : Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Mitel Networks, Nexans-NCS, Schneider Electric, ZyXEL
Clientèle : Câbleurs (2%), installateurs (70%), intégrateurs (15%), opérateurs télécoms (3%), revendeurs spécialisés (5%), SSII/ESN (5%)
Effectif : 43 personne(s)


Accessoires, armoires et boîtiers 19"
APC by Schneider Electric, Atos, Casanova, Decelect, Minkels, NGC Networks, OEM, Rittal, Schneider Electric (Sarel)
Batteries pour autres appareils
Exide, Powersonic
Batteries pour téléphones mobiles
Batteries pour téléphones sans fil
Doro, Gigaset, Panasonic
Casques audio et microphones
Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser
Chargeurs de batteries
S2S, Slat

Câblage et connectique
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), Infinet Wireless
Câbles et connectique d'alimentation
Câbles et connectique optique
Acome, Corning, Draka, Fibrefab, Nexans-NCS, R&M, Schneider Electric
Câbles et connectique réseau
Acome, Corning, Draka, elbaC Cable, IdeaLAN, Infinet Wireless, Nexans-NCS, Omerin, Parallèle 47, PatchSee, Patton, R&M, Schneider Electric, Videotec
Câbles et connectique spécifiques
ElbaC Cable, Konftel, Patton
Câbles et connectique téléphoniques
Acome, Grandstream, Nexans-NCS, Schneider Electric
Supports A/V

Cartes à puce
Cartouches jet d'encre
Brother, Panasonic, Samsung
Cartouches laser
Brother, Panasonic, Samsung
Cartouches pour copieurs
Panasonic, Samsung
Lampes pour vidéoprojecteurs
Papiers et étiquettes

électronique grand public
Vidéoprojecteurs portables (de 3 à 6 kg)
Vidéoprojecteurs ultra-portables (moins de 3 kg)

Logiciels de communication
Logiciels de gestion
Adictis, Axinite, GT2F
Logiciels utilitaires
Eboo Solutions

Adaptateurs Bluetooth
Cartes et boîtiers multivoies
Imprimantes laser
Imprimantes thermiques
Kyosha Industries, Samsung
Moniteurs LCD
Brother, Panasonic, Samsung
Scanners à plat

Protection électrique
Accessoires de protection électrique
APC by Schneider Electric, Bachmann, Nitram
Cartes réseaux pour onduleurs
APC by Schneider Electric, Nitram
Logiciels pour onduleurs
APC by Schneider Electric, Nitram
Onduleurs line-interactive
APC by Schneider Electric, Nitram
Onduleurs off-line
APC by Schneider Electric, Eaton, Nitram, S2S
Onduleurs on-line
APC by Schneider Electric, Bachmann, Nitram, S2S
APC by Schneider Electric, Bachmann, Citel, Nitram, Patton

Adaptateurs réseaux filaires
D-Link, Patton, ZyXEL
Adaptateurs réseaux sans fil
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Draytek, ZyXEL
Adaptateurs RNIS
AudioCodes, BeroNet, Draytek, Patton
Caméras sur IP
Bosch, Eboo Solutions, Grandstream, Mobotix, Panasonic, Sharp Line, Videotec, Vivotek, Vizeo
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, BeroNet, Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), ComNet, D-Link, Draytek, HPE Networking, Patton, Phybridge, ZyXEL
Draytek, ZyXEL
Draytek, Mitel Networks, ZyXEL
Gestion de la bande passante
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Draytek, ZyXEL
Haute disponibilité
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Draytek, ZyXEL
Logiciels et matériels d'administration et de supervision
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, BeroNet, Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Draytek, Ekahau, Fluke Networks a NetScout Systems company, Mobotix, Softing IT Networks, Telmat, Ucopia, ZyXEL
Modems DSL
AudioCodes, D-Link, Draytek, Patton, ZyXEL
Modems GPRS, Edge, 3G et 4G
BeroNet, ZyXEL
Modems RTC
Draytek, Patton, ZyXEL
Points d'accès sans fil
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Draytek, Infinet Wireless, Sagemcom, Ucopia, ZyXEL
Ponts, passerelles et routeurs
AudioCodes, BeroNet, Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Draytek, Grandstream, Infinet Wireless, LightPointe, Patton, Phybridge, Plecom, ZyXEL
Produits de tests
Ekahau, elbaC Cable, EXFO, Fluke Networks a NetScout Systems company, Ideal Networks, Softing IT Networks
Qualité de service
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), ZyXEL
Répartition de charge
D-Link, Draytek, ZyXEL
Serveurs d'accès distant
Patton, ZyXEL
Serveurs d'impression
D-Link, ZyXEL
Serveurs de cache
Teldat Security
Serveurs de périphériques
Serveurs de télécopies
Serveurs série
Serveurs vidéo
Bosch, Eboo Solutions, Konftel, Mobotix, MPLC Technologies, Panasonic, Vivotek, Vizeo
Transceivers et répéteurs
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), ComNet, D-Link, Patton, ZyXEL

Analyse de contenu
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Draytek, Teldat Security, Telmat, ZyXEL
Analyse de logs
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Telmat, ZyXEL
D-Link, Draytek, Teldat Security, Telmat, ZyXEL
D-Link, Draytek, ZyXEL
D-Link, Draytek, Teldat Security, ZyXEL
Panasonic, PCS, Sharp Line
Contrôle d'accès physique
Aiphone, Amphitec, Castel, CDVI, Elkron, Intratone, Mobotix, Sharp Line
Draytek, Teldat Security, Telmat
Gestion de contenu
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), Teldat Security, Telmat
Messagerie sécurisée
Teldat Security, Telmat
D-Link, Draytek, Teldat Security, Telmat, ZyXEL
Protection contre les intrusions
D-Link, Fluke Networks a NetScout Systems company, Teldat Security, Telmat, ZyXEL
Réseaux privés virtuels
D-Link, Draytek, Teldat Security, Telmat, ZyXEL
Serveurs dédiés sécurité (UTM)
D-Link, Draytek, Eboo Solutions, Teldat Security, Telmat, Ucopia, ZyXEL
Systèmes d'alarme
AE&T, Eboo Solutions, Mobotix
Bosch, Eboo Solutions, Fujifilm/Fuji Magnetics, Mobotix, MPLC Technologies, Panasonic, Seetec, Sharp Line, Videotec, Vivotek, Vizeo

Semiconducteurs et composants électroniques
Châssis, armoires, coffrets, etc.

Cogis Networks, Eboo Solutions
Extensions de garantie
AudioCodes, Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Eboo Solutions, Fluke Networks a NetScout Systems company, Mobotix, Patton, Videotec, ZyXEL
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Draytek, Eboo Solutions, Mitel Networks, Mobotix, Panasonic, Patton, Teldat Security, Telmat, Videotec, ZyXEL

Serveurs NAS

Accueils téléphoniques
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Mitel Networks, Panasonic
Attentes musicales
AudioCodes, Konftel, Polycom
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Conviviance, Mitel Networks, Panasonic
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, BeroNet, Conviviance, Draytek, Grandstream, Mitel Networks, Panasonic, Patton, snom technology
Téléphonie et voix sur IP
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Algoria, AudioCodes, Conviviance, Draytek, Gigaset, Grandstream, Konftel, Mitel Networks, Panasonic, Patton, Plecom, snom technology
Grandstream, Konftel, LifeSize, Mobotix, Polycom

Téléphonie (analogique, RNIS, mobile)
Accessoires pour téléphones
Doro, Gigaset, Mitel Networks
Doro, Gigaset, tiptel
Doro, Linkcom, Motorola Solutions
Brother, Panasonic, Samsung
Téléphones fixes
Alcatel by ATLinks, Depaepe, Doro, Gigaset
Téléphones mobiles et smartphones
Apple, Doro

Terminaux et accessoires de mobilité
Logiciels de mobilité
Tablettes et PDA
Apple, EXFO, Logicom

Terminaux point de vente et identification industrielle
Autres matériels orientés TPV ou identification industrielle
Lecteurs de cartes à puce
Matériels et logiciels RFID

Vidéo professionnelle
Vidéoprojecteurs d'installation (plus de 6 kg)
Vidéoprojecteurs grande puissance (plus de 5000 lumens)


Services à valeur ajoutée
Aide à la conception de cahiers des charges, aide à la configuration, aide à la vente, assistance technique téléphonique, budget de co-marketing, catalogue produits, catalogue promotions, catalogues thématiques, centre de formation, centre de formation agréé, certifications constructeur, conception d'architecture, conseil avant-vente, démonstrations, devis sur site, échange standard, enlèvement sur place, équipe commerciale dédiée revendeurs, équipe commerciale par marque, équipe commerciale par projet, équipe commerciale terrain, espace de rencontres partenaires, extranet, génération de leads, information par e-mailing, information par newsletter, interlocuteurs dédiés, lettre d'information, livraison directe au client final, location, logistique, maquettage, prêts, produits d'essai, produits de démonstration, programme de fidélisation, promotions régulières, recherche de produits, service après-vente, show-room, suivi des commandes en ligne, traçabilité des livraisons, transfert de compétences, veille technologique
Moyens de paiement acceptés
Affacturage, carte bancaire, comptant à la commande, comptant à la livraison, conditions de paiement personnalisées, délai de paiement, encours personnalisé, liquide, paiement anticipé, règlement à 30 jours, traite, virement, virement différé
Délais de livraison minimaux
National : 24 heure(s)
International : 24 heure(s)