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ALSO creates new business segment for Consumptional Business

Broadliner ALSO has merged several areas into a new business segment called "Consumptional Business". This business segment (IT as a Service) encompasses offerings related to Platform- (PaaS), Infrastructure- (IaaS), Software-Services (SaaS) as well as Device-as-a-service (DaaS). The foundations for this approach were laid at the Microsoft World Partner Conference in Toronto in 2012 and since then, the offering has been broadened consistently through the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. The Consumptional Business model will be expanded systematically. "An entire emerging generation of decision makers prefers to use rather than buy software and hardware. The economic and technical advantages of this IT as a Service offering are plain to see", said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG.

Michael Gericks will assume responsibility for the new business segment. He will further develop the entire value chain of this business area for ALSO's resellers. "I look forward to continuing to work together with Michael Gericks in his new role. He is innovative and entrepreneurial. I am confident that he will successfully introduce and implement a wealth of new offers for our customers", Möller-Hergt added.

Gericks joined ALSO in 2013. Most recently, Gericks was Head of Consumptional Sales. Prior to that, he led Digital Services at ALSO Germany. He has also previously held positions as Managing Director and Product Marketing Manager at a technology company in the financial sector in Mexico. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Münster in Germany. The "Consumptional Business" division ought to be deployed in every country where ALSO has some dematerialized businesses.

ALSO finalizes the acquisition of Five4U

Netherlands: broadliner ALSO has completed its previously announced acquisition of Dutch Mac distributor Five4U. Anti-trust authorities have approved the transaction. "The acquisition opens up new customer groups in Belgium and the Netherlands. At the same time we can expand our product portfolio, foremost in the area of graphics. This will create an important basis for our 3D printing business. It's a perfect addition to ALSO", explained Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding. Five4U is one of the leading specialized distributors for hardware and software in the Benelux. The company is a distributor for Apple and other hardware providers such as HP and Epson. Furthermore, Five 4 U offers its customers software and IT services.

ALSO continues international expansion of cloud marketplace platform

Swiss broadliner ALSO and Intcomex have signed a strategic partnership to bring a wide range of local and global vertical-focused cloud services to SMB and Enterprise customers in Latin America in 2017. Both companies are joining forces to make the ALSO Cloud Marketplace Platform as a Service (PaaS) available to more than 50,000 Intcomexs' channel partners in 14 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, with plans to expand further in the region. ALSO enables Intcomex to expand their Software as a Service (SaaS) catalogue to their customers. Spearheaded by Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP), the platform assists local vertical-focused ISVs to expand towards channels.

"We generate additional growth opportunities through strategic partnerships like the one with Intcomex in new, dynamic regions. Combined with our strong presence in Europe and our partnerships in the UK and Ireland, the Middle-East and Southeast Asia, through the partnership with Intcomex the ALSO Cloud Marketplace platform is now reaching nearly 50 countries globally", said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG. "Intcomex is a frontrunner of cloud services in its region, driving this paradigm change of the market. We are serving a fast-growing network of partners, including ISVs, hosters and managed service providers. The strategic partnership with ALSO will enable us to expand our SaaS portfolio further and to focus on an exceptional customer experience together", said Michael Shalom, Group Managing Director of Intcomex.

In October 2016, ALSO agreed on a strategic partnership with Innovix Distribution to make the ALSO Cloud Marketplace available to 5,500 of Innovix' channel partners starting in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, with plans to expand further in the region. Earlier in June the same year, ALSO signed a strategic partnership with Logicom to provide the marketplace platform to more than 10,000 Logicom partners in 13 countries in Southern Europe and the Middle East, with plans to expand further in the region. In December 2015, ALSO and Westcoast agreed on a strategic cooperation to bring the ALSO Cloud Marketplace platform to Westcoast customers in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

ALSO acquires Internet Smartsec

Finland: Swiss distribution group ALSO Holding has acquired network and security VAD Internet Smartsec for an undisclosed sum. Internet Smartsec's portfolio encompasses secure e-commerce solutions, VPN routers, user identification equipment, smart cards, encryption technology, IDS and filtering products, as well as various firewall devices. The company also provides consultation and training in data security and data networks.

"The expertise and product portfolio of Internet Smartsec perfectly complement our range of solutions. Now we can support the growth of our customers by offering them more extensive expertise and a wider product portfolio in the growing network and security market, which will serve as an important basis for the Internet of Things. In leveraging Internet Smartsec offers on a European scale, we will be in a position to expand our Solution and Service business", said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO: a speech which closely resembles the one following BeIP acquisition in France, a few weeks ago, as Internet Smartsec, like BeIP, is a major Aruba distributor in its country. ALSO thus may very well want to strengthen its HPE/Aruba value business wherever needed and possible. "As a leading company in Europe, ALSO provides us with broad access to international markets. We are delighted to become part of the ALSO Group and offer a more comprehensive range of products and services to our customers. I am confident that Smartsec's customer-oriented approach combined with its deep technical expertise will be a strong added value in the future" said Tom Mickelsson, Partner at Internet Smartsec.

ALSO acquires BeIP

France: broadliner ALSO has acquired network and storage VAD BeIP for an undisclosed amount. The parties agreed to keep the purchase price confidential. BeIP offers a wide portfolio of IT technologies and related support services across France. The company also has a limited business in French-speaking Africa. The company focuses on so-called vertical markets such as those for telecommunications operators. "BeIP perfectly complements our existing portfolio in France, enabling us to expand and strengthen our market position. Under the umbrella of the ALSO Holding company, we will generate additional growth for BeIP. Accessing new vertical markets in turn presents tremendous potential for ALSO. BeIP will help us to tap these markets in France and elsewhere", said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG in Switzerland. "With its state-of-the-art B2B marketplace, ALSO is a leading European company. We are delighted to be part of the ALSO Group, and to meet the growing needs of our customers", said Erwan Le Guen, CEO of BeIP, who will remain minority shareholder and continue to work for the company within the ALSO Group.



Paris Nord II - 20-23, allée des Erables
Bâtiment 1
F-93420 Villepinte
Tél. : +33 (0)1 70 71 88 90
Fax : +33 (0)1 70 71 88 94
Web : http://www.be-ip.com
Courrier électronique : informations@be-ip.com

Autres agences
F-13600 La Ciotat
Tél. : +33 (0)4 86 87 78 05


P-DG : M. Erwan Le Guen (*** ****** ********* )
Directeur financier : Mme Sandrine Dryssens (*** ****** ********* ** ***)
Directeur commercial : M. Rémy Millescamp (*** ****** ********* ** *)
Directeur de division : M. Serge Leroy (*** ****** ********* )


Année de création : 2005
Siret : 485 207 484 00059
Numéro de TVA : FR 15 485 207 484
Chiffre d'affaires annuel
2016 : 18,00 M€
2015 : 14,70 M€
2014 : 10,67 M€
2013 : 10,35 M€
2012 : 8,42 M€
Revendeurs actifs : 700
Part de l'indirect : 100%
Répartition national/régional/export : 85/0/15
Export : Algérie, Bénin, Cameroun, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Gambie, Guinée, Guinée équatoriale, Madagascar, Mali, Maroc, Mauritanie, République Démocratique du Congo, République du Congo, Sénégal, Togo, Tunisie
VAD : Réseaux, sécurité, stockage
Principales marques : Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Cambium Networks, HPE Networking, Mobotix, Overland-Tandberg
Clientèle : FAI, installateurs, intégrateurs, opérateurs télécoms, VAR
Effectif : 20 personne(s)


Câblage et connectique
Allied Telesis, Cambium Networks, HPE Networking
Câbles et connectique d'alimentation
Câbles et connectique optique
Allied Telesis, HPE
Câbles et connectique réseau
Allied Telesis, Cambium Networks, HPE, HPE Networking, Microsemi (PowerDSine), Raisecom
Câbles et connectique SAN/Fibre Channel
Allied Telesis, HPE
Câbles et connectique SCSI
Câbles et connectique série
Câbles et connectique téléphoniques

Autres logiciels
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Logiciels d'administration
MicroFocus (Arcsight), MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Logiciels de clustering
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Logiciels de développement
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Logiciels de gestion
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Logiciels décisionnels
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Logiciels utilitaires
Eboo Solutions, Milestone Systems
Outils de tests
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Serveurs applicatifs
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Serveurs Web
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Services Web
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Solutions d'infrastructure d'accès
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Systèmes d'exploitation
MicroFocus (HPE Software)

Protection électrique
Onduleurs line-interactive
Onduleurs off-line
Onduleurs on-line

Adaptateurs réseaux filaires
Allied Telesis, HPE Networking
Adaptateurs réseaux sans fil
Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, HPE Networking
Adaptateurs RNIS
Allied Telesis, HPE Networking
Caméras sur IP
Eboo Solutions, HPE Networking, Mobotix
Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Brocade (Foundry Networks), HPE Networking, Intercoax, Raisecom
Allied Telesis, HPE Networking
Allied Telesis, HPE Networking
Gestion de la bande passante
Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, HPE Networking
Haute disponibilité
Allied Telesis, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Brocade (Foundry Networks), HPE Networking
Logiciels d'émulation et de virtualisation
HPE (3PAR Data), HPE Networking
Logiciels et matériels d'administration et de supervision
Allied Telesis, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Brocade (Foundry Networks), Cambium Networks, Ekahau, HPE Networking, HPE Security, Icomera, MicroFocus (Arcsight), Milestone Systems, Mobotix, Raisecom
Modems DSL
Allied Telesis, HPE Networking, Raisecom
Modems GPRS, Edge, 3G et 4G
Allied Telesis, HPE Networking, Icomera
Modems RTC
HPE Networking
Points d'accès sans fil
Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Cambium Networks, Cloud4Wi, HPE Networking, Netinary
Ponts, passerelles et routeurs
Allied Telesis, HPE Networking, Icomera, Intercoax, Raisecom
Produits de tests
Ekahau, HPE Networking, MetaGeek
Qualité de service
Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, Brocade (Foundry Networks), HPE Networking
Répartition de charge
Allied Telesis Wireless, HPE Networking
Serveurs d'accès distant
HPE Networking
Serveurs d'impression
Allied Telesis, HPE Networking
Serveurs de cache
HPE Networking
Serveurs de périphériques
HPE Networking
Serveurs de scanners
HPE Networking
Serveurs vidéo
Allied Telesis, Eboo Solutions, HPE Networking, Milestone Systems, Mobotix
Transceivers et répéteurs
Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, HPE Networking, Raisecom

Analyse de contenu
HPE Security, Telmat
Analyse de logs
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security, MicroFocus (Arcsight), Netinary, Telmat
ESET, HPE Security, Telmat
ESET, HPE Security
ESET, HPE Security
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, ESET, HPE Security, Netinary, Telmat
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security, Netinary
Communication hospitalière
Allied Telesis Wireless
Contrôle d'accès physique
HPE Security, Telmat
Gestion de contenu
HPE Security, Telmat
Messagerie sécurisée
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, ESET, HPE Security, Telmat
Protection contre les intrusions
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Telmat
Réseaux privés virtuels
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security
Serveurs dédiés sécurité (UTM)
HPE Security, Netinary
Tests de vulnérabilité
HPE Security
Eboo Solutions, Elenek, Milestone Systems, Mobotix, Raytec

Extensions de garantie
Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Cambium Networks, HPE, HPE Networking, HPE Security, Mobotix, Nexsan, Overland-Tandberg
Allied Telesis Wireless, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Cambium Networks, HPE, HPE Networking, HPE Security, MicroFocus (Arcsight), Mobotix
Infogérance d'infrastructure
Sécurité as a Service
MicroFocus (Arcsight)
Valeur ajoutée
HPE, HPE Networking, HPE Security

Autres périphériques de stockage
HPE, Overland-Tandberg
Concentrateurs et commutateurs SAN
Concentrateurs Fibre Channel
Contrôleurs Fibre Channel
Contrôleurs Raid
Contrôleurs S-ATA
Contrôleurs SAN
Contrôleurs SCSI et SAS
Dérouleurs de bandes
Disques durs S-ATA en boîte
Disques durs SCSI et SAS
Lecteurs de cartouches
Lecteurs de disques amovibles
Lecteurs magnéto-optiques
Logiciels d'administration des données
HPE (3PAR Data), MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Logiciels de sauvegarde
HPE (3PAR Data), MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Serveurs iSCSI
HPE, HPE (3PAR Data), HPE Networking, Nexsan
Serveurs NAS
HPE, Nexsan, Overland-Tandberg
Serveurs RAID
HPE, Nexsan, Overland-Tandberg
Serveurs SAN
HPE, HPE Networking, Nexsan, Overland-Tandberg

Accueils téléphoniques
HPE Networking
Attentes musicales
HPE Networking
HPE Networking
HPE Networking
HPE Networking
Téléphonie et voix sur IP
Allied Telesis Wireless, HPE Networking

Terminaux point de vente et identification industrielle
Matériels et logiciels RFID
Ekahau, Stanley Healthcare

Autres serveurs
Moyens systèmes
Serveurs Risc
Serveurs x86 (32 et 64 bits)


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Aide à la conception de cahiers des charges, aide à la configuration, aide à la vente, assistance à la gestion de projet, assistance personnalisée, assistance technique téléphonique, audit, centre de formation, centre de formation agréé, certifications constructeur, conception d'architecture, configuration sur mesure, conseil avant-vente, démonstrations, échange standard, équipe commerciale par marque, équipe commerciale par projet, équipe commerciale terrain, espace de rencontres partenaires, formation sur site, garantie retour atelier, génération de leads, information par e-mailing, information par newsletter, interlocuteurs dédiés, maquettage, prêts, produits d'essai, produits de démonstration, service après-vente, télémarketing, transfert de compétences
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