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Zycko and Exertis lose their bosses

France: in just a few days, both network and storage VAD Zycko and retail specialist Exertis France have lost their heads, respectively Patrick Heintzmann and Claude Dupont. Both were the respective founders of the companies they managed. In Claude's case, the departure is seemingly not his decision, while it is still unclear for Patrick. The interim management of Exertis France has been taken over by Patrick Arzilliers, while no new name has emerged regarding the management of Zycko France.

Rugby Private Equity opens up new office

Austria: Rigby Private Equity (RPE) has opened a new office in Vienna, Austria. Specialist value-added distributors Wick Hill and Zycko (both part of RPE) already have business in Austria and this move shows the commitment of both distributors and RPE to strengthen and grow activities in that territory.

Paul Eccleston, head of RPE, commented: "Both Wick Hill and Zycko have traded successfully into Austria from Germany in the past and have had many requests from their vendor partners to open an office in Austria itself. We see this is as a serious commitment to the territory, with significant opportunities for the value add, capability and services that both companies represent."

The Vienna office, first to be branded Wick Hill Zycko, will be staffed by a strong team of experienced people who will be supported by the core capabilities of both Wick Hill and Zycko. From day one, the Austrian office will have access to the skills of both companies, which include marketing, product and technical support, consultancy and professional services.

David Galton-Fenzi, CEO of Zycko, said: "Having a local resource in Austria will allow us to further improve the focus and level of service we can offer to partners there."

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman Wick Hill Group, said: "With the continued growth of our business in Austria, it was important for us to open the Vienna office to support our partners."

Rigby Private Equity, which is building an EMEA-wide high-value, specialist distribution business, was formed in 2015 to identify established companies with both a great value proposition and plans for strong growth, to invest in these companies and to support the acceleration of their growth plans. In July 2015, RPE made a major investment in security VAD Wick Hill and in December 2015 added infrastructure VAD Zycko.

Zycko deal paves the way for accelerated growth

In a deal announced recently, Rigby Private Equity (RPE), the private equity arm of Rigby Group Investments, has made a significant investment in storage and network VAD Zycko. The deal will allow Zycko to expand more aggressively throughout the EMEA region. David Galton-Fenzi, CEO of Zycko, said: "The backing and support of RPE means we are now in a position to accelerate our ambitious growth plans. It's a great opportunity for the company to continue its growth and transformation into a significantly larger organisation, but one which is still focussed on providing first-class, specialist support to vendors seeking services-oriented, EMEA-wide distribution. I'm looking forward to spearheading our expansion plans and leading our team at this very exciting time."

Zycko is the second acquisition for Rigby Private Equity, which is building an EMEA-wide high-value specialist distribution business. RPE was formed earlier this year to identify established companies with both a great value proposition and plans for strong growth, to invest in these companies and to support the acceleration of their growth plans. In July, Rigby Private Equity made a major investment in leading specialist security value-added distributor Wick Hill, which is present in Germany and the United Kingdom as well as, under SCD name, in Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

Paul Eccleston, head of Rigby Private Equity, commented: "We are extremely pleased that Zycko is joining Rigby Private Equity. The company has a great track record and a reputation for helping vendors successfully bring new technologies to market and grow their business. Their ethos of innovation and excellence, alongside a strong commitment to specialist services and support, is entirely aligned with that of Wick Hill. Zycko is already in twelve countries in EMEA (France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom), which helps us move forward rapidly with our growth plans. The benefits for Wick Hill, and its partners and customers, include access to the international scope offered by Zycko's established EMEA network; and the benefits for Zycko include access to Wick Hill’s strength in security and the chance to further build on high value and consultancy opportunities for channel customers."

Zycko promotes Nils Hantelmann

Germany: Nils Hantelmann, who is the managing director of storage and networking VAD Zycko, has been promoted to Chief Alliance Officer of the group, of British origin, in charge of the strategic vendor development.

Zycko launches Riverbed SteelCentral demo lab

Network and storage VAD Zycko has launched its new Riverbed SteelCentral demonstration lab. The lab has been designed to show how real workloads, application and coding problems, as well as network, host and database issues can be visualised and pin-pointed. The Zycko facility is a comprehensive end-to-end demonstration environment that ought to help customers relate to the challenges of managing their complex hybrid architectures. With the ability to simulate real work-loads and latencies, customers are able to see how Riverbed solutions can give visibility, control and optimisation of their application architectures. In this environment, customers have a way to show how technology can monitor, manage and resolve business impacts caused by infrastructure issues. The demo lab can be accessed remotely, and is thus available through Zycko offices in France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain and Sweden.


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