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New association founded to promote value of regional EMEA technology channels, and adoption of new technology

A new association announced that champions the benefits of working with regional EMEA technology channels and promotes new technology in business and society is being founded by four of the largest technology distributors in Europe: ALSO (Austria, Belux, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland), Esprinet (Italy, Portugal and Spain), Exertis (Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom) and Westcoast (Ireland and the United Kingdom).

The new association is called The Technology Channels Alliance. While its primary objective is to ensure that technology vendors understand and make full use of the benefits of working with channels that understand their local circumstances across EMEA, the association will also be enablers and advocates of new technology to ensure these channels are educated and optimised to deliver on the promises new technology makes. At the same time, the association will have a social charter and will be setting aside a portion of its member dues to establish a charitable foundation with a mission to get technology to those without the means to acquire it, and enable a wider population to benefit from today's technology.

"I feel it's time to give something back," commented Joe Hemani, CEO of Westcoast. "Technology sales channels today are very good at getting products and services out to those who can afford to pay; what we want to do is give those without the means an opportunity to acquire technology that can change and better their lives."

Membership in the new association is open to technology distributors, large resellers and retailers whose head office is registered in a European country. Niall Ennis, CEO of Exertis said: "Regional players are a hugely important part of the technology channel in EMEA, and provide a focus and range of services tailored to each of the countries in which they operate. This new association seeks to promote the benefit to technology vendors of this focused approach and to provide a forum to identify opportunities to grow the addressable market for technology products."

"As well as being advocates and enablers of what technology can do for users, members of our new association bring special value to our customers because we are local, so we speak the language and do business in the language of our customers," commented Gustavo Moeller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO.

The association is also keen to get information out to customers that will help them keep abreast of the rapidly-changing technology landscape. "We have an ambition to create what we call a 'chain of knowledge' all the way from vendors through the channel to end users," said Alessandro Cattani, CEO of Esprinet. "Amongst other things, we will be publishing several case studies a year that will highlight issues of common interest in the region."

ALSO reviews its management

Germany: broadliner ALSO has appointed Simone Blome and Sylke Rohbrecht as new managing directors, in charge respectively of Solutions and Supply. They join CEO Reiner Schwitzki and Investment Managing Director Christoph Dietz as new members of the managing team of the distributor. The former managing directors, Stefan Klinglmair and Saša Viro, are no longer managers in Germany. Stefan will focus on its role of Corporate VP for Central Europe, while Saša has been promoted to the new role of senior VP Solutions for Europe. Simone Blome is a longtime ALSO employee, as she works for the distributor since 1999, lately as Head of the HP Enterprise BU. Sylke Rohbrecht has been hired in 2007 by ALSO and worked, lately, as Lenovo and Toshiba BU manager. Beside these new appointments, ALSO has promoted NT Plus managing director Gregor Primus to member of its management board.

Two new brands for Seamcom

Germany: mobile communication specialist Seamcom has expanded its offer with Kathrein and Smarteq antennas.

ALSO appoints a new Chairman of the Board

Gustavo Möller-Hergt has been elected new Chairman of the Board for broadliner ALSO.

Seamcom gets cabled with Commscope

Germany: Motorola specialist Seamcom has addec Commscope network cables to its catalog, thus strengthening its network infrastructure offer.


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