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Extreme Networks chooses Exer

France: Extreme Networks has inked a distribution deal with network and security VAD Exer. This partnership between the two companies will focus on the WiFi and cloud markets. "As a VAD, the cloud and WiFi expertise of Exer is a real asset for Extreme Networks. We do not doubt about the success of our partnership", says Noëlle Margiotta, France channel manager for Extreme Networks.

Another distributor for Innovaphone

France: IP phone vendor Innovaphone has inked a distribution deal with network and telecom VAD ExerExer joins the UCC BU of the Specialty Solutions division of broadliner Ingram Micro, which was appointed official distributor at the beginning of the year, and telephony vendor and distributor Tiptel. Both will push its complete portfolio, including its "Anywhere workplace by innovaphone" and "WebRTC by innovaphone" latest solutions, through their VAR and system integrator networks.

Radware signs with Exer

France: application delivery, load management and security vendor Radware has expanded its distributor stable with network and security VAD Exer.

ShoreTel chooses ScanSource Communications as a new distributor

France: IP phone and unified communications vendor ShoreTel has inked a partnership with telecom VAD ScanSource Communications, to distribute its solutions in the country. ShoreTel is currently accelerating its growth, both through acquisitions (like M5 Networks Australia or Corvisa), but also through a growth of its sales. ScanSource Communications is already a Shoretel distributor in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. The extension of the partnership to the French market is thus natural. Thanks to this deal, ShoreTel will be able to distribute more broadly its cloud offer, which is currently pushed by network and telecom VAD Exer.

"We are very happy to allow our resellers in France to have an access to Shoretel products. Working with ShoreTel allows us to offer optimized UC solutions to our existing or new partners", explains Pierre Krasnovsky, General Manager France for ScanSource Communications.

"This deal with ScanSource Communications is part of our strategy to reinforce and accelerate our development on France and Belux markets, and to reach more efficiently the cloud market. Our plan is to triple our turnover in France and Belux by 2019, through an extension of our local distribution network. Scansource Communication is instrumental to reach this target", concludes Paul-Emile Guyon, Country Manager France, Belgium, Luxembourg for ShoreTel.

Lookout teams with Exer to distribute mobile security solutions

France: mobile security vendor Lookout has signed a distribution partnership with network and security VAD Exer. This agreement allows Exer channel partners access to Lookout's Mobile Threat Protection security solution and future Lookout products that leverage its comprehensive intelligence and understanding of the mobile threat landscape.

"Although our flagship enterprise product, Lookout Mobile Threat Protection, launched in June 2015, we began recruiting distributors, systems integrators, and VARs several months in advance to ensure delivery on our promise to sell our enterprise products 100 percent through the channel from day one," said David Helfer, VP of Worldwide Channel Development and Inside Sales, Lookout. "We’ve been successful in securing these relationships because this channel-first go-to-market strategy fosters tremendous bi-directional value between the Lookout team and our alliance partners."

Lookout's devoted go-to-market channel model indeed sets it apart from many SaaS providers, who often launch with a direct sales model and struggle to recruit channel partners at a later date. The Lookout approach creates trust with channel partners, provides access to important services and integration skills within the channel, offers a route into new customers, and gives Lookout the flexibility to align with the business models of different partner types.

Lookout Mobile Threat Protection allows large enterprises to embrace mobility in the workplace while protecting company data, securing against malicious attacks, and maintaining compliance with security policies through effective risk management. Lookout's tremendous success in the consumer market has enabled it to assemble a dataset of the world’s mobile code to track threats from known attackers and predict new, never-before-seen threats. Lookout Mobile Threat Protection extends this predictive security platform to the enterprise, helping organizations anticipate and defeat mobile threats.



35, rue Winston Churchill
EuraTechnologies - Bâtiment Cube
F-59160 Lille-Lomme
Tel : +33 (0)3 20 61 96 76
Fax : +33 (0)3 20 47 25 10
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Altri sedi
F-38200 Vienne


Presidente : Sig. Michel Grunspan (*** ****** ****)
Vice Presidente : Sig. Eric Van Heuversuyn (*** ****** **)
Direttore commerciale : Sig.ra Alice Antunes (*** ****** ***)
Direttore marketing : Sig. Quentin Revet (*** ****** *****)
Direttore tecnico : Sig. Laurent Asselin (*** ****** *****)


Data di creazione : 1986
Siret : 389 841 883 00033
Partito IVA : FR 56 389 841 883
Fatturato annuale
2016 : 23,00 M€
2015 : 23,00 M€
2014 : 19,00 M€
2013 : 18,50 M€
2012 : 13,91 M€
Rivenditori attivi : 650
Fatturato indiretto : 100%
Ripartizione nazionale/regionale/esportazione : 95/0/5
Esportazione : Belgio, Lussemburgo, Principato di Monaco, Svizzera
VAD : Reti, sicurezza
Principali marchi : Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks, F-Secure, Radware, Stormshield
Clientela : ASP, aziende di manutenzione, catene di rivenditori, centrali d'acquisto, consulenti, distributori, industriali, installatori, integratori di sistema, ISV, prestatori di servizi, provider di servizi internet, rivenditori, rivenditori a valore aggiunto, rivenditori corporate, rivenditori di cavi, rivenditori specializzati, semi-distributori, società di consulenza e servizi IT, superstores, trader, vendita per corrispondenza
Addetti : 40 persona(e)


Cavi e connessioni
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks
Cavi e connettività di rete
Extreme Networks
Cavi e connettività SAN/Fibre Channel
Extreme Networks

Informatica industriale
PC e server industriali
Exer Technologies

Extreme Networks, Radware
Adattatori ISDN
Extreme Networks
Alta disponibilità
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Radware
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Aruba Networks a HPE Company
Distribuzione del carico
Extreme Networks, Radware
Extreme Networks
Gestione di banda
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Radware, Stormshield
Extreme Networks
Modem analogici
Extreme Networks
Modem DSL
Extreme Networks
Modem GPRS, Edge, 3G e/o 4G
Extreme Networks
Ponti, gateway e router
Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Punti di accesso
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Ucopia
Qualità del servizio
Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Radware
Schede di rete
Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Schede di rete senza filo
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Server per accesso remoto
Extreme Networks
Software e hardware di amministrazione e di supervisione
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Radware, Ucopia
Transceiver e ripetitori
Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys)


ASP e/o xAAS
Estensioni di garanzia
Extreme Networks, Radware, Vasco
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), F-Secure, Innovaphone, Radware, Stormshield, Ucopia, Vasco
Sicurezza as a Service
F-Secure, ManagedMethods, Radware, Vade Secure, Vasco
Valore aggiunto
Extreme Networks, Radware, Vasco

Analisi di contenuto
F-Secure, Radware
Analisi di log
Tibco (LogLogic)
F-Secure, Stormshield
F-Secure, Vasco
Appliance di sicurezza (UTM)
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Radware, Stormshield, Ucopia
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Vasco
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Radware, Stormshield, Vasco
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Stormshield
Gestione dei contenuti
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, F-Secure
Messaggistica protetta
Protezione dalle intrusioni
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), F-Secure, Radware, Stormshield
Reti private virtuali
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Stormshield
Sistemi di content filtering
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Radware, Stormshield

Software di amministrazione

Telecomunicazioni (IP)
Telefonia e voce IP
Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Innovaphone


Servizi a valore aggiunto
Aiuto alla configurazione, aiuto alla definizione dei capitolati d'oneri, aiuto alla vendita, amministrazione di rete, assistenza personalizzata, assistenza prima vendita, assistenza tecnica telefonica, budget di comarketing, cash-and-carry, catalogo prodotti, centro di formazione, centro di formazione autorizzato, certificazioni dei costruttori, consegna diretta al cliente finale, contatti dedicati, dimostrazioni, disegno dell'architettura, impianto dell'hardware, integrazione di sistemi, lettera d'informazione, manutenzione, manutenzione on-site, modellistica, newsletter, preparazioni specifiche, presenza commerciale sul terreno, prestiti di prodotti, prodotti di dimostrazione, prodotti di prova, promozioni regolari, responsabili commerciali dedicati ai rivenditori, responsabili commerciali per marca, servizio clienti, servizio e-mail, show-room, spazio di aggregazione partner, spiegamento tecnico, test di hardware, test di software, tracciabilità delle spedizioni, trasferimento di competenze, veglia tecnologica
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Conto al comando, conto alla consegna, factoring, pagamento a 30 giorni, pagamento anticipato
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Internazionale : 72 ora(e)