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EBV launches new website for its vertical segment FPGA
Semiconductor specialist EBV Elektronik now offers customers comprehensive online information on all applications, markets and technologies in the segment of programmable logic. EBV's FPGA website not only gives users an overview of markets and applications, it also offers a wealth of information – from general knowledge to detailed descriptions of applications. Visitors to EBV's FPGA website can zoom in precisely from the application level to the semiconductor area by clicking on the relevant product in the overview. This will not only take them to specifics such as technical specifications and logistics details, but will also open up an individual pre-filled form that allows interested individuals to contact the appropriate EBV product specialist. In the area of markets, the background information of the RF & Wireless website covers everything from automotive electronics and broadcast applications, through home appliances and consumer electronics, industrial electronics, defence and aeronautics, all the way to medical electronics, testing and measurement devices and even renewable energies – and it includes numerous subsections as well. The Broadcast Applications area shows just how completely the website covers the current range of applications. It takes users to microsites that offer detailed information on video coding/decoding, video processing and conversion, transmission technology and base stations. Another click takes the user from there to the level of semiconductors that can be used specifically with the application in question.

EBV Elektronik presents a new website for the Vertical Segment Consumer
Semiconductor specialist EBV Elektronik offers its customers comprehensive online information on Consumer Electronics applications, markets and technologies. The EBV Consumer website gives an overview of the markets/sub-markets and offers a large amount of information – from general information on subjects to detailed descriptions of applications. Visitors to this site can move quickly and precisely from applications to the semiconductor product section. The background information on the Consumer Electronics microsite in this area ranges from home entertainment through communications and infrastructure, as well as mobile devices and home automation to domestic appliances – in each case with numerous sub-categories. The section on home entertainment looks at such sub-categories as multimedia, TV, hi-fi, noise compensation, set-top box and OTT (Over-the-top box), multiscreen solutions and gaming. The section on communication and infrastructure deals with issues such as broadcasting technology, telecoms/datacoms, (wholesale) digital advertising screens (digital signage), head-end stations and CPE & VOIP telephony. Concerning mobile devices EBV first looks at the overarching topic of wireless charging technologies, then goes into more detail in sub-sections on tablets, PNDs, e-books, augmented-reality glasses, watches and armband devices, headphones, car accessories, headphones, fabrics with integral electronics as well as sections on sport and health. EBV Elektronik divides the section on Home Automation into sub-sections on the subjects of security, air conditioning and heating, lighting, shutters, monitoring of energy consumption, the "smart home" and doorbells, focusing its review of domestic appliances on white goods and power tools for home and garden.

EBV Elektronik launches new website for all customers in the identification market
Semiconductor specialist EBV Elektronik now offers customers online access to comprehensive information about all applications, markets and technologies in the Vertical Segment of Identification. As well as providing an overview of markets and applications, the new EBV Identification website contains a huge amount of information – everything from general material about the subject of identification to detailed descriptions of the actual applications. Visitors to the EBV Identification website can pick out precisely what they want to see in the semiconductor area and zoom into it from the application level. By clicking on the corresponding product in the overview, customers not only gain direct access to detailed information such as technical properties and logistical details but can also see a personalized form that has been completed in advance and can be submitted by interested parties who wish to make contact with the corresponding EBV Identification specialist.

Avnet Names Michael Buseman Chief Global Logistics and Operations Officer
Multispecialist Avnet has named Michael Buseman as chief global logistics and operations officer. As announced in July, Avnet's current global logistics and operations officer, Gerry Fay, was promoted to global president for Avnet Electronics Marketing. Buseman was selected to succeed Fay based on a strong background of more than 25 years of experience in the electronics industry. Having begun his career as a process and manufacturing engineer, Buseman is an accomplished operating and supply chain executive with global experience managing manufacturing and warehouse operations in the electronics manufacturing systems (EMS) provider space.

EBV Elektronik launches new website for its Vertical Sales Segment Automotive
Semiconductor specialist EBV Elektronik has launched a new Vertical Segment website for all customers, markets and applications in the automotive area. The EBV Automotive microsite contains both an overview on markets and applications and also a very high level of content ranging from general information on the subject to detailed descriptions of the applications. As a special service, a further click leads to an overview of the semiconductors which are used in the respective applications: visitors to the EBV automotive website can accurately and precisely zoom in from the application layer to the semiconductor level. In this overview, a click on the corresponding product not only enables direct access to detailed information on the technical properties and logistical details but also to an individual pre-completed form to establish contact with the respective EBV product specialist.


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