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NGD hosts TD Azlan's On-Demand Cloud Services in Europe after NSA fears
Infrastructure VAD TD Azlan has chosen Next Generation Data (NGD)'s Newport, South Wales based data centre to host cloud on-demand software services for customers based in Europe. Azlan's CloudProvider solution is powered by AirVM's AirSembly cloud delivery and commercialisation platform for VMware clouds. It caters to a comprehensive network of VARs who have built or are interested in building their own cloud infrastructure to offer cloud services and computing resources as a hosted solution to their end-user customers, and includes the ability to provide aggregated variable monthly billing to their customers. TD Azlan has chosen a Europe-based datacenter for his cloud offer, upon fears of NSA spying of European companies. A mandatory move, would Tech Data hope to succeed in its cloud strategy in Europe…

Fortinet completes its partnership with Exclusive Networks
Germany: already partners in many other European countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Maghreb, the Middle East, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom), network security vendor Fortinet has completed its partnership with network and security VAD Exclusive Networks as it now also works with its German subsidiary.

Ingram Micro gets global cloud force in place
Broadliner Ingram Micro has amassed a 300-strong force of dedicated cloud experts to execute its global cloud plans and is expanding the team further to cope with demand. Earlier this year the distribution giant unveiled its Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace plans at its Global Cloud Summit in Florida, which it claimed would offer a complete ecosystem of buyers, sellers and solutions to enable simple and rapid cloud adoption. Resellers would also have access to a number of "white glove" services including technical sales engineering, migration, remote infrastructure management and service desk. Initially rolled out in the US earlier this month, the initiative is set to be unveiled in Canada next month, Mexico in August and Europe for Q4.

Avnet Abacus expands range of high-temperature and high-reliability capacitors from AVX and Panasonic
Semiconductor specialist Avnet Abacus has expanded its extensive range of passive components with new high-temperature and high-reliability capacitors from AVX and Panasonic Europe. Targeting diverse applications in aerospace, defence, industrial and medical markets, the capacitors are designed to offer high-reliability operation in often-extreme environmental conditions. Increasing levels of integration in aerospace and defence industries have led to electronic systems often being positioned in close proximity to heat sources such as automobile or aircraft engines, therefore demanding components that can operate above usually specified temperature limits. Maximum operating temperatures are also increasing significantly, in some cases beyond 200°C, particularly in applications such as automotive systems or down-hole drilling equipment. In addition, there is more and more demand for electronic systems that offer precision and stability at temperatures up to 175°C in industrial and medical fields. To meet these demands, Avnet Abacus is now stocking through its offices in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom, a range of high-temperature capacitors from AVX and Panasonic.

Brand launch positions Ingram Micro for the future
American broadliner Ingram Micro has launched a new company brand identity. This new, global brand has a bold, modern look and feel, signaling the company's leadership in technology and supply chain services. With recent investments in growth over the past couple of years, this new brand is part of creating a platform of new capabilities and services whereby Ingram Micro helps businesses fully realize the promise of technology. The bold new look incorporates a blue that is both eye-catching and pleasing, while the letters convey the strength and dependability of a true, world-class leader. The tilt of the G signals acceleration and agility, while its virtual absence reinforces transparency and the company's unique insights. Agility, insight and dependability, these are all qualities valued by Ingram Micro's partners.


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