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Philips find a new distributor and BDL a new owner, while HP promotes Redington

MEA: TP Vision, the owner of Philips brand for LCD television and monitor markets, has appointed Fondiversal Technology as an official distributor for the African market. Meanwhile, Saudi conglomerate Al Sudais Group has acquired BDL Gulf FZCO, a subsidiary of KSA-headquartered IT distributor BDL Group for an undisclosed amount1. Following the deal, BDL Saudi Arabia with Prince Waleed bin Sa'oud as its chairman, will continue to operate as an independent entity from BDL Gulf FZCO headquartered in Dubai, which is now part of subsidiaries under Al Sudais Group of companies. Al Sudais Group has named Khaled Osman as the new CEO for BDL Gulf, while Tamer Ismail former CEO at BDL Group will head BDL KSA in the same capacity. According to Al Sudais Group, the merger with BDL Gulf paves the way for the company to continue its investments in the Middle East by diversifying into other industries as the group already has businesses in the agriculture, building materials and real estate segment. Finally, as part as the broad move of HP Enterprise to optimise its distribution network, HP Enterprise has granted broadliner Redington with the rights to distribute its Aruba wireless infrastructure products in the Middle East and East Africa, through its offices in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates2. Redington has also been appointed as Microsoft's Tier-2 partner for the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Indirect programme for the South Gulf region covering Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (source: IT News Africa, Reseller Middle East and ITP Middle East 1 and 2).

First Distribution to distribute Amazon Web Services

South Africa: infrastructure VAD First Distribution has been appointed as authorised distributor for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and becomes the only distributor in Africa as on date. The distributor will deliver the services through its BU "First for Cloud" and the company's system offers direct integration into AWS, enable end users to configure and spin up a virtual server from its partners' very own branded webstores and it also allows its partners to bill their customers directly.

Kevin Derman, General Manager for Cloud and Hosted Solutions at First Distribution, said "We're excited to add AWS powered technologies to our portfolio of cloud solutions. The cloud marketspace is moving very fast and it is First Distribution's intention to keep our partners relevant in today’s IT world. First Distribution has always brought premium solutions to the channel, and AWS is recognised by many as a leader in IaaS."

Courtesy to the distributor's relationships with multiple world-class cloud providers, First for Cloud ensures that resellers have access to global and local cloud products and services. The company is investing heavily into certified technical resources that will enable them to create one of the largest cloud ecosystems for both partners and customers in the continent. Russell Warne, AWS Product Manager for First Distribution, says "AWS brings immense opportunity to the African partner channel. I encourage partners to connect with me to learn about how we can assist in building your AWS business." (source: Channel Post EMEA).

New vendors for Westcon, Tarsus and First Distribution, and an acquisition for the latter

South Africa: infrastructure VAD Westcon Southern Africa has partnered with ZyXEL Communications to become a distributor of broadband networking technology in the Southern Africa region. Westcon will be targeting the small office/home office and the small medium business (SMB) market, a vertical in which the company has not been able to play in terms of a full broadband, cost-effective switching portfolio for some time. Broadliner Tarsus Distribution has been granted by Dell with official distribution rights for its Dell Enterprise software solutions. Finally, the week has been rich in announcements for infrastructure VAD First Distribution. The distributor has been appointed as a distribution partner in South Africa and the SADC region for Avaya. The two companies will focus on making Avaya's innovative technology available as cloud-based or hosted offerings across the region. First Distribution will work with cloud service providers and managed service providers to build out Avaya's Unified Communications-as-a-Service, Contact Centre-as-a-Service, and Video-as-a-Service offerings and make them available as local offerings across the region. First Distribution will also offer the complete range of Avaya solutions, including Avaya's innovative networking and wireless offerings. The distributor has also acquired Linux Warehouse, which will become its open source division. The acquisition comes as a response by the distributor to the increased demand of enterprise open source software adoption by industry, and extends First Distribution's ability to service its network of resellers with open source business solutions. As First Distribution's subsidiary, Linux Warehouse will grow its staff complement into a broader team of experts, adding value via an expansion of brand, sales and marketing specialists. Linux Warehouse's current portfolio includes Red Hat (open source technologies for the enterprise), SUSE (software infrastructure solutions optimised for computing environments and industries), Zimbra (e-mail collaboration and web client) and MongoDB (a leading big data database). Linux Warehouse will continue its existing relationships, operations and processes with its resellers, and remains committed to providing its partners with its usual high levels of customer service (source: IT Web South Africa).

Three new brands for Compuwave

German software specialist Compuwave has expanded its portfolio with Xmind mind mapping products, RealVNC remote control solutions and Zeroturnaround Java productivity tools. The distributor hold distribution rights for whole Europe for these three editors.

Avnet Memec-Silica, StarChip and Trusted Objects unveil an innovative security platform for the Industry 4.0 and the IoT markets

Semiconductor specialist Avnet Memec - Silica, StarChip, a fabless semiconductor supplier of secure microcontrollers and Trusted Objects, a provider of secure firmware and security services, have signe a partnership for the deployment of an optimized security platform, encompassing a family of certified secure elements with tailored security protocols from sensor to enterprise server and unique personalization services aimed at serving every customer for the Industry 4.0 and the IoT markets. The initial solution relies on a low-cost, low-power secure 32-bit microcontroller supplied by StarChip, with a dual certification from EMVCo (Europay Mastercard Visa) and Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level, delivered in a 3x3 DFN6 package and other standard packages making it an easy-to-integrate companion chip in any sensor, device, or gateway.

The StarChip secure microcontroller is programmed at Avnet Memec-Silica's secure warehouse with a firmware supplied by Trusted Objects, adding a set of functions and commands tailored for the exact requirements of the customer's final application and global security architecture. The programmed secure microcontroller thus becomes a secure element with the capability to perform cryptography primitives and complex functions comprising and not limited to AES, ECC encryption, decryption, signature, secure key renewal (Diffie-Hellman), on-board key generation, true random number generation, handling of certificates, and more while never exposing secret keys to the outside world. Last but not least, this secure element is personalized with the support of Trusted Objects at Avnet Memec-Silica's secure warehouse with unique public keys, private keys, certificates and identifiers generated on-site by a dedicated HSM (Hardware Security Module) as per the security scheme required by each customer's application and global security architecture. Secure elements and, if needed, matching whitelists, are then securely made available to the customer or its manufacturing partner. Example codes implementing various secure protocols, both at the embedded and server levels, will be provided and demonstrated with Avnet Memec-Silica's Visible Things IoT platform and made readily available to our customers.

Philippe Fremont, vice-president of Technical Marketing EMEA with Avnet Memec-Silica, comments: "Whereas connecting objects, devices and machines to enterprise IS/IT enables a breadth of new services in the consumer and industrial IoT, we believe it should not jeopardize the global security of such systems. This is the reason why Avnet Memec-Silica together with our partners are proud to introduce this highly flexible innovative certified security platform able to handle end-to-end security inside and above communication networks for every one of our customers."

Hanène Maupas, vice-president of StarChip Sales & Marketing, comments: "When you open assets living in your network to the Internet, you increase the 'attack surface' because you are extending your business model to new areas, partners and user types. The security answer to this fundamental change is to protect the system against any potential attacks including obtaining private or confidential data, manipulating or controlling devices, confusing or denying service to applications that use and supply data within IOT systems and specifically in Industry 4.0 revolution. A secure element based on a secure micro controller, a secure firmware and personalized by the issuer is already widely used and proved its efficiency in different use cases such as payment, access control and e-government. Adapting this technology to be used in Industry 4.0 and IoT is the innovation that we are bringing to the market with our partners Avnet Memec-Silica and Trusted Objects."

Sami Anbouba, CEO of Trusted Objects, comments: "The broader deployment of the IoT will require trust in the connected objects and in the data transmitted; in this respect, a Secure Element solution embedded into the object is one of the most efficient security solutions to protect the entire IoT network against a growing number of attacks. We are proud to have brought our digital security expertize to co-develop with our partners Avnet Memec-Silica and StarChip a unique Secure Element solution that will enable all players in the IoT chain to dramatically increase their confidence in the objects and the data."


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