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Ascendeo launches new businesses

Spain: following its acquisition by Innov8 group, mobile accessory specialist Ascendeo Iberia has unveiled two new businesses in the region. The distributor will open by the end of the year its Lick retail chain, focused on connected objects, with two flagships in Madrid and Barcelona, and two to come later. It has also launched a new, unsimlocked phone trade business, under the name Ascendeo Iberia Mobile. Something Ascendeo does not do in France. Yet ? (source: Channel Partner España).

A&C distributes Muvit

Netherlands: mobile phone accessory specialist A&C Systems has inked a distribution deal with French group Ascendeo to distribute its Muvit products in the country.

A new owner for Ascendeo

France: mobile accessory specialist Ascendeo has been acquired for an undisclosed amount by Innov8, a group which also owns telephony specialist Extenso Telecom as well as several other mobility-related companies such as lick (smart device-specialized etailer) or Unplug (mobile accessory vendor). The goal of Innov8 is to create a full ecosystem in the mobility market, where resellers can find any and all products they may need to sell. The acquisition includes the Spanish subsidiary of Ascendeo. The status of the joint venture of Ascendeo with Mconomy in Belgium and the Netherlands, Celly in Italy and Mline in Germany is officially unchanged by the acquisition, despite this acquisition and the one of Celly by Esprinet.

Esprinet acquires Celly

Italy: broadliner Esprinet has acquired 60% of the shares of mobility accessory specialist Celly through a share exchange and a capital increase for €7.9m. It is yet unknown what will be the impact of the acquisition on the European joint venture Ascendeo, of which Celly was the Italian member, beside Austrian MLine, Belgian and Dutch Mconomy and French and Spanish Ascendeo : neither Esprinet, nor Ascendeo in France answered our question regarding this point.

ForceTop likes to Muvit, Muvit

Poland : accessory specialist ForceTop has started the distribution of Muvit-branded accessories, developed by French vendor and distributor ascendeo.


Ascendeo France

Ascendeo France
53, rue de Verdun
Bâtiment Mercury
F-93120 La Courneuve
Tel. : +33 (0)1 79 64 52 00
Fax : +33 (0)1 79 64 52 30
Website : http://www.ascendeo.com
Correio electrónico : info@ascendeo.com


Presidente : Sr. Serge Simon (*** ****** *********)
Director geral : Sr. Philippe Lang (*** ****** ********)
Director comercial : Sr. Jérôme Montaudon (*** ****** ********* ** )
Director de marketing : Sr. Piotr Korosolev (*** ****** ********* ** )
Director de comunicação : Srta Caroline Le Maout (*** ****** ********* *)
Responsável de mercado : Sra. Snejana Torgai (*** ****** ********* )
Gestor de produto : Sra. Marion Luna (*** ****** ********* **)


Ano de criação : 1998
Siret : 307 301 135 00066
NIPC : FR 91 307 301 135
Volume de negócios anual
2016 : 54,00 M€
2015 : 52,00 M€
2014 : 50,00 M€
2013 : 34,32 M€
2012 : 40,00 M€
Revendedores activos : 5000
Vendas indirectas : 100%
Repartição nacional/região/exportações : 80/0/20
Exportação : Marrocos, Tunísia
Especialista : Mobilidade, telefonia (analógica, RDIS, móvel)
Principais marcas : Fitbit, Jabra, muvit, Unplug, X-Doria
Clientela : Associações, empresas de telecomunicações, grandes armazéns, hipermercados, lojas especializadas em telefonia móvel, lojas on-line, multi-especialistas, retalhistas especializados, superstores
Funcionários : 72 pessoa(s)