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Avnet expands contract with Extreme Networks

Infrastructure VAD Avnet Technology Solutions has expanded its contract with Extreme Networks to include Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This announcement builds on the existing relationship between Avnet and Extreme Networks that started in the DACH region (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) more than 15 years ago, and enables Avnet to deliver Extreme Networks' software and services-led networking solutions to support the needs of partners and their end-users in Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Miriam Murphy, senior vice president for Avnet Technology Solutions EMEA's North region, said, "Extreme Networks has a good range of networking and wireless technology products suitable for mid-size companies to enterprise organisations. Building on our successful and long-term partnership in the DACH region, we have fine-tuned our value proposition around these products to transform this innovative technology into tangible business solutions for our North region partners."

Bob Gault, EVP of Worldwide Sales Services and Channels, Extreme Networks, commented, "We are confident that our software-driven wired and wireless solutions will be of significant value to partners and end-customers in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. We look forward to leveraging Avnet’s technical expertise, local knowledge and experience to successfully enable and expand our partner base in those countries."

Since starting work with Extreme Networks in the DACH region, Avnet has been recognised as its Distributor of the Year 15 times.

Avnet extends EMEA relationship with Cisco

Turkey: infrastructure VAD Avnet Technology Solutions has extended its distribution agreement with Cisco in EMEA to include Turkey. Until now, Avnet was distributing Cisco products in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Hakki Eren, country manager for Avnet Technology Solutions, Turkey, comments, "This new partnership is an important one for Cisco and Avnet. It gives Cisco access to our portfolio of partners, driving its leading position in the data centre server market. Equally, it gives our partners access to innovative technologies to create next-generation data centres for their customers, particularly through the use of Cisco's integrated infrastructure systems. Last year we celebrated Avnet and Cisco's global five-year partnership, and we are now proud to extend this relationship to the Turkish market."

Cenk Kıvılcım, general manager of Cisco Turkey, said, "As we are in the middle of the digitization era, the way businesses expect to operate today places a huge challenge on the underlying network. It has to connect and enable every data or application-driven function for every user inside the business and beyond. At Cisco today, we are leading the industry in the next generation of data centre transformation. With Avnet's leading converged portfolio, its expertise working in Turkey and the experience we have together working across EMEA, we believe we will help businesses stay a step ahead in the race to innovate. We feel confident that Avnet's deep technical experience and sophisticated integration capabilities will help Cisco and our channel partners accelerate our mutual success in the data centre market and capitalize on new revenue-generating opportunities."

Avnet has received multiple awards for helping Cisco successfully grow its data centre business, including Cisco's Global Distribution Partner of the Year in 2013 and 2014 and Cisco’s Data Centre Distributor of the Year in EMEA in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Avnet selected as EMEA distributor for Cumulus Networks

Infrastructure VAD Avnet Technology Solutions has unveiled a pan-EMEA distribution agreement with Cumulus Networks to offer the industry's first true full-featured Linux OS for networks to customers and partners. This agreement will drive innovation in open data centre networking, making software-defined networking (SDN) a reality. Through this agreement, Avnet will offer Cumulus Networks' data centre network operating system software, Cumulus Linux, which can be integrated with hardware from multiple leading switch vendors. This flexible, robust approach to data centre networking significantly reduces costs and complexity, which is paramount in the data centre environment.

Under this agreement, Avnet is appointed distributor for Cumulus Linux in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom, further strengthening Avnet's leadership position in data centre technologies.

"Our partnership with Cumulus Networks drives innovation in a huge growth market for resellers and managed service providers (MSPs), when many in the technology industry are scratching their heads about how to make software-defined networking a reality", commented Dieter Lott, vice president of business development at Avnet Technology Solutions, EMEA. "Cumulus Networks is a good fit with VMware's NSX offering for network virtualisation and is complementary to our Red Hat open source portfolio."

"We selected Avnet for its expertise in data centre solutions, its well-established pan-EMEA channel ecosystem, and its effectiveness in transforming technologies into business solutions for customers", said Sudeep Goswami, senior director of corporate and channel sales at Cumulus Networks. "Through Cumulus Linux, we're transforming networking by offering an effective alternative to proprietary, vendor-locked stacks that constrain IT innovation, and we look forward to progressing this change in EMEA through our relationship with Avnet."

Open networking solutions based on Cumulus Linux allow MSPs and organisations of all sizes to leverage efficient data centre technology, providing customers with a choice of hardware and software elements to fit their individual needs.

Avnet and IBM join forces to accelerate IoT innovation

American multispecialist Avnet has started to work with IBM to increase the development and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in Canada, Europe and the United States. The two companies' efforts will help customers develop IoT solutions built on the IBM Watson IoT Platform to help create new revenue streams and operational efficiencies. This collaboration is designed to help Avnet customers, ranging from original equipment manufacturers to solution providers, capitalize on the opportunities in the rapidly growing IoT market, which is estimated to account for more than €830 billion in technology spending in 2016.

This collaboration builds on Avnet's successful IoT development practices; for example, Avnet recently worked with SPICA Technologies to help create a smart cities IoT solution to improve water safety. This solution reduces the risk of contracting Legionnaires' disease by using connected devices attached to water pipes that provide real-time information and analysis on water temperature and flow, improving accuracy and reducing monitoring costs by up to 60 percent. Avnet played an important role in building this solution, bringing together the sensor components, IBM Core Middleware, IBM Enterprise analytics, and an IBM Cloud deployment to manage the data.

"Developing an IoT solution is incredibly complex and requires deep technical knowledge from a semiconductor level to advanced data analytics running in a data center," said Patrick Zammit, president, Avnet Technology Solutions, Global. "Avnet and IBM joined together to simplify the development cycle at every stage and give our customers the power to unlock the potential of IoT."

Avnet and IBM will provide customers with a wide range of resources from the edge to the enterprise to develop IoT solutions that effectively gather information, connect to the Internet, and securely manage and analyze data. These include:

  • Availability of IBM applications critical to designing and managing IoT solutions, including IBM Watson IoT Platform, IBM Watson and IBM Cloud;
  • IoT development platforms and kits that accelerate the ability to prototype IBM Bluemix-enabled IoT solutions;
  • Create proof-of-concept solutions with Avnet's highly experienced team, enabling Avnet's 100,000 customers to deploy connected devices;
  • Avnet data center and cloud solutions based on IBM Watson IoT Platform that provide analytics engines, asset management, data management tools, IoT Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities and security;
  • Access to the Avnet Cloud Marketplace, which features IBM Cloud infrastructure; IBM Software-as-a Service (SaaS) solutions related to cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security applications; and the ability to create branded storefronts;
  • Solutions design, integration and assembly support services at its solutions centers in the Americas and EMEA;
  • In-depth technical education and training through Avnet Academy on IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson IoT Platform.

Additionally, customers will be able to leverage the Avnet Visible Things evaluation and development reference platform, which will be on display at Embedded World next week. This initiative, driven by Avnet in EMEA, is a platform, built on IBM Watson IoT Platform, designed for edge-to-enterprise IoT projects. It delivers hardware and embedded software to connect smart sensors to the Avnet Devicepoint service, which adds context to sensor information and loads it to an enterprise-strength core system. It then presents a set of business and integration services focused on analytics, cloud and mobile.

"IBM, alongside its vast network of clients and partners, is ushering in a new era of computing, extending the power of cognitive computing to the billions of connected devices, sensors and systems that comprise the Internet of Things," said Harriet Green, general manager, Watson IoT, Education and Commerce, IBM. "Working together, Avnet and IBM can help clients further embrace the full promise of IoT using innovative technologies to uncover hidden patterns in data and act on them, to transform business and society alike."

Distree 2016: a fill of innovations

After a two-year gap, ITdistri was back at Distree EMEA. The event has evolved, becoming much larger in terms of surface area and number of exhibitors. Some visitors regretted a lack of major vendors, while others wished more African retailers and distributors: "in the past, we liked to come to Distree EMEA to meet companies from the whole region. Now, if we want to expand our coverage of the African continent, we ought to go to Distree Africa, which means more costs and time consumed for us. And even there, we will miss many French speaking distributors", one of them said anonymously. Nevertheless, the event was a success, with about 250 distributors, 150 retailers and etailers and about 130 exhibitors (including about 15 distributors wishing to expand their business in Europe or meet some of their existing customers in the region, including ABC Data, ATC, Avnet Technology Solutions, Daymen, GTI, IDCP, Inforlandia, Innelec Multimédia, Nedis, NTT System, Proks, PSA Parts, Tech Data Europe and Tekpoint). Singapore came in force, with a contingent of 10 companies overseen by the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Beside their one-to-one meetings, visitors could participate to workshops, conferences and keynote, to get valuable insight about the major trends of the consumer markets in the region, with analysts and consulting companies such as GfK, Early Metrics, Rude Baguette, Quadmark or Ocean Solutions.

The exhibit gave much room and space to wearables and smart objects. Among interesting vendors, ITdistri has selected the following companies:

  • Trackr, which has developed a Bluetooth tracking device and was looking for etailers, through its distributor Bullboat
  • More Technology, a Chinese company, represented in the EMEA region by the American company Sightline, which was presenting a connected weighing scale with a safe mode for pacemaker users and pregnant women. More Technology is looking for distributors, etailers and retailers everywhere in the EMEA region
  • Tunkmatik, a Turkish vendor used to Distree, was presenting, among others, the Nano UPS, the first UPS dedicated to small devices like routers or DSL modems
  • The American vendor Tangram Factory is selling Smart Rope, a smart skipping rope and already planning a smart dumbbell. It is already distributed by the German Mac specialist Macland in the DACH region as well as through some retailers in direct. It is now looking for more distributors in other European countries
  • German Tado and Dutch Thermostart have developed smart, connected thermostats as well as, for Tado, an air conditioning smart control system. Thermostart is distributed in the Netherlands by Navstar and Tado in Germany by Komsa (but also available through Difox). They are both looking forward expanding beyond their home markets, everywhere in Europe.
  • American physical security veteran First Alert, which is already distributed in Western Europe, is looking for new distributors in Eastern Europe, Russia and Middle East. It was presenting on Distree its One Link connected carbon monoxide detector.
  • Swiss startup Incharge was presenting its crowdfunded Lightning, Micro USB and Micro USB C micro-cables and was looking for distributors anywhere in the EMEA region
  • Singaporean Ospicon was showcasing its Sleepmat STS100, a sleeping mattress for babies, which include speakers to stream music and talk to the babies, a microphone to monitor his/her sounds and, thanks to fiber optic technology, no electromagnetic radiations. Already available in several Asian countries, the Sleepmat is waiting for distributors, etailers and retailers in the EMEA region.
  • Singaporean Oaxis was presenting its e-ink case for iPhone 6 as well as other products. The e-ink case includes photo display and ebook functions, and will include more through future firmware updates. Here again, Oaxis is looking for distributors, etailers and retailers everywhere.
  • The universal charging dock from German vendor Alldock has attracted much attention, especially its handmade wooden version. Beside incumbent distributor AIV in Germany, Alldock is looking for more distributors, etailers en retailers everywhere in the EMEA region.
  • German vendor Hotsplot was a bit of an intruder among the exhibitors, as its product, a remote-controlled public Wifi hotspot management solution which is compatible with all wifi routers and hotspots, would be better distributed through network VADs
  • Dutch Wakawaka was targeting more specifically the emerging or outdoor activity markets with its light-charging universal battery and LED light.
  • Hong-Kong company Elari won the Diamond Award with its Cardphone, an anti-smartphone the size of a credit card, which can be used in conjunction with any smartphone through Bluetooth, to optimize the use of home and travel SIM cards. The Cardphone is available in the EMEA region here and there, for example through SCP Technologies in France, One Stop Mobile in the Netherlands or Vitacom in Romania. The company is looking forward expanding its distribution network in the EMEA region with more distributors in countries where it is absent for the time being.

New vendors were not the only ones to present new products. Aiptek presented, a few days before the Cebit event in Germany, its DG-VTa, a dongle which can be connected easily via HDMI to a beamer to turn any projection surface into an interactive touchscreen display. The supplied pen serves as a sensor – when running it over the projection surface, the "DG-VTa" notices it like a touchscreen and transfers the signals accordingly. Inno3d, which is better know for its graphic cards, was showcasing its 3D printers (distributed quietly since a few month by German distributor API) and its Bluetooth LED bulbs. So, more than ever, Distree remains the place to be, to discover the major trends and new products to be distributed in the EMEA region over the months and years to come…


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