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100Mega, AB, ABC Data and AT Computers expand their offers

Central Europe: broadliner 100Mega has been appointed by French vendors Thomson (TV accessories) and Strong (DVB adapters and accessories, network products) as an exclusive distributor in both Czechia and Slovakia1. In Poland, broadliner AB SA has expanded its digital signage portfolio with Newstar products. Broadliner ABC Data has added Xopero total data protection solutions & business continuity to its Polish cloud portal. Finally, mobile accessory vendor Cygnett has chosen broadliner AT Computers as an official distributor for both Czechia and Slovakia2 (source: ChannelWorld Česko 1 and 2, CRN Polska, Reseller News Polska).

A new director for AB and more services for Diskus

Poland: broadliner AB SA has recruited back Grzegorz Ochędzan as finance director. Grzegorz resigned in March with other plans in mind, to finally come back to his former employer. Storage supply specialist Diskus has launched a new after-sale service to cover tape libraries from any brand (actidata, Dell, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM, Imation, Overland-Tandberg, Qualstar or Spectra Logic). Any user of a product from these brand can purchase this extended support, to have its library repaired, beyond the standard warranty (source: CRN Polska and Reseller News Polska).

More business for AB, ALSO, Bakotech and Tech Data

Poland: broadliner AB has inked a distribution partnership with AV/Digital Signage vendor Newstar. Paweł Umiński, who was commercial and marketing manager for broadliner ALSO since the beginning of the year, has left the company for personal reasons1. Software and security VAD Bakotech has hired Maciej Twardy as its new technical director. Broadliner Tech Data has expanded its catalog with Alantec structured cabling solutions and NEC Display2 products (source: CRN Polska 1 and 2, IT Reseller Polska, IT Wiz Polska, Reseller News Polska).

New partners for AB, Alstor, NTT System and Vidis

Poland: broadliner AB and AV specialist Vidis have added Epson videoprojectors to their catalog1. AB has, in the same time, also inked a distribution deal with NAS vendor Synology. Network and storage VAD Alstor has started the distribution of Advantech industrial servers2, while broadliner NTT System has chosen Supermicro products to complement its catalog3 (source: IT Reseller Polska, Reseller News Polska, CRN Polska 1, 2 and 3).

News from AB, ALSO, Nelro Data and Veracomp

Poland: broadliner AB has started the distribution of Canon ImageRunner copiers in the country1. The distributor has also appointed Rafał Michalczuk as its new financial director, replacing Grzegorz Ochędzan who recently resigned2. Wojciech Łastowiecki, who was country director for broadliner ALSO, has left the distributor for unknown reasons3. He has been replaced by Paweł Łasak. Consumer electronics specialist Nelro Data has expanded its portfolio with LED television vendor Skyworth4. Finally, multispecialist Veracomp has been appointed exclusive distributor for Red Hat in the country5 (source: CRN Polska 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).



Ul. Kościerzyńska 32
PL-51-416 Wrocław
Tel. : +48 71 324 0500
Fax : +48 71 324 0529
Website : http://www.ab.pl
Correio electrónico : sekretariat@ab.com.pl

PL-03-228 Warszawa
Tel. : +48 22 814 3129
PL-90-319 Łódź
Tel. : +48 42 636 3556
PL-70-111 Szczecin
Tel. : +48 91 483 7610
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Tel. : +48 61 843 4508
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Tel. : +48 32 355 9020


Presidente do conselho de administração : Sr. Andrezj Przybyło
Vice-presidente : Sr. Zbigniew Mądry (*** ****** *********)
Director financeiro : Sr. Grzegorz Ochędzan (*** ****** ********* **)
Director comercial : Sr. Sebastian Junik (*** ****** ********* )
Director comercial : Sr. Zbigniew Mądry (*** ****** *********)
Director de marketing : Sra. Patrycja Gawarecka (*** ****** ********* ** )
Director de compras : Sr. Jarek Slowinski (*** ****** ********* )
Director de recursos humanos : Sr. Andrezj Bilski (*** ****** *********)
Responsável de mercado : Sr. Tomasz Janik (*** ****** *******)


Ano de criação : 1990
REGON : 931908977
NIPC : PL 895-16-28-481
Volume de negócios anual
2017 : 1 938,12 M€
2016 : 1 865,14 M€
2015 : 1 623,43 M€
2014 : 975,82 M€
2013 : 871,27 M€
Revendedores activos : 4640
Vendas indirectas : 99%
Principais marcas : Eaton, HPE Networking, Intel, OKI, Samsung
Clientela : Concessionários (57%), empresas de telecomunicações (8%), retalhistas especializados (25%), revendedores corporativos (3%), VAR (7%)
Funcionários : 250 pessoa(s)