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AB, ABC Data, Komsa, NTT Systems and Vidis sign new partnerships

Poland: broadliner AB SA has been chosen by Tenda as an authorized distributor for its network products1. Its competitor ABC Data has inked a distribution deal with local home-automation vendor BNT2. Telephony specialist Komsa has started the distribution of TP-Link smartphones in the country3. Broadliner NTT System has decided to venture, on its turn, in the white goods market, through a distribution deal with Chinese vendor Haier4. Finally, AV specialist Vidis has expanded its portfolio with Revolabs audio-conferencing systems5 (source: CRN Polska 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

News from Polish distributors AB, ABC Data, Bakotech, Komsa, NTT System

Poland: broadliner AB SA has opened a new training center in the Technological Park of Wrocław. The installation, which has been certified by Microsoft, includes two labs, a classroom for 80 students and an examination room1. Two months after its competitor ALSO, broadliner ABC Data is preparing the launch of its own cloud platform in the country, due in the coming months2. Software and security VAD Bakotech has inked a distribution deal with CTWO Products, a Swedish vendor specialized in cyphered USB sticks3. Telephony specialist Komsa has expanded its portfolio with accessories and small peripherals from fellow vendor Media-Tech4. Finally, broadliner NTT System has been appointed official distributor by HPE for its servers and storage products. The distributor is already working with HP Inc, as a distributor for its PCs5 (source: CRN Polska 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

AB, Action, ASBIS, DNS, KOMSA, Veracomp: news from Central Europe

Central Europe: in Poland, broadliner AB and its competitor Action have added Ravcore gaming accessories and peripherals and Dahua video-security solutions to their respective portfolios12. Telephony specialist KOMSA has decided, like its German mother company, to open a BU dedicated to value distribution3. Also named KOMSA Systems, it will initially focus on Nokia Networks/Alcatel Lucent voice and data solutions, while other vendors will be ultimately added. In Czech Republic, broadliner ASBIS has been chosen by Dutch accessory and small peripheral vendor Trust as an official distributor4. Infrastructure VAD DNS has hired David Pankiv and Filip Komínek as, respectively, IBM/Lenovo BU manager and business development manager5. In Romania, infrastructure VAD Veracomp has been appointed distributor by security vendor Trend Micro6 (source: CRN Polska 1, 2 and 3, Reseller Magazine ČR 4 and 5, iBusiness Romania).

AB SA signs with Sony and Sophos

Poland: broadliner AB SA has inked distribution deals with security editor Sophos1 (security products) and Sony Mobile Communications2 (smartphones, tablets and related accessories). For both brands, the broadliner will focus on the corporate market (source: CRN Polska 1 and 2).

ABC Data, AT Computers, eD'system, ASBIS, DNS, AB and RRC: new partnerships and movements in CEE

Central and Eastern Europe: Romanian broadliner ABC Data has expanded its portfolio with gaming-oriented memory modules from Klevv. In Czech Republic, broadliner AT Computers has started the distribution of Lenovo System X servers. Its competitors eD'system and ASBIS have, on their sides, chosen to distribute, respectively, Microsoft smartphones and related accessories and Xerox print supplies and multifunctions. Petr Plodík, who was IBM and Lenovo division manager for network and security VAD DNS, has left the distributor and been replaced by David Pankiv. In Poland, broadliner AB SA has been authorised by HP Enterprise to distribute Aruba wireless infrastructure products, alongside its remaining portfolio. Finally, in Russia, multispecialist RRC has strengthened its mobility portfolio with Brother thermal printers and related print supplies (source: iBusiness Romania, Reseller Magazine Online ČR, Channelworld ČR, CRN Polska and CRN Rossiya).



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