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Elix Energy chooses Feeder

Young UPS vendor Elix Energy has inked a distribution partnership with multispecialist Feeder. The deal covers Algeria, France, Morocco and Tunisia.

Exclusive Networks on track to reach its first billion

France-based, pan-European network and security VAD Exclusive Networks has unveiled its 2014 revenue, up €300m to €627m largely thanks to its latest acquisitions, Bilişimcim in Turkey, WhiteGold in Australia and New Zealand and Sidin in Italy, which account for almost two thirds of its year-to-year growth. For 2015, the distributor plans to open Big Tec storage and datacenter offices in Italy and Spain and to acquire leasing providers in Germany and the United Kingdom, like the acquisition of Fibail Systems in France a few weeks ago. All these providers will be regrouped under the Exclusive Capital brand.

Opportunity knocks for channel as IP camera market hits tipping point

The IP camera market has reached a tipping point in Europe, accounting for around half of all revenue from surveillance and security camera sales as businesses look to migrate from legacy CCTV technology, according to European market research firm CONTEXT. The market watcher has compiled data from across the region to provide fresh insight into a burgeoning market set to offer the channel huge growth opportunities. "IP cameras and connected home markets have seen some key business developments last year such as the buy of DropCam by Nest (Google) for €420m", says Gurvan Meyer, analyst at CONTEXT. "The late 2015 plan from Canon to buy Axis for €2.1b is one more move into pulling out IP cameras out of the hand of the Security market only. For 2015, we anticipate more mergers in the IP camera market where smaller, specialist players are snapped up by larger IT and electronic giants moving into this space." The past couple of years in Europe (including Central and Eastern Europe and Russia) have witnessed impressive year-on-year unit sales growth of 34% (2013) and 6% (2014) as businesses look to invest in technology to replace a CCTV market worth an estimated total of €1.5b back in 2013. IP camera revenue grew by 26% from 2012 to 2013, reaching €56m revenues. However, value sales took a year-on-year dip of 3% in 2014 as IP camera prices reduced due to rising unit growth, according to CONTEXT. France was undoubtedly the largest market in Europe, accounting for an 18% share – up from 13% in 2012. Italy (14%) and Russia and the UK (12%) were second and joint third respectively. While Russia's share has fallen hard from 2012, when it led the way in Europe with 21%, demand for IP cameras in the UK could be on the rise again after huge legacy investments there in CCTV in the 80s and 90s. These public and private sector organizations will obviously be slow to adopt the newer technology as they don't want to write off these huge investments. However, a 2013 study (commissionned by Axis Communications) found that 58% of UK retailers were prepared to migrate – attracted by the raft of new, intelligent applications that sit on top of the IP platform. D-Link is by far the largest vendor of IP cameras in Europe, having steadily grown its market share from 2012 (58%), to 2013 (66%) and 2014 (68%). Axis is second with a market share in 2014 of around 12% and Trendnet makes up the top three with a share of around 5%. When it comes to revenues, Axis – which produces high-end and value-add IP cameras – was the clear leader in Europe with a high of 41% in 2012 but has seen its revenues share drop to 37% in 2013 to increase again to 40% in 2014. D-Link has conversely grown its revenue share over 2012 (32%), 2013 (37%) and 2014 (41%), while Trendnet's has remained steady over the past three years at around 3.5%.

Growth by country


in revenue (€) 2012/2013 2013/2014
Austria +3% -6%
Belgium -2% -28%
Switzerland +15% +14%
Czech Republic +9% +6%
Germany +8% +4%
Denmark +20% -5%
Spain +88% -21%
Finland +54% -13%
France +35% +14%
United Kingdom +37% +42%
Ireland +362% -13%
Italy +4% -8%
Netherlands +48% -20%
Norway +8% -25%
Poland -15% +22%
Russia +92% -27%
Sweden -6% +3%
Slovakia +6% +119%
Turkey +12% +870%



in units 2012/2013 2013/2014
Austria -4% -5%
Belgium +20% -8%
Switzerland +38% +18%
Czech Republic +12% +18%
Germany +43% -14%
Denmark -1% +23%
Spain +52% +7%
Finland +97% +54%
France +79% +13%
United Kingdom +66% +57%
Ireland +1218% -30%
Italy +21% +2%
Netherlands +190% -25%
Norway +11% -15%
Poland -12% +69%
Russia -8% -14%
Sweden +6% +38%
Slovakia +1% +126%
Turkey +29% +120%

EBV Elektronik launches its blog

Semiconductor specialist EBV Elektronik has launched its own news network the EBVBlog to share news and stories from EBV as well as covering technology and market trends in the EMEA region. It gives an insight view of EBV featuring interview, videos, events and exhibition as well as covering technology developments, sciences and physics. Additionally the EBVBlog highlights an Internet of Things and a Vertical Segments area. It links to the EBV Live Wall displaying live all social media feeds of EBV and its suppliers at one glance. The Live Wall streams events etc. in a news ticker style via Twitter.

Multi-function laser and inkjet technology printers drive imaging revenue increase of +1% across Western European distribution in 2014
Imaging revenue increased by +1% across Western European distribution in 2014 compared to 2013, driven by Multi-function Laser and Inkjet technology printers, according to data published by CONTEXT, the European IT market research company. Revenues of Inkjet MFPs were also up by +7% year-on-year, boosted by the double-digit revenue increase in the Business Inkjets segment. Attributing factors behind the growth were distribution sales and average selling price increases for the period. "Over the past year vendors were active in the Business Inkjet segment, supported by the introduction of new Inkjet technology printers for businesses which featured more connectivity options and higher page yields, an attractive alternative to laser", said Zivile Brazdziunaite, Imaging Analyst at CONTEXT. HP registered the strongest year-on-year revenue growth in the segment of +16% and hold over 60% of the revenues in 2014, followed by Epson, which saw revenue increase by +4% year-on-year with a market share of 16% for the period. Revenues of Laser MFPs increased by +1% year-on-year across Western European distribution, driven by the Colour Laser MFP subcategory, which registered a positive performance of +7% year-on-year in distribution sales. Meanwhile, the average selling price continued to decline for the period. HP, Samsung and Xerox continue to lead in unit sales of Colour Laser MFPs across WE distribution with a market share of 36%, 21% and 10% respectively. Country split - revenues year-on-year growth 2014 vs 2013

Country Growth
Spain +10%
Germany +4%
Italy +4%
United Kingdom +1%
Netherlands -1%
Switzerland -2%
France -5%
Sweden -6%
Denmark -6%
Belgium -7%
Norway -12%
Finland -13%


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