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Three new brands for Compuwave

German software specialist Compuwave has expanded its portfolio with Xmind mind mapping products, RealVNC remote control solutions and Zeroturnaround Java productivity tools. The distributor hold distribution rights for whole Europe for these three editors.

Avnet Memec-Silica, StarChip and Trusted Objects unveil an innovative security platform for the Industry 4.0 and the IoT markets

Semiconductor specialist Avnet Memec - Silica, StarChip, a fabless semiconductor supplier of secure microcontrollers and Trusted Objects, a provider of secure firmware and security services, have signe a partnership for the deployment of an optimized security platform, encompassing a family of certified secure elements with tailored security protocols from sensor to enterprise server and unique personalization services aimed at serving every customer for the Industry 4.0 and the IoT markets. The initial solution relies on a low-cost, low-power secure 32-bit microcontroller supplied by StarChip, with a dual certification from EMVCo (Europay Mastercard Visa) and Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level, delivered in a 3x3 DFN6 package and other standard packages making it an easy-to-integrate companion chip in any sensor, device, or gateway.

The StarChip secure microcontroller is programmed at Avnet Memec-Silica's secure warehouse with a firmware supplied by Trusted Objects, adding a set of functions and commands tailored for the exact requirements of the customer's final application and global security architecture. The programmed secure microcontroller thus becomes a secure element with the capability to perform cryptography primitives and complex functions comprising and not limited to AES, ECC encryption, decryption, signature, secure key renewal (Diffie-Hellman), on-board key generation, true random number generation, handling of certificates, and more while never exposing secret keys to the outside world. Last but not least, this secure element is personalized with the support of Trusted Objects at Avnet Memec-Silica's secure warehouse with unique public keys, private keys, certificates and identifiers generated on-site by a dedicated HSM (Hardware Security Module) as per the security scheme required by each customer's application and global security architecture. Secure elements and, if needed, matching whitelists, are then securely made available to the customer or its manufacturing partner. Example codes implementing various secure protocols, both at the embedded and server levels, will be provided and demonstrated with Avnet Memec-Silica's Visible Things IoT platform and made readily available to our customers.

Philippe Fremont, vice-president of Technical Marketing EMEA with Avnet Memec-Silica, comments: "Whereas connecting objects, devices and machines to enterprise IS/IT enables a breadth of new services in the consumer and industrial IoT, we believe it should not jeopardize the global security of such systems. This is the reason why Avnet Memec-Silica together with our partners are proud to introduce this highly flexible innovative certified security platform able to handle end-to-end security inside and above communication networks for every one of our customers."

Hanène Maupas, vice-president of StarChip Sales & Marketing, comments: "When you open assets living in your network to the Internet, you increase the 'attack surface' because you are extending your business model to new areas, partners and user types. The security answer to this fundamental change is to protect the system against any potential attacks including obtaining private or confidential data, manipulating or controlling devices, confusing or denying service to applications that use and supply data within IOT systems and specifically in Industry 4.0 revolution. A secure element based on a secure micro controller, a secure firmware and personalized by the issuer is already widely used and proved its efficiency in different use cases such as payment, access control and e-government. Adapting this technology to be used in Industry 4.0 and IoT is the innovation that we are bringing to the market with our partners Avnet Memec-Silica and Trusted Objects."

Sami Anbouba, CEO of Trusted Objects, comments: "The broader deployment of the IoT will require trust in the connected objects and in the data transmitted; in this respect, a Secure Element solution embedded into the object is one of the most efficient security solutions to protect the entire IoT network against a growing number of attacks. We are proud to have brought our digital security expertize to co-develop with our partners Avnet Memec-Silica and StarChip a unique Secure Element solution that will enable all players in the IoT chain to dramatically increase their confidence in the objects and the data."

Ingram Micro enters into definitive agreement to acquire Ensim

Broadliner Ingram Micro has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held, San Jose, CA-based Ensim Corporation, a company specialized in enabling the distribution of cloud applications. The transaction is subject to the approval of Ensim shareholders and other customary closing conditions. Alain Monié, Ingram Micro CEO, commented "This acquisition is an excellent complement to Ingram Micro and we look forward to Ensim joining our team." David Wippich, Ensim CEO, said "This is a superb next step for Ensim and we expect to leverage the financial strength, brand recognition and global infrastructure of Ingram Micro to further speed the growth of our business. Our customers and employees will benefit from this union and we are excited to partner with Ingram Micro."

Global 3D printer market up +19% in Q4’15 as industrial/professional printer shipments decline

Worldwide shipments of 3D Printers rose +19% in Q4’15 compared to a year ago, according to figures released today by CONTEXT, the IT market research company. Of the total 73,012 units shipped in the final quarter of last year, 96% of these were desktop/personal printers, mostly priced below €4,500, representing a +22% year-on-year growth rate. Shipments of 3D printers in the industrial/professional segment declined -24% over the same period with 2,907 printers shipped.

"This nascent side of the 3D printer market again saw great changes in 2015", noted Chris Connery, VP for Global Analysis at CONTEXT. "Companies with a long standing presence in the additive manufacturing market scaled back their expectations for this newer, desktop side of the market, retooling to concentrate more on their core B2B competences. Other brands look to capitalize on these refocused efforts, however with start-ups, toy companies, IT companies and tool companies all competing in the market from different angles, yet all looking to get a piece of the continued strong demand for these devices."

For the full calendar 2015, the total market saw a growth of +30% in terms of total printers shipped marked by a +33% year-on-year growth for desktop/personal printers but -9% fewer industrial/professional 3D Printers. In the Desktop/Personal 3D Printer sector, Taiwanese vendor XYZprinting remained the global leader in Q4'15, extending its share to 31% for the period and 21% for the full calendar year. The 2nd half of the year witnessed the de-emphasis of the sale of Desktop 3D Printers to consumers by former market leaders Stratasys/MakerBot and 3D Systems/Cubify, a mantle picked up by others including XYZprinting and M3D. The period also witnessed the largest crowdsourced effort to date for 3D Printers with the pre-sale of over 16,000 units of the €160 Tiko 3D printer, expected to arrive during 2016.

As seen by the demand generated by the Tiko campaign, CONTEXT expects growth in 2016 to be fueled by even more aggressively priced 3D printers. Market leader XYZprinting already showcased a €245 printer due later this year, with toy maker Mattel also getting in the game with a sub-€270 printer coming out by year's end. The year will also witness the entrance into the desktop/personal market from such notable brands as Polaroid.

The industrial/professional portion of the 3D printing market struggled as anticipated in Q4'15 with many eagerly awaiting the entrance of HP Inc (as well as Canon and Ricoh) to help reinvigorate the space. The market was characterised by great hype in 2013 and 2014 and began to settle down from lofty expectations in the 2nd half of 2015. Industry leader Stratasys retained its top market share position in Q4’15, shipping 48% of all 3D Printers in the Industrial/Professional segment in the period but sold 29% fewer printers in Q4’15 than a year ago. The sector continues to be characterized by a wide range of technologies and price points, catering to myriad vertical markets with no one technology offering a silver bullet for all applications. Metal additive manufacturing, typically characterized by €450M-€1.8M+ machines, remained hot with the period seeing a 35% growth in machines sold versus a year ago.

"Since the 3D Printer industry consists of a wide range of prices for the various types of 3D printing technologies, the market is often benchmarked not only on units, but also on revenue from the sale of printers", said Connery. "Doing so helps to show the growing importance of metal 3D printing overall with 2015 seeing three of the top five vendors all mostly concentrating on metal additive manufacturing (EOS, SLM Solutions and Arcam)." Looking into the future, CONTEXT is forecasting the total global market for 3D Printing including not only printer Hardware, but also Materials and Services to grow from €3.7B in 2015 to €14.6B by 2020.


Figure 1: Top 5 vendor 3D printer market share by unit volumes, global desktop/personal printers, Q4'15 and 2015



Rank Company Q4’15 unit shipments Q4’15 share   Rank Company 2015 Yearly Total 2015 Share
1 XYZprinting 50,100 31%   1 XYZprinting 50,100 21%
2 M3D 6,008 9%   2 3D Systems 24,552 10%
3 Ultimaker 5,335 8%   3 M3D 20,444 9%
4 3D Systems 4,262 6%   4 Ultimaker 20,069 9%
5 FlashForge 3,521 5%   4 Stratasys 18,673 8%


Figure 2: Top 5 vendor 3D printer market share by unit volumes, global industrial/professional 3D printers, Q4'15 and 2015


Rank Company Q4’15 unit shipments Q4’15 share   Rank Company 2015 Yearly Total 2015 Share
1 Stratasys 1,382 48%   1 Stratasys 5,690 49%
2 3D Systems 614 21%   2 3D Systems 2,552 22%
3 envisionTEC 311 11%   3 envisionTEC 1,177 10%
4 EOS 132 5%   4 EOS 458 4%
5 Mcor 64 2%   4 Mcor 329 3%


Figure 3: Top 5 vendor 3D printer market share by printer revenue, global total market 2015


Rank Company 2015 printer revenue (M) 2015 share
1 Stratasys €454.7 34%
2 3D Systems €215.7 16%
3 EOC €169.5 13%
4 SLM Solutions €56.6 4%
5 Arcam €37.7 3%

Shareholder sues Ingram over 'grossly inadequate' sale price

A shareholder of broadliner Ingram Micro is hoping to stop the distributor's impending sale to Chinese conglomerate Tianjin Tianhai and has filed a lawsuit claiming that the US firm sold itself "too cheaply and via an unfair process". An unspecified stockholder has filed a lawsuit on behalf of all those who own shares in the broadliner. The plaintiff alleges that Ingram and its leadership have "breached their fiduciary duties" to those who hold stock in the New York-listed distribution firm. The alleged wrongdoing relates to Ingram's acquisition by Tianjin Tianhai, which was announced last month and is currently going through the approval process. The lawsuit – the ultimate goal of which is to "halt the proposed takeover" – claims that the €5.3b sale price "is grossly inadequate and undervalues Ingram Micro". Furthermore, the plaintiff believes the deal came to pass "via an unfair process". The all-cash agreement equates to a €35-per-share sale price, and a press release announcing the lawsuit claims that, on Monday, Ingram shares closed trading at €32.7. The release also points out that the distributor's sales have grown strongly in recent years, from €32.76b in 2011 to almost €41.94bn for the 53-week period to 3 January 2015 (source: Channelnomics Europe).


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