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ASBIS promotes Marcin Harasim

The historical managing director of ASBIS in Poland and Vice-President of ASBIS Group Marcin Harasim has been promoted to CEO for Prestigio and Canyon brands, reporting directlt to the group CEO Siarhej Kostevitch. He will supervise the development of the brands in the world, as well as the launch of new product lines.

More supply chain expertise for Ingram Micro

American broadliner Ingram Micro has appointed Markus Schmücker as executive director, Supply Chain Solutions, Europe, to oversee the development of its activities across the continent, which include providing the logistical support for vendors and retailers. Markus was previously working for Arvato as Managing Director, Supply Chain Solutions, arvato UK & Ireland. Ingram Micro plans to use his knowledge in supply chain to standardize its capabilities and solutions available from its 15 primary Advanced Logistics Centers within Europe.

Pierre Esneau joins Avenir Télécom

France: Pierre Esneau, who has in the past worked for several IT vendors including Lexar, Gear Software, Syquest or Kyocera, has joined telephony retailer and distributor Avenir Télécom as flash product sales development director. Based in Marseille, he will supervise the development of the sales of the upcoming lines of Energizer mobile flash products in the whole world, excluding Canada and the United States.

New ownership at Exclusive Networks

France: in LBO since 5 years with Omnes Capital, EdRIP and Socadif, the majority of the shares of network and security VAD Exclusive Networks have been acquired by Belgian investment firm Cobepa for €350m. The deal ought to help the distributor further invest to grow its business in the whole world and reach more easily its €1b target by 2017.

Verbatim fined for VAT fraud

Spain: optical media vendor Verbatim has been fined to €3.2m and its directors Luis Fisas Elizalde (ex commercial director for Portugal and Spain) and Alejandro Jesús Lozano (sales manager) sentenced to 3 years of jail after having been involved in a missing trader fraud between 2005 and 2008. Since the fraud, Verbatim has closed its Spanish sales office and imports its products from France onto this market.


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