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About Us

ITdistri was founded in 2005 with one clear idea: provide tech companies with an accurate
and up to date directory of distributors
selling technology products and solutions in the whole world.

Today, ITdistri is a comprehensive directory of 7,900+ distributors across more
than 140 countries
 selling everything tech - from components to wearables.

The increasing diversity and complexity of products and channels led us to develop
value-added services for brands to connect with the right distribution partners - and vice-versa.

Our Business Matching Services and expert analysts will help you focus on real potential prospects. Our Premium offer raises the bar higher, including personal introductions and full follow-up
until you sign your distribution agreements. 

How We Work

Data quality and accuracy are core to everything we do. ITdistri’s mission is to maintain
an up-to-date directory of distributors that reflects changes as and when they happen.

With unparalleled information resources and constant input from companies included
in the directory,
ITdistri provides users with the business intelligence needed to gain
a competitive edge in today’s highly competitive technology channel landscape.


We help our users stay one step ahead of the competition.

Meet The Team

Alain Godet

VP Customer Success

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Alain Godet is the founder of ITDistri.


An experienced IT channel journalist and consultant specialized in distribution, Alain has more than two decades of experience.


Alain is an authority on technology routes-to-market. With a broad and deep knowledge of the EMEA channel landscape, his expertise spans both volume and value distribution.


Alain also has excellent links to channel press and magazines across the region.

Farouk Hemraj

Managing Director

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Farouk Hemraj is a serial entrepreneur with a background in international technology channels.


Farouk was one of the co-founders of DISTREE Events, an organizer of international executive-level tech channel meetings sold to InfoPro Digital in 2013. 


With a wealth of global channel experience and an extensive contact network spanning vendors, distributors and retailers, Farouk’s current business interests focus on accelerating channel development and delivering greater go-to-market efficiencies for tech brands.


Farouk is the Managing Director of  ITdistri.​

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