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ITdistri helps brands evaluate and expand their distribution channels - and resellers find new suppliers. The registration in the directory is free for distributors, who get a personalized ID and password to update their data online. 


Eligible companies must have an active distribution business. Distribution is defined as sourcing and supplying new or used third party products to a channel customer base, meaning that brokers are present within the directory.


The search engine and distributor data are available in multiple languages. All other pages are available only in English.


The ITdistri newsfeed keeps readers up to speed on IT distribution news from across the globe. The news feed contains a mix of press releases, articles from channel magazines and exclusive news content.


For most companies, the ITdistri database lists the following fields:

  • Address

  • Website

  • Phone and fax numbers

  • Main contacts

  • Type of distributor (broadliner, specialist, VAD, broker or trader) and up to three main specialities

  • Type of resellers targeted

  • Five main brands​

Whenever possible, ITdistri also lists:


  • All regional sales offices

  • Year established

  • Local national ID number

  • Local VAT number

  • Number of employees

  • Number of active resellers

  • Percentage of each type of reseller in customer base

  • Sales for last five years

  • Percentage of overall business that is distribution activity

  • Split of activity between national, regional and export

  • Percentage of PC assembly in overall business

  • Percentage of own-brand sales in overall business

  • List of own brands and percentage each contributes to overall sales

  • Direct e-mail addresses for contacts (not published online, only available with Business Matching Services )

  • Accepted means of payment

  • Value-added services

  • Detailed portfolio analysis covering 396 product categories


The ITdistri search engine facility allows users to filter by:


  • EMEA region and country (mandatory)

  • Distributed brand

  • Name of distributor

  • Region and country

  • Product family

  • Product family and category

Please find below some information related to ITdistri search results, in case you require further explanation or believe some companies are missing:

  • Name of distributor search: ITdistri will list all distributors matching query

  • Distributed brand search: ITdistri will list all distributors matching the query either in their five main brands OR in their detailed portfolio. Distributors will not be listed if the queried brand is not listed in the five main brands OR in the detailed offer (whether complete or not). IMPORTANT: this means that brand search will NOT include some distributors that carry a specific brand if it is not a top five brand for that company and they have not completed the detailed portfolio section fully

  • Region and country search: ITdistri will list all distributors either originating from the queried region OR owning a sales office in the queried region

  • Product family and/or category: ITdistri will list all broadliners, VADs, brokers and specialists, which includes queried family and/or category in their detailed offer or their three main specialities


If you need more help on using ITdistri resources, please contact us on

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