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DSD Europe launches OnWorx

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Thijs van de Moosdijk

Dutch e-distribution specialist DSD Europe has added its first online workplace solution to its portfolio.

Called OnWorx, the solution includes for each workstation 20 gigabytes of storage, Microsoft Office 365 Pro with Exchange, ESET security, two factor authentication and a backup and recovery tool. Available exclusively through resellers via the DSD platform, it is delivered on an instant delivery basis.

The solution is hosted from a Dutch private cloud which holds all relevant certifications for the financial and healthcare sectors. DSD Europe also takes care of the maintenance of the OnWorx workplaces.

"By making online workstations available in a distribution model, DSD ensures that resellers can migrate their customers to the cloud with minimal effort, thereby also realising a good margin", says Thijs van de Moosdijk, CEO and co-founder of DSD Europe. "They can also add extra value to the solution, for example by setting up the Microsoft Office 365 environment for a customer, link domains and choose whether or not to use two factor authentication."

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