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LDLC distributes Shadow

Retailer and distributor LDLC has started the exclusive distribution of Shadow, the first cloud-based gaming PC in France. This partnership is an evidence for Laurent de la Clergerie, CEO and founder of LDLC Group, and Emmanuel Freund, founder of Blade Shadow, who target a larger public of gamers through this subscription-based computer.

Shadow Box virtualized gaming PC

"Shadow positively shakes the computer market and opens the gaming experience to a new target. One may think that it is a competitor of classic PCs. No, not at all ! It is an ally. Shadow transforms any computer in a mean machine, allowing a high quality gaming experience. This is a new offer for gamers who did not have yet a dedicated machine. It has naturally its place in LDLC offer", says Laurent de la Clergerie, CEO and founder of LDLC Group. This partnership between two jewels of the French IT digital market is a godsend for customers who wish to play with an always-powerful compter, without spending too much, but also for families who wish to morph their small-office PC into a gaming machine, for their youngsters for example.

With this operation, Shadow gains an access to LDLC presence on the gaming market, which will allow the company to continue to grow and find new users. LDLC expands its IT portfolio, the most extensive on the French web, with a new offer for customers who did not wish to buy powerful PCs for gaming. A true win-win partnership.

In order to offer the best gaming experience, LDLC has created tailor-made offers, to address all needs. The customer may choose a subscription alongside his/her current computer, buy a box if he does not have any computer or even complete his/her installation with the best gaming screens and peripherals at the lowest prices.

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