• Alain

Groupe H4: a new distributor is born

Jérôme Montaudon, Yann Cadoret (both from Ascendeo) and Alexandre Marie, from Itancia, have joined forces to create Groupe H4, a new distributor specialized in accessories and consumer telecom products. 100% trade-oriented, Groupe H4's activity focuses on telecom accessories, refurbished mobiles, urban mobility and connected objects. Their goal is to serve distributors, operators, supermarkets, specialised superstores, and merchant sites through a dedicated online order site.

Alexandre Marie, Yann Cadoret and Jérôme Montaudon, Groupe H4

Our main promise is to digitise the customer experience, with an online ordering site reserved for professionals, worth the best e-commerce sites with support functions, an intuitive shopping experience, product demos on YouTube, a customer service available through WhatsApp, multiple payment solutions including Stripe and Paypal, or even online outstanding management. It was time to seriously modernise the IT part of telecom distribution”, express in unison the group's three co-founders. Albeit a huge investment for a young company, this website is deemed essential to provide a top-notch service, according to Groupe H4’s founders.

However, the Groupe H4's distribution model is not only based on the web, as it also makes good use of classic distribution sales tools, including sedentary and itinerant sales forces, that will ensure a good part of the commercial relationship with resellers. “In a younger-than-believed market, trusted by a handful companies, proximity and sense of service are still important values”, adds Yann Cadoret, sales director of Groupe H4.

According to marketing director Alexandre Marie, “confidence, kindness and expertise are required by distributors to answer most efficiently the needs of end customers.” According to him, this is illustrated in particular by:

  • expertise through a permanent market watch and a daring curiosity

  • operational support with an available, large and intelligently-controlled stock (several hundred of part numbers currently available in 24 hours)

  • commercial support and customer service adapting to field realities, more particularly through tailor-made offers for independent retailers

  • permanent adaptiveness coupled with a strong capacity of listening, in order to answer also to the requirements of major retailers, for which “anything is possible if you are well accompanied”.

Our assumed objective is to become one of the Top 3 telecom distributors within the 5 next years”, explains Jérôme Montaudon, Groupe H4’s operations director. “The convergence of uses in the mobility market is a reality. We firmly believe that the following four markets are more and m

ore intertwined: telecom accessories, refurbished mobile phones and tablets, urban mobility and connected objects. Being present on all of these markets at the same time will be instrumental to our success.