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Avnet Integrated and MSC Technologies Join Forces

To support the growing market for embedded solutions in Europe, Avnet Integrated Solutions and MSC Technologies, both companies of Avnet, have join operations and go-to-market strategies. The combination of these two industry leaders will create a global powerhouse with a complete, end-to-end value proposition in the embedded market space, and will go by Avnet Integrated.

Martin Brooks, Avnet

Martin Brooks, vice president Avnet Integrated EMEA, stated: “with the reorganisation of Avnet the past 18 months – the divestiture of our computer business, the acquisition of Premier Farnell, the building of Avnet’s technology ecosystem, and the full rebranding of Avnet – we came to the conclusion that our businesses in the embedded space in the Americas, Europe and Asia have to come together in order to build a consistent and attractive global customer experience.

Avnet Integrated EMEA will focus on four market segments: embedded boards, display solutions, embedded systems and data centre appliances (embedded servers). In the first three areas, the company will be able to offer off-the-shelf products (including partner products), modified products/solutions, and full custom solutions that are developed and manufactured by MSC Technologies, the technology and solutions division of Avnet Integrated.

Dominik Reßing, global head of design and manufacturing at Avnet Integrated and president of MSC Technologies, stated: “we have adapted the look and feel of the MSC brand to align with the Avnet brand while at the same time stay distinguishable within Avnet Integrated. The Avnet name is clearly associated with distribution, and we can offer that and even more with our world-class design and manufacturing. MSC is the technology and solutions brand within Avnet Integrated, and our mission will be to globalise our footprint.

At Embedded World, Avnet Integrated has announced these new products and solutions:

  • the latest industrial computing modules – Intel-processor-based COM7 Modules, SMARC 2.0 modules with NXP ARM processors and Xilinx ZYNC Ultrascale MPSoC,

  • a new range of Simple Plus touch displays – which puts production-ready touch display solutions in customers’ hands much faster than usual – in days rather than months

  • the new generation of HPE’s best-selling Proliant DL Servers,

  • new IoT ready hardware, software and design services.

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