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NAS Revenues in Western Europe Grow Through SMB

This year’s first-quarter revenues from network-attached storage (NAS) systems were +15.3% higher than in 2017, according to the latest Western Europe (WE) distribution data published by CONTEXT, the IT market intelligence company. This growth was seen in revenues from NAS products designed for large enterprise customers, those aimed at small and medium business (SMB) customers and products that can be used by either segment.

Most growth came from sales of desktop NAS systems, which have grown by +37.7% year-on-year. Revenue from products on which information about their form is not available declined, along with that from Rack 4U products. Although revenue from Rack 1U and Rack 3U systems increased, combined revenues from racks, towers and products with an undefined form-factor declined by -5.1% year-on-year.

Mathias Knoefel, Context

"Desktop products with two bays were more widely adopted than those featuring different numbers of bays", said Mathias Knoefel, Senior Manager, Corporate Benchmarking and Enterprise Analyst at CONTEXT. "This was driven by sales of products designed for SMBs, such as Synology’s Disk Station, QNAP’s Turbo NAS TS and Netgear’s ReadyNAS."

Not every WE market saw the same level of growth, but revenues from 2-bay desktop NAS systems saw at least double-digit growth in every market, with many markets showing triple-digit growth. This suggests that many small and medium businesses have not been won over by the convenience of cloud storage but are instead choosing to store certain types of data locally, on their desks.

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