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Tech Data Launches Cloud Marketplace in India

Multispecialist Tech Data has launched StreamOne Cloud Marketplace in India. The provisioning, billing and end-user lifecycle management digital platform allows partners to scale, launch and manage a broad range of cloud services, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). It also enables partners to deliver advanced offerings such as assessment, migration, security and monitoring – enabling hassle-free cloud transitions for their customers.

Naresh Desai, VP Specialist Business APAC for Tech Data

We are thrilled to announce that Tech Data’s StreamOne Cloud Marketplace is now available in India”, said Naresh Desai, vice president, Specialist Business Unit, Asia Pacific at Tech Data. “The digital platform provides simplified access to premium cloud services from trusted providers, enabling our partners to offer cloud services with minimal investment and quickly drive recurring revenue. The platform currently offers a broad range of Microsoft O365 and Azure services, which our customers can leverage to cater to their end users’ cloud requirements, and we plan to continue adding to the portfolio of services available on the platform.

The StreamOne platform, developed by Tech Data, provides partners with the capability to manage the entire end-user lifecycle for consumption- and subscription-based cloud services. Partners can easily leverage tools and resources that enable them to learn about, invest in and manage cloud services. Tech Data’s specialised support makes it easier for partners to efficiently transition their business models as well as unlock vendor and service provider program benefits.


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