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STK Acquires Wileyfox Assets

Wileyfox smartphone

Mobile vendor STK has acquired fellow British smartphone manufacturer Wileyfox for the UK. In a statement, STK said it would continue the production, sales and support of Wileyfox devices and save jobs in the UK, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and France.

London-based STK will work alongside Wileyfox to continuing selling the Swift 2, Swift 2 Plus and the Swift 2 X smartphones. There are plans in place for STK to release an Android 8.1 update within the next four weeks. STK will take on and manage any new orders as they set out to keep the Wileyfox brand alive.

STK CEO Jay Pau said: “Today’s mobile industry is highly saturated, and consolidation is essential to reinvigorate growth and balance. By bringing the Wileyfox brand under the STK umbrella, we are able to significantly improve supply chain for both brands, add new sales channels and offer a broader portfolio of affordable and mid-tier smartphones to the consumer.

STK global commercial director Henri Salameh added: “It’s a positive day for STK, the industry, UK and Wileyfox consumers. This is the perfect marriage where two UK brands come together to offer smartphone consumers ‘the best of British’. In addition to STK’s 2018 roadmap, we’re already working on a new line-up for Wileyfox that we plan to release in H2 in 2018.

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