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Westcoast Becomes Chargifi's Distributor

Chargifi, a power management, monitoring and monetisation vendor, has chosen broadliner Westcoast as its UK distributor. The partnership means that Chargifi's foundational technology for the mass deployment of wireless charging will be available through Westcoast's established, trusted distribution network. Westcoast has grown to become the number one UK distributor for many of the world’s largest IT brands including HP, HPE, Microsoft, Lenovo and Apple, distributing to resellers, retailers and office product dealers in the UK and beyond. Westcoast will support Chargifi with the roll out of its cloud management platform, as well as supporting Chargifi with logistics services in order to establish and grow Chargifi’s market reach across enterprise markets as it scales nationally.

The wireless charging market is forecasting explosive growth and estimated to be worth €23bn by 2023. Chargifi delivers a market leading solution enabling the mass deployment of wireless power, turning it into a service that adds real value to businesses and their customers.

Chargifi’s technology is already deployed in 21 countries by over 90 organisations including MGM, Marriott, Twickenham Stadium, Imperial College London and Pret A Manger. Chargifi has built and patented an Internet of Things (IoT) platform specialising in the control and enterprise management of wireless power infrastructure. Chargifi’s IP covers ‘cloud connected’ wireless charging by smartphones, through to electric vehicles and drones. Chargifi offers a seamless charging service through locations, a new type of indispensable customer experience and rich customer insights that allows businesses to monetise power.

Dan Balden, CEO of Chargifi says: “Westcoast is able to provide us with the scale, resources and infrastructure we need to meet the demand from the enterprise market across the UK. Westcoast is an excellent partner to help us deliver the wireless world to businesses. Chargifi is doing for power what Wi-Fi did for connectivity: cutting the final cord, and removing the final barrier to true mobility, helping people get power when and where they need it. The appetite for wireless power increasing, and as consumer expectation grows, business must adapt to keep up. Working with Westcoast will enable us to strengthen our presence, and provide us with the infrastructure we need to meet the demand we are experiencing. Westcoast’s expertise and reach will be hugely beneficial in helping us scale and build out the Chargifi platform.

Alex Tatham, CEO Westcoast

Alex Tatham, Westcoast's Managing Director, says: "Wireless charging of devices is becoming widespread and will increase its pervasiveness - but that's not even half the story. Chargifi's link with wireless networking technology, including Aruba, allows network managers to locate a user by their device and transmit relevant and authorised messages to the device using Chargifi's excellent cloud based managed service tools. It may be just beginning, but this market is going to accelerate exponentially. Westcoast are delighted to be able to support a new UK technology leader and sooner or later we will all be asking why there isn't a wireless charging point in every meeting room, café, shop, stadium and public venue in the country. That's because Westcoast's resellers haven't got to them yet."

Bob Vickers, Aruba Director for UK&I says: “Today’s enterprises are demanding even more mobile connectivity, and power is a key enabler here. Chargifi is in a uniquely advantageous position to become the leader in a new, rapidly expanding market. Following our recent investment, HPE will be taking Chargifi’s wireless power to our entire UK customer base as part of our connectivity offering. We see a lot of opportunity with our business, especially the integration with location services such as Meridian. We are excited to work with Chargifi, integrating their unique and progressive technology as part of our connectivity solution. This enables us to offer a differentiated approach to enable our customer’s mobility requirements. Westcoast engages with HPE at all levels of our business and continues to lead the way on new solutions and services. Having worked closely with Westcoast for many years, we are confident that Westcoast are an excellent distributor to take Chargifi to the channel.

Chargifi is backed by world leading technology investors including Intel Capital, HPE, Techstars, Accelerated Digital Ventures, R/GA Ventures and firstminute capital. Collectively this group of investors believe in the potential and opportunity that surrounds the wireless world, and are backing Chargifi to enable consumer wireless charging at scale.

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