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ASBIS Group invests in Building Management Systems

Perenio IoT's management team

Broadliner ASBIS has launched recently Perenio IoT, a new company based in Czechia which will focus on development and production of Building Management Systems by applying technologies of Internet of Things (IoT). Perenio representatives announced launch in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and stated that they are preparing start of sales in EU soon.

"Building Management Systems market in these countries is at the stage of formation of main trends and players. We see big interest from both consumers and partners. That is why we defined Belarus, Russia and Ukraine as our priority markets. All our products are developed and produced in accordance with the EU legislation and requirements, however organization of sales in EU requires more time. Currently, we work actively in this direction and soon Perenio solutions will be available for the citizens of the EU states", says Sergei S. Kostevich, Perenio Business Development Director.

Perenio engineers have introduced their own solutions with localized software for each country, wireless ZigBee devices and user-friendly mobile applications for Android and iOS.

"Currently we focus on the following areas: security and access control (wireless motion sensors, door and window opening sensors), cloud video surveillance (fixed and motor cameras), property safety and minimization of risks (wireless smoke and leak sensors). Our engineers already have started development of more complex solutions on infrastructure level for business, communal services and other sectors of economy", says Vyacheslav Arikanov, Perenio Chief Technical Officer.

Several new products are planned to be introduced this year. Those products are: smart power socket, outdoor Wi-Fi camera and battery powered camera with LTE support, smart water and gas valve, as well as gateway with battery and LTE support for connection to security services. Perenio management has long-term plans to be among TOP-3 Building management system brands in each country of brand presence and develop its platform by applying such technologies as AI, Machine Learning, Face Recognition and Big Data procession.


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