Advantech Joins Forces with Alitek

Embedded computing vendor Advantech has decided to acquire 25% of shares in Turkish automation distributor Alitek and plans to open a local branch in Turkey. Advantech will then increase its local investment annually to prepare the branch for full operation by establishing a strong foothold in the Turkish market, and thereby firmly set its sights on Middle Eastern markets.

Vincent Chang, Sales Director of Advantech’s Industrial IoT Group, stated: "the establishment of an overseas Advantech branch typically occurs in three stages. The company begins by selling its products via direct channels, and then starts a branch through a joint venture or investment, drawing on resources from headquarters to create an operational backbone. Finally, the branch is equipped to operate independently. Advantech’s decision to expand into Turkey is attributed to the country’s strong strategic advantage. These advantages derive from the country being situated on the Europe–Asia boundary and its close link with Europe, making it an ideal manufacturing and distribution hub for European white goods firms and the world’s largest automakers. These factors create a capacity for Industry 4.0 as well as new business opportunities amid the industrial IoT revolution. Equally important, Advantech sees its future business in Turkey as being fundamental to its entry into the Middle East and North Africa."

Tiger Yeh, Senior Sales Manager of Advantech Industrial IoT Group, added: "both companies have recognized that Turkey offers ample business opportunities and market potential for industrial IoT." Moreover, the founder of Alitek, Cem Celik, who has worked with Advantech since 1999, is thoroughly conversant with the company’s portfolio of solutions, development strategies, and organizational culture: "not only is Alitek Advantech’s largest channel partner in the Middle East, but it also has a comprehensive network of system integrators and distribution channels that is favored by government organizations and multinationals in Turkey. This network focuses largely on intelligent traffic and safety monitoring systems, which must be highly reliable and stable, in addition to energy automation, multinational smart factories, and government projects for smart cities."

In reference to Alitek’s latest deal with Advantech, Mr. Celik stated: "besides having been in partnership for nearly two decades, Alitek and Advantech are ‘altruistic,’ a virtue that enables Alitek to provide Turkish customers with reliable solutions and quality services." Advantech believes that through this deal—which allows for synergizing Advantech’s strengths in conducting business and marketing worldwide, plus Alitek’s extensive channel network in Turkey—both companies can generate substantial profits in Turkey and the Middle East.