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A New Packaged Dacomex Offer for Exertis Connect

Network and connectivity specialist Exertis Connect, which covers whole Europe from France and Germany, enriches its own-brand offer to help resellers develop their business. The distributor has renewed its Dacomex line of products, with new colourful packages which will stand high in retailers shops. About 60 references are available in 4 product families: audio (jack cords, extension cords, headphones, etc.) in yellow, computer (USB cords, graphics cards, power cords, anti-theft devices, etc.) in blue, display (HDMI, SVGA, DisplayPort, converters, etc.) in green and network (RJ45 cords, optical fibre) in red. According to the distributor, these new products are an ideal solution to boost in-store sales. Backed by rigorous manufacturing standards, these packaging are available in 9 languages.


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