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Sidev Distributes YipLED

YipLED transparent LED displays have joined the catalogue of French A/V VAD Sidev, the local subsidiary of British group Midwich. YipLED products are showcased in the Sidev showroom in Paris.

Developed by YipLED, this new offer has a transparency rate of 85% for its high-performance displays. The technology, the result of the manufacturer's internationally recognised capacity for innovation, allows a message or presentation to be broadcast on the screen, while being able to visualise the product or what's behind it. The recipe? Thin screens with high brightness, up to 5000 cd/m², 160° viewing angle, and excellent through visibility for better diffusion of your content.

Marc Breuillier, head of LED sales at Sidev

"Transparent LEDs are an emerging market in full expansion. The technology is still little known in the retail and corporate sectors", explains Marc Breuillier, head of LED sales at Sidev. "Earpro, our Spanish subsidiary has just equipped the showroom of one of the leading tile manufacturers in Spain with these solutions. With its strengths, transparent LED is gaining ground among professionals. From car dealerships to the headquarters of a large group, from perfumery to events, the possibilities are endless. The thinness and lightness of YipLED's Poster range makes it easy to install in shop windows, for example. Jade modular displays open up to larger architectural realisations. The Ice range, and its modular displays, are the preferred solution for professionals to enhance events, concerts, TV sets and temporary exhibitions. So many horizons to (re)discover with a new look in Sidev's Parisian showroom."

"Our technical expertise and support of our customers in their most ambitious projects are major assets that will allow YIPLED to deploy its technology, while adapting the offer to the end needs", concludes Marc Breuillier.

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