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EET Europarts on the Road with Razor USA

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Razor e-scooter

Danish-based multispecialist EET Europarts has partnered with American e-mobility vendor Razor USA, which develops motorized scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, etc. EET now offers a wide range of electronic means of transport to retailers across the Nordic region, through its offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, with high sales expectations. The product range covers everything from electric scooters and skateboards, to lithium skateboards and hoverboards, etc.

"At EET Europarts, we have a clear expectation that e-mobility market has a strong growth potential in the Nordic market over the coming years. Razor is known for their ability to be innovative and develop exciting new trends. For nearly 20 years, they have not only been at the forefront of development but also been the market leader in a wide range of wheeled products. We are extremely pleased with the collaboration we have made with Razor USA", says Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail for EET Europarts.

At Razor, there are also high sales expectations in the Nordic market: "we are very excited about sales in the Nordic market, now that a major and important part of our product range, namely e-mobility products, is available from a leading distributor in this particular market. With this partnership with EET-Europarts, Razor gets an access to the Consumer Electronics channel in the Nordic region. If we are looking forward to selling e-mobility devices in our other markets, we only have reason to believe that the Nordic market will also achieve great success with these products", said James Dobson, EMEA Sales Director, RAZOR US.

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