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Pryntec Chooses DistriWAN

Pryntec, a brand of the TEB Group which designs custom hardware and software solutions dedicated to the processing and analysis of video images, has entered into a distribution agreement with Lyons-based network specialist DistriWAN, part of ALSO Group. This announcement is part of the Pryntec partner program, launched last April and focused on exclusive marketing through an indirect distribution network. Launched around the Mobile Video Terminal, a booming mobile video surveillance solution, this partnership should quickly be extended to all the brand's offers.

Created at the beginning of 2018 by the TEB group, a French specialist in professional video for 40 years, Pryntec offers a complete range of high value-added solutions to optimise customer experience and personal safety. In order to conquer new markets, the brand wishes to base its development in France, but also in Europe, on an indirect distribution network, as well as on the recruitment of partners.

To this end, Pryntec has developed an exclusive program, including training, technical and commercial support, as well as online tools. This is the context of its agreement with DistriWAN. With a national network of more than 600 active resellers, this distributor is a recognised actor, a privileged partner of many professional integrators and installers.

Frédéric Faurie, DistriWAN's Managing Director

"Our mission is to support value-added brands with strong potential, such as Pryntec, to help them expand in their markets. Pryntec solutions go far beyond simple products or software and require expert pre-sales support. This is what we are able to provide, through our technical and commercial teams. For us, the challenge of this partnership is based on the opportunity it offers us to strengthen our reputation in a booming sector such as video surveillance, where we must be more easily identified. It is also an opportunity to expand into vertical markets, thanks to the great diversity of the Pryntec offer", explains Frédéric Faurie, DistriWAN's Managing Director.

The partnership between Pryntec and DistriWAN is based on synergies and shared values between two human-scale players: the willingness of each to respect its commitments, to work reactively in relation to the various markets and to develop a close relationship together.

Initially, the distributor will focus its efforts on enhancing the value of the Mobile Video Terminal, a flagship product of Pryntec, whose growth prospects are well identified. Indeed, this mobile video surveillance solution has the advantage of being installed in a few minutes and without civil engineering works to secure an event (football match, demonstration, concert...), monitor neighbourhoods in which damage has been identified or even supervise work on the road. This will be of interest to communities, builders and event organisers, among others.

Pryntec estimates that, by 2020, the Mobile Video Terminal could represent 10% of the 6,000 video surveillance systems currently installed in urban environments. A market in which DistriWAN will therefore help it to strengthen its positions and adopt a winning approach in the next 2 years. Pryntec has already committed to training DistriWAN's technicians and sales representatives to help them master its products and promote them to their customers, integrators and installers. In the field, the sales teams will thus be able to identify a need and put it back together. Pryntec will then be able to support them in project mode to bring the right solution to their customer, in a win-win approach.

"Distriwan fits perfectly into our indirect marketing strategy, in the sense that they are aimed at installers and integrators who are able to carry our entire video surveillance offer. Distriwan is also developing a whole range of support for resellers, who want to launch themselves with Pryntec, by positioning themselves with them as a service centre. The Mobile Video Kiosk is a premium product, but there is a very wide variety of markets that are still unknown for our other solutions and that this distributor can help us explore", concludes Emmanuel Dubois, Sales and Marketing Director of Pryntec.

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