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Littlebit Technology Group Grows and Expands

Swiss group Littlebit has expanded its European group management and plans to exceed sales of €440 million by the end of the year. The Littlebit Technology Group is an IT distributor with offices in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands (also covering Belgium and Luxembourg) as well as Switzerland.

The group, headed by Patrick Matzinger (CEO) and Björn Palko (CFO), aims to reach the milestone of half a billion Swiss francs of turnover (€440 million) for the first time this year. In recent years Littlebit Technology has already laid a solid organisational foundation for rapid growth. The group operates centrally in procurement and logistics, but close to the customer in distribution with local sales locations.

André Niederberger, COO of Littlebit Group

In a next step Littlebit has now expanded its group management. André Niederberger, who joined the company in 2003 and is CEO of the Swiss branch to date, has been promoted to COO of the Littlebit Technology Group. In this position, he is responsible for the company's business processes and works on their further development. Christian Czupalla joined the company in early 2018 as Director Corporate Development and is responsible for the further development of corporate strategies and human capital at corporate level. The company has also promoted Gian-Piero Furioso as new managing director for Switzerland. Gian-Piero has been responsible for the entire business strategy and the achievement of the distribution objectives since July. He is supported by Simone Antonelli as Director Operations. He leads the logistics and service departments, takes care of the process management of the Swiss branch and is responsible for the solution area for digital signage projects. Gian-Piero Furioso has been working at Littlebit Technology since 2005 and was until now responsible for the volume sales part at corporate level. Simone Antonelli, who has been working for the company since 2008, has been in charge of the system and solution activities under the axxiv brand until now. The Littlebit Technology branches in different countries all use the central logistics in Frankfurt. There the group manages warehouses of more than 5000 sqm. Only in Switzerland does Littlebit still have a logistics centre (3200 sqm) for the local market. This includes a production location, in which the systems of the brands axxiv and Joule Performance (high-end gaming PCs) as well as digital signage solutions are developed and manufactured. In addition, centrally organised product management and purchasing take place from the head office in Switzerland. These departments ensure an ideal product portfolio, sufficient availability and competitive prices. Thanks to the centralised services Littlebit Technology can effectively present the represented manufacturers in the individual countries with streamlined organisational structures.

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