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Cylance and Kappa Data Commit to Better Endpoint Security

Cylance Endpoint Security

Kappa Data has expanded its vendor portfolio with the distribution of Cylance Endpoint Security thus bringing Artificial Intelligence-based Endpoint Protection to the Benelux stage.

Think Beyond Traditional Antivirus with Cylance: CylanceProtect and CylanceV. For years, prevention products’ primary threat protection was based on signatures. Assuming all attacks on businesses had been seen before, using signatures made sense. Today, malware mutates daily, even hourly, making signature-based prevention tools obsolete. With Cylance’s machine learning antivirus security, you are not only better protected, but more up-to-date, your security controls have simplified, and your network is not surcharged thanks to the small footprint on your network’s performance.

Cylance has chosen Kappa Data as a distributor for their strong footprint in the Benelux partner landscape. Together with Kappa Data, Cylance aims at introducing their machine learning and high performing security solution to the market. Persuade Partners at Enterprise level to demo the solution and become true Brand Ambassadors. With this contract, Cylance and Kappa Data are fortifying their position in the Endpoint security market and challenge the status quo with the extra edge of the Kappa Data added value mix of expertise, follow-up and service.

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