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Exertis Adds Expert User Training From Instrui to its Services Portfolio

Broadliner Exertis has appointed Instrui as audio visual training partner for its AV division Exertis Medium, in order to provide resellers and their end users with the expertise and hands-on knowledge to maximise the investment in new technology. Instrui specialise in training in AV including: collaboration; interactive touch; video conferencing; digital signage; and room booking and control across key vendors such as Samsung; LG; Signagelive; Promethean and many others.

Andrew Henley, professional services business manager at Exertis

Andrew Henley, professional services business manager at Exertis, said: “technology needs to increase efficiency and improve productivity. Employees are key to unlocking the power of new technology and this can only be achieved through a thorough understanding of how to use equipment. By partnering with Instrui, we can ensure that our resellers have the opportunity to provide their customers with training that leverages their investment. We are pleased to be able to add this to our range of professional services that resellers can white label and increase their engagement beyond the installation.

Investment in training also reduces the strain on IT departments. According to a survey by ITPro, the average British employee depends on IT support to set up presentation and meeting room technology with IT departments at mid-size companies reporting an average of 11 requests for help per week. It has been estimated that more than one in five of all delayed meetings are due to problems with meeting room equipment. The majority of these could be solved through user training.

We believe that to maximise any technology spend you have to engage with the people that are actually using it. Our trainers are experts in the usage of many different technologies. We offer a variety of training formats ranging from full-day on-site training to webinar-based courses, video training tools or a mixture of formats”, said Pip Thomas, Instrui founder & director. “We are pleased to be part of a full service offering that Exertis can provide for their customers.

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