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Commaxx Signs with Corero

Network and infrastructure VAD Commaxx has inked a pan-Nordic cooperation agreement with Corero, a global network security company focusing on real-time DDoS protection. Under the agreement, Commaxx is responsible for the distribution of Corero's security solutions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Robert Wadstein, President of Commaxx

"With the increasing number of threats to network security, DDoS protection becomes more important for Nordic companies", said Robert Wadstein, President of Commaxx in Sweden. "As a distributor, we look forward to helping Corero sell its award-winning security solutions to many Nordic companies. Customers can be sure of Corero's ability to detect and automatically mitigate DDoS attacks against the infrastructure in real time."

The Nordic market is a mature market but is regularly attacked by larger and smaller DDoS attacks. The Swedish Transport Administration was attacked in October 2017, which meant that many Swedish trains were delayed. Danish DSB has also been attacked and their ticket sales system was offline for several hours.

"The problem today is that it's both easy and cheap to hire DDoS attacks on the internet, but it's expensive to defend themselves against them", said Will Hamber, channel manager for EMEA at Corero. "Media tends to focus on major attacks over 100Gbps or even 1Tbps. The fact is that most DDoS attacks are much smaller in both amplitude and length. Today, more than 70 percent of all DDoS attacks are shorter than 10 minutes and more than 90 percent of attacks are less than 5Gbps. But even though they are modest, these attacks can be as devastating and often missed by traditional defense. For organizations that are sensitive to the spread of reputation or turnover, it is very important to defend themselves against these types of attacks."

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