Exertis Distributes Victrola

Victrola turntables are back in Europe with Exertis

After the United States, Innovative Technology officially launches the Victrola audio brand in Europe. The Victrola vinyl turntables and retro audio products are distributed exclusively by retail specialist Exertis and immediately available for sale to consumers. Its brand strategy and its unique positioning in the consumer audio market are in line with a strategy of know-how of more than a century.

More than a billion dollars: this is what the global vinyl market represented at the end of 2017 according to Deloitte, including 3 million records and 120,000 turntables then sold in France only! The strong trend towards streaming and downloading in the world of music is part of the continuity. The disc and the vinyl player are nevertheless essential in the margins of these phenomena and represent one of the highest growth rates in recent years in the consumer audio market. On this new market, Victrola is simply the first brand of vinyl turntables sold in the United States with a 40% market share.

The first Victrola products, manufactured at that time by the Victor Talking Machine Company, were built in 1906 in Camden, New Jersey. They have seduced users around the world with their design and the originality of their design. Today Innovative Technology is proud to revive this iconic brand by preserving the brand's values and its a pioneering role dating back more than 110 years. Victrola's credo is to democratise access to the design of innovative audio devices at the border of the multi-media audio player function and decoration object. All this thanks to the design of functional, aesthetic products equipped with the latest technology technologies, perfectly integrated into the home and at a very affordable price.

Corey Lieblein, CEO & Founder of Victrola / Innovative Technology, says: "Victrola is above all a way of life! Since the first days, the brand's philosophy remained the same: to offer a unique experience, by positioning the product audio as a decorative object in its own right. Aesthetics and technology come together to integrate harmoniously into the home, while keeping a simple and intuitive use, for the greatest pleasure of users. With the arrival of Victrola in Europe, our ambition is to bring a breath of fresh air to an often technical market at the expense of design and simplicity of use."