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Exertis Fills a Vacuum with Robotic Appliances

Broadliner Exertis has started the distribution of a range of robotic vacuum cleaners from Blaupunkt, well known for its high-quality electronic products.

Bluebot XEasy and XSmart vacuum cleaners are suitable for different market segments from entry-mid to high premium and can clean most floor types, supporting both dry and wet vacuuming. The appliances can be controlled using the touch display on the unit, via an app for iOS and Android or by voice using an Alexa device.

Harriet Croft, Exertis general manager for core electricals

Harriet Croft, Exertis general manager for core electricals, said: “this is an exciting opportunity to support a well-respected brand in an emerging category. The consumer robotics market is going through a significant evolution which is expected to drive a five-fold increase in shipments. These products have the capacity to play a key role in providing convenience for a tedious job and, as a result, have the capacity to appeal to a wide audience of consumers.

With the Blaupunkt app, it’s possible to set up a cleaning schedule and different modes of cleaning. With its powerful Li-ion battery, the XSmart can work uninterrupted for up to 140 minutes. When the battery level is low, it can automatically return to its base unit and recharge itself.

Bart Anton Quispel, Blaupunkt Robotics director, said: “Blaupunkt Robotics can play a key role in making our lives more comfortable and easier, bringing a direct value to households. Exertis can provide us with additional routes to market to ensure we capitalise on a growing market.

According to Tractica, worldwide shipments of consumer robots will increase from 10 million in 2016 to 50.7 million units by 2022 with revenues expected to reach €11.5 bn.

Exertis announced, earlier this year, its intention to distribute a wide range of core electrical products with both established and emerging vendors and to build a high-quality portfolio for customers who can take advantage of the efficiencies, expertise and retail services provided by its dedicated Consumer Business Unit.

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